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Post Reply Gundam Seed Eternity ( Role Game)
Posted 5/13/08 , edited 6/25/08
"What was that?", nella said then suddenly a guy appeared at the street. He shout at the captain and the soldiers. (is Yzak there?) Nelle was thrown out of the car....

"Captain!!!!!!!" nella said and grabbed a gun, she never has shot at someone, but she did. The guy hides himself behind a wall.

"Go out of my way. Or I will have the pleasure to kill u!" he said at them.

The voice was familiar to Nelle. "You r the pilot of Fallen Angel what are u doing here?"

The guy seemed surprised, " Then u are the pilot of the EF gundam.....a girl? *jugh* I am here for the EF gundam!"

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( ok..ok I will do it =))
Posted 5/13/08 , edited 6/25/08
( my last post then for a week...I will give somethin to think...)

"Call Irina we switch to mission 3!", he said and the servant left the room bowing.

"The mission of fallen kingdoms!", the female voice said laughing.

While Nella was pointing her gun at ain, suddenly the screens turned on and news was shown.
" As u can see at the pictures London totally vanished, like Paris, Tokyo and Washington! Witnesses say they have seen a gundam with the Zaft force sign. No one would ever have thought that the Plants would take revenge that fast. They didn´t seem to believe the words of our representativ. EAF announced and denied entry to earth for all coordinators, they said they don´t want to provoke a war, but when one of those guys will set one step.......!"

Then they show some pictures of destroyed cities, or the rest of it.

"Mission three completed!" Ain whispered smiling.

"What do u say!" nella said and jumped out of the way, coz he was shooting at her. He was near the car as her shoot hit. She passed him and opened it to reach the gundam.

In the cockpit she opened every channel.

"second lieutenant form the EAF forces, I am not going to something without allowances! So I am contacting the HQ of Zaft! I have here one guy of that mysterious ship, he killed Captain Markes and some soldiers!" she said.

Some minutes there was no response. Nella was scared for a minute, but then something came in.

"Commander Yamato!" she said and stared at the screen. He was at the ship.

"Good to hear you!" he said, "You maybe could help us!"

"Help?" she said.

"Have u seen the news? No coordinator is allowed to go to earth, but....!"

"I am not a coordinator!" she said and nodded, "What shall I do?"

"Every communication channel broke.....we need to give someone information!" kira said and gave some comands.

"I want u to go to orb!" he said and it seemed now that they were fighting, "We will transmit the message...u!"

Then the connection broke...
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Posted 5/14/08 , edited 6/23/08
It's been hours, Cecile looked at the clock...
"Hmm, this has proven to be much difficult than I expected", But it's important to understand what these energy particles are Cecile thought.
As she was searching for any similar technology, something came up in the screen, there was a gundam with similar technology that can make itself invisible..she scrolled down the page, this gundam was taken from the earth alliance 2 years ago, by Kluze team..

"Hmm,...Yzak and Athrun was part of that team.."

She scrolled down more, the pilot name was Nichol but the gundam was destroyed and there was no more data...

"So this isn't a new technology after all, it's a modification, of course camouflaging a whole big ship is another story. Still I think I made a big progress, I'll upload the data and my analysis straight away".

As she connects and starts to upload the data, she sees a stream of breaking news "Paris , Tokyo all the major cities has vanished, reports indicates that a zaku with zaft sign was spotted"

"SONNAAAA, WHAT??They must be Kidding"
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Orb Union
Posted 5/14/08 , edited 6/25/08
(sry, guys for the missing continuation.. was busy.. so I shall write a longer one to finish this part at least.)

*Back at the Moon, at LHS Science Research Academy.

Rayne was rushing along the corridor so fast that she failed to notice the two men coming down her way, and bumped into them.

"Ahhh! Ouch!!" There was a lot of noises of falling items, and Rayne rubbed her bottom painfully.

When Rayne looked up, the 2 men were trying to get up as well. They hurriedly placed all the item back into the trolley, which she recognised as a cleaner's trolley. hmm, cleaners huh, she thought, really, what were they doing, not noticing a student!

"What are you people doing?" she cried angrily.
"We were sorry we did not notice you... we were in a rush to clean up an extremely messy lab!"

She was about to comment again when they finished clearing up and left speedily after a hasty bow. Rayne rolled her eyes, thinking, just because one of them is wearing branded goods doesn't mean they can be rude!

Wait a sec! Rayne's brain as suddenly in confusion. Cleaners were not allowed in the single digit block labs!! These labs either contained dangerous substances or were used for highly confidential experiments. There was once a cleaner who had dumped all the wrong chemicals into her bin, and caused a huge commotion when the substances mixed and burned. After that, students were told to clean up after their projects and experiments in the single digit blocks. So, why are there cleaners in this area??

She stared after them, not knowing what to do. "Dancing apes!! I'm really really late!! The Prof is going to scream at me!" With a hurry, she rushed again down the corridor.

When Rayne reached the assigned lab for her team and Prof FAT (it was a nickname for the Professor, as he was chubby and his full name is the acronym for that!), she was surprised that the lab's pass-key was replaced with another. She is locked out!! Rayne banged at the door and yelled for Prof FAT. It took some time, and Rayne was really worried when finally the Prof answered the door. He stared at her and quickly ushered her in.

The lab, when she entered was so different, Rayne could not suppress her surprise. "What in the world happened, Prof? Cyclone?
"No, no..." Prof FAT replied.. looking harassed.
"What happened, Prof? why are u looking for me? why change the pass-key? and this room..." Rayne asked worriedly, at the same time thinking, not to mention the 2 weird cleaners.. one of them wearing that expensive puma shoes.. since when did cleaners start wearing puma anyway?
"no no,...." the Prof murmured, his voice brought Rayne back to him. she noticed that his eyes drifting from place to place. No, he was not trying to hide something.. more like he is trying to find something, Rayne realised.

Prof FAT looked started and stared at her
"Err.. yes, deFray?"
"Can you please tell me why u called me here? Is there some troubles regarding my mother or my sister?"
"No-no! Nothing of that sort. There is nothing wrong with ur family" the Prof looked around, as if trying to seek out the hidden people in the lab.. but there is no one hiding here, rite?

He took a deep breath and let it all out. Then, he pulled a chair and sat down, motioning Rayne to follow.
"deFray.. u ... there is some troubles.."
"what kind of troubles?"
"are u aware that the Earth and the Plants were both attacked? From ur expression I take it you had no idea."
"No, I don’t. Professor... they were attacked? by who? when? why?"
"Now, now, I had no idea.. simply no idea how to answer your qns, Rayne. I think we just have to be settled with knowing what we know now. And what we know is this: the plant and the earth were attacked simultaneously. The manner of attack was different from what u or we, see in the previous 2 battles. From the point that both Plant and Earth were attacked, I think that it is some terrorist or something."
"But Prof! Surely, there may be a possibility that one of those two were the culprit.. what makes u think that both were victims? Either plant or earth could simply attack themselves for show.. this had happened before.. sacrificing oneself to destroy the enemy-"

"NO, deFray! Listen! And listen carefully! It IS terrorists." Prof FAT looked around again, and Rayne was left wondering what truly happened. The Prof was usually a calm person and never yells.
"What happened is this. Some terrorist attacked both plants and earth. and they did not plan to stop there. I do not see why they would plan to stop there anyway. They have planned something other than that. And the ODESISes... they have to be transported away."

"What???!!! Our 'O's???" Rayne was shocked. The 2 MS was a new model and their baby. The Prof and her team had worked hard day and night to work out the theories and programming from scratch. they were proud that they had constructed these two units w/o taking anything from the other current gundams. And now, the gundams were almost complete and Prof FAT is saying that they have to transport them away??! what does transport them away means anyway?

"Relax, deFray. I cannot bear to destroy them.. so we have to hide them. As Soon As Possible."
"Hide them? from who? where?"
"from the terrorists. I don't know where."
"deFray-deFray! They have contacted me... as anonymous of course, they know that we have these 2 ODESISes.. I had no idea how they know. Major projs of what we are doing were kept highly secret. But I suspect they are near... probably in the Moon now, and we have to transport them away somehow... to stop them from being captured."
"WHat?? to transport machines of such size?" Rayne felt a shiver of chill even as she say it. Somehow, she cannot help but look around her as the Prof had done so many times as he spoke. "Wait a min, Prof - what about Zack and the others?"

"They were kidnapped. Gone."
"gone?? Kidnapped??!! Stop kidding, Prof!! This is not funny!"
"I'm not kidding. I rejected them some weeks ago, and I think they r furious.. They took the guys away. and the only reason they din take you away was because they mistaken you for someone else. another girl in ur class. I am not telling anyway to protect you. But I want you to quickly secure ODESISes and go away.. back to your family. Anywhere but here. I'll ask Prof limdom to apply for leave for you."
Rayne was silence in shock when she heard all this. Finally, she shook her head violently as she yelled "NO!" Zack and the others were her friends, her team. she would not leave them in alone. never.
"Listen deFray- "
"No, You listen, Prof. what u said were right. we will password protect the 'O's and do every other security measures we can. And we will transport them away.. goodness knows where. And den I shall go and get Zack and the others back."
"From where? Dun be silly, deFray! you do not know who they were. you dun know where Fellars and the others were. And u will be in a lot of danger!"

Rayne shook her head and refused to listen. After an hour of discussion and argument, both Prof FAT and Rayne deFray set about doing what was necessary. There was no point in further discussion. Prof FAT could not dissuade her, and she would not listen to him. They gathered all the impt documents and securised what they can. Together, they worked deep into the dark.

(sry for using some recycled terms. and weird sentences..)

I had changed the names of the mechas from Fafner to ODESIS. Fafner was a temporary name that I had used in substitution of a lack of name. now that I had found one, there is no need to keep fafner. for those who do not know, fafner is the name of mechas in another anime.
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Somewhere in space..

'HA. Now that the zaft and EAF alliance are having some trouble of their own, I think it will be time for us to launch our attacks on ORB, don't u think so?' Rayzak asked his assistant, Ralph.

'Yes.. this would be a good time, Sir. However, which part of Orb do u plan on attacking?'

'Ralph, what a question?!' Rayzak boomed. 'Of course we'll be attacking the Orb mansion! after all, that is where Athrun is residing in..'

( Ralph thought about Cagalli..)

'But our aim is only to destroy Athrun, what about the others living in Orb? ' Ralph retorted back..

That was a big mistake for retorting Rayzak. Before Ralph could say anything, a slap came straight on him, stinging his cheeks with pain.

'How dare you talk back to me?!!!!! I am going to attack Athrun, attack Orb and everyone else living there! make sure you get your position right. Who do you think you are, arguing with me!' Rayzak shouted.

Right after Rayzak's last sentence, a gunshot rang throughout the ship. Rayzak stood there with his hand clutching his chest, muttering ' Ralph , u bastard!' before collapsing to the floor, dead. Ralph dropped his gun and crushed to the floor whimpering.
He couldn’t bear to let cagalli die, die in the hands of his crazy commander, die in the hands of him. That marks the death of Rayzak.

(a few minutes passed..and Ralph got his composure back.)
'Athrun! i'll make sure u die, and then, Cagalli would be mine!!' Ralph grinned to himself.

'Roy, Yas! I am sending you two on a special mission tomorow. Make sure u succeed, or u will end up like Rayzak...' Ralph spoke into his walkie talkie....

(in case you all dun noe, Rayzak is the green blazing haired man. I just didnt bother to put him into the character part since he's dying. Oh and since EAF and zaft are having some sort of trouble themselves, while im gonna attack ORB. Den i think we would haf to wait quite a long time before Cecile and Nella can meet Athrun. T_T )
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Posted 5/15/08 , edited 6/23/08


'Cagalli, you should get a rest now..' Athrun patted her head.

'Not when I still have this amount of paperwork to do?!' Cagalli exclaimed.

'I'm very tired, but I just can't fork out time to rest!' She sighed showing signs of fatigue.

Athrun stared at Cagalli, his eyes showing pain. 'Please, go and rest, I can't bear to see you like this..'
Athrun hugged her and brought her to the sofa. 'Come on, have a nice sleep, while I’ll help you complete it.'

Cagalli smiled wearily and kissed him before falling asleep, to replenish the lack of sleep for the past few days.


After a whole night of paperwork..Athrun was finally done. He left Cagalli to continue sleeping and went for a stroll.
At the market, a poor-looking old man approached Athrun asking him to buy two tickets to a resort. Athrun thought of bringing Cagalli there to have a rest, and he bought the tickets readily.

Little did he know that the old man was actually Roy in disguise.

Athrun went back to the mansion after a long stroll. Cagalli was already awake and in casual wear when he returned. She hugged him and thank him for helping to complete her work. They then had a long chat..and Athrun showed her the two tickets. Upon seeing them, Cagalli excitedly agreed to go, and they began packing their stuffs.


Yas is at a certain resort making some arrangements.

Back in space..

'Prepare team A3140 for tomorow's attack. Get ready the B64 tankers and prepare to activate building Z546i' Ralph instructed to his army.

'Sir, Yas requested for troops B23'

'Do as he says, send him the troops.'

'I want tomorow's attack to be a successful one. Make sure that you ask HIM to continue keeping the EAF and ZAFT

'I am going to make sure Athrun dies..' Ralph smirked.

Note: Those sentences in blue shows that it is Ralph speaking.

(miuanna, can ur dat evil mysterious man be the 'HIM' in my story? Feel free to tell me if cannot den i'll edit mine.)
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Posted 5/15/08 , edited 6/23/08
(By The next morning , This means that this happened concurrently to the time when athrun went for a stroll and bought tickets


The next Morning, Cecile got called in By Arthur Cancho.
Ever since the attack on plant, everyone has been staying at defense mode till they get any further commands. So Cecile had spent the night at Catalina.

Cecile:"Arthur Cancho, you asked for me, I've uploaded my analysis".

Arthur Cuts in "Yes, yes I saw it, that's why I asked for you"
Cecile looked tensely at Arthur

Arthur "You said that a similar technology was used by the earth alliance, to be more specific a gundam that we captured during the first war"

Cecile "Hai"

Arthur "well upon checking up, the gundam was really destroyed, and Kluze team back then didn't document their analysis or their findings for these gundams"
There was silence for a minute

Arthur "And given that the pilot died...Alas, we have no other option, I'm assigning you on a mission, Since the Gundam was developed by Orb, luckily orb is still Neutral, they will be of a great assistance to your research"
"We have already made the arrangements, prepare yourself you'll be leaving within the hour"

Cecile had a look of disappointment on her face, Plant can be attacked again at any time, she wanted to be here, to fight, instead she was being sent on a research mission, before she could say anything

Arthur "Cecile I don't have to tell you how important and crucial this mission is"

Cecile said "Hai" reluctantly, "I'll prepare myself straight away, I think the repairs are finished on X-Liberty"

Arthur "No, you won't be Flying X-Liberty"

Cecile "Demoo"

Arthur "I know we are at war, and that's more of a reason for you no to fly around with a military suit, you need not worry, You won't be needing it, everything at Orb seems stable at the moment, I doubt anything will happen"

Cecile wanted to argue but didn't see that it would matter so she just gave up.

After an hour or so, Cecile was ready she was walking down an air strip, where a small auto plane was waiting for her.
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Orb Union
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*At LHS:

After rushing to the lab whenever she had anytime at all to active and set passwords and security for the 'O's, Rayne is tired. It had been days since she received the news. After that, she either work silently with Prof Fat are at the lab, where they would be generally too busy to talk, or it would be either she or Prof. Fat is at the lab alone. Then, there are lessons. It was such a life that she lived for these few days that she had no idea what the attacks in Plants and Earth were.. nor how huge were the casualties.. Not a single idea. Despite her worries, she did not even had the time to talk about Zack, Kim, Jon and Bill, who were in her team, and that girl who was taken in her place.. Silbver, was that her name..? Rayne can't really remember. What she knew is that everyone been told that they had something urgent and had to leave suddenly.

Now, it was morning, and she was having the first and, thanks goodness, the last lesson of the day. She simply cannot keep up with the teacher's droning.. Silently, she found herself falling asleep..... slipping into unconsciousness.

Suddenly, A tune played in the air which woke Rayne up from her slumber. The PA system?, Rayne thought.

"Would Miss Rayne deFray please report to the Principal's office now. I repeat. Miss Rayne deFray, pls report to the Principal's office now."
With a ending tone, the PA system died.

Her classmates were now looking at her, no doubt wondering what was going on. Well, they are not the only ones. She hurriedly excused herself and left the classroom, feeling everyone (including the teacher's) gaze on her.

What is it now? Rayne's stomach gave a lunge. More troubles? I do not remember doing anything wrong!! Dun tell me... Leena? Or Mother? Flipping penguins! I am worried sick!! This is not a healthy lifestyle for a pitiful student!

With a deep breath, Rayne entered the cool General Office.
"Hi, err.. the PA system was paging for me...? I'm Rayne deFray."

"oh, please be seated. I'll inform the principal now."

3 minutes later,
"Miss deFray? The principal is ready to see you. The last door down the left."

Carefully, and not knowing why she is carefully walking, Rayne treaded the carpeted floor. 2 knocks on the door… and … "come in, please."

"Miss deFray," the principal said upon seeing her. The principal was a strong looking man. Not muscular, but he looked strong despite his average height. A calm set of jaws and bright blue eyes. No specs, nor white hair either. Clean shaven. He doesn't looked like a principal, Rayne thought.

"Please take a seat, Miss deFray," said the principal, offering her the seat opposite him from his desk.
Rayne hesitated before taking the seat.

"Miss.. Err, I mean, Mr … principal.. You were looking for me?" Rayne stammered, mentally kicking herself for calling the principal a "miss" and not knowing his name.

"Mr Jansen will do. Miss deFray, if I may ask some questions?"

"Err.. Yes?-Mr Jansen." Rayne's heart beat even faster. She must really be in trouble.

"Where were you since last evening?"

"Last evening? I was at my class, at Mdm Hearn's lesson… err, 5pm.. We ended late as there were err.. Some.. Err.. We had to take more time to .. Finish the lesson. We were released at 7.20pm, I think. Then back to my dorm to do my homework.. But I fell asleep .. Until this morning when my hp alarm rang.. And I rushed to class. And you called me."

"I see. Where there anyone in the dorm with you?"

"Yes.. Yuki.. She was my dorm mate.. And we rushed to class this morning.. Err, I meant, we went to class together this morning."

"hmm.. And you were not in the lab last night?"

"our major proj lab? Blk 9 room 167? Ya, I wasn't in there. I was intending to go there after my class this morning.
"and when is the last time u see Professor Toud?"

"Prof FAT? Err, I meant Prof Toud? Err.. .. .. In the morning? Before my classes yesterday. I just discovered that there was some errors and rushed to the lab.. Prof Fa-Prof Toud was there."

"Err, if I may ask, sir? What happened to Prof Toud?"

"The Professor was found dead."

"What??!!!!!!!!!! I mean…. The… …?" Rayne was stumped.

"Professor was found dead. At first he was missing from a meeting. As it was an important meeting, we set out to look for him but could not find him. It was a staff that found him dead some miles outside our campus."


"Miss deFray, were you aware of the recent events.. Regarding our teammates and Professor Toud?"

Rayne stared at her principal. He sighed and went on," there was some issues regarding terrorist, I believe. Professor Toud refused to give in to them, seeing that doing so would harm the world in general."

"he told you about it?"

"yes. He came to me for advice. Apparently, your team mates and another girl was kidnapped, and he had no choice but to inform me. Miss deFRay, I would like you to explain to me about the project. Why are you and your team working on such a dangerous project for your major project?"

"Yes, sir… as you are probably aware.. Mr.. Jen… Jen… Principal.. The trend in LHS was to let the teachers and students form a team to work on a project together as a major project. Therefore, the teacher in charge is part of the team instead of a supervisor. This is to generate a real situation when we graduate. As there was a lack of teachers after the 2 wars, and there can only be one-team-one-teacher arrangement, many teams were forced to combine together to share a project. Kim and me were in the diploma in general science research, while Zack, Jon and Bill were studying for the diploma in Mechanical engineering. When we were forced to join together, Kim and I already had an idea for our project. We were to design and research a system .. Its for generating electricity without using coals or gas or anything of that sort. We had an idea on creating a continuous and endless flow of energy that is totally environmental friendly. But that would not suit the guys, and would not get them their diploma cert. So we have to improvise. From Bill's connections, we were aware that Prof Toud purchase materials for the construction of a pair of Gundams. The boys were interested and wanted to help. So we approached Prof Toud and asked for his permission. The idea is to create a Gundam that would not run out of power. Of course, Prof Toud would have his own technologies and enhancements to add to that. But that would not be a problem since we know the Professor would not purchase materials if he had not had the confidence to construct it. Therefore, he had to be already equipped with the technologies. After some pleading, Prof Toud agreed. And we set to work on it. There were some problems, and addition to Prof Toud's ideas and technologies. But we all worked it out, and we also integrated into the system what Kim and I originally planned.. The endless flow of energy. We kept everything in secret and did not tell anyone outside of the team. I had no idea how terrorist knew of the project.. The project is now nearing the end.. And we were supposed to tie up the loose ends of the programming. That day before Prof Toud called me to the lab to inform me of the kidnap, I was at the downtown shop, looking for extra parts, as the boys were trying to add in an enhancement into the 'O's - that is what we call the Gundams, the ODESIS."

"you went out alone?"

"yes. Kim was supposed to go with me, but she had some problems with her schoolwork, and was made to stay back by Miss Hearns."

"I see. The 'O's as you call them.. Did you and your teammates constructed it all by yourself?"

"No. The boys did their Mechanical engineering part, but there was the body, which had to be specially constructed with special equipments. We took it down to a special warehouse, and transported it back here when it was done."

"I see.."

"You don't think.. That that was how the terrorist knew about it?"

"That is a possibility."

When Rayne left the Principal's office later, she was entirely in shock. Now that she was alone, the fact of Prof FAT's death sank itself into her tired body. She no longer knew what to do. Exhausted, she sat down on the grass patch under the tree and wept.

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The sun was high in the sky...
Cecile "Thinking, it's so peaceful over here"

As she looked down the auto plane was about to land, after a few minutes Cecile gathered her Bag and stuff, upon descending the steps, she was surprised, down there by the plane a handsome young man was waiting :)
"Athrun, such a long time"

Athrun greeted her with a smile and held for her the bag.

Cecile: "How did u know I was coming?!!!"

Athrun: "Zaft sent a message that you were coming and that we should assist you in your research, I accidently saw the message yesterday, as I was helping Cagalli in her paper work!!I was surprised as well, how is everything going on in Plant??"
And he opened the door of the car to let her in. *Such a GentleMan *

Cecile: "You probably heard, there was an attack, 2 sectors were completely destroyed, it was really hectic...."

Athrun: "Yes, I heard, But I don't believe it was the earth alliance, all the same I don't believe Zaft attacked earth"

Cecile: "Me neither"

Athrun: "How is Yzak doing??Do u see him??"

Cecile: "Yes, he is ...well you know the usual"

Athrun looked at Cecile smiling "He is still giving you a hard time for enlisting in the military"

Cecile: "Yeah, I thought he'd be over it by now"

Athrun: "He is just over protective, it’s his way of caring, He didn't expect it, you being the way you were a ballerina and all, I guess he thought you are too fragile for this"

Cecile: "Thinks not thought!! I know and I understand why he is acting like that, but sometimes it’s just too much"

Athrun: " You are a really good pilot, he shouldn't worry that much".

Cecile blushed, this was something to be proud of, hearing it from Athrun Zala, He is after all a famous figure since the first war.. "And how would you know that" she said smiling

Athrun just Laughed "I have my own resources!.......Actually he Told me"

Cecile : "What!!" her face reddend "I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind, just wait till I see him"
and they both Laughed

After a while Athrun parked the car “This is where you'll be staying, Tomorrow morning the head of technicians that worked on that Gundam you are researching about will be contacting you to meet him and he'll help you with all your researches"

Cecile "Arigatto Gozimus"

A man came and took the bags out of the trunk and led the way..
Athrun "I'll leave you now you must be tired from the trip, I'll be away for the next couple of days me and Cagalli, But I'll catch up with you when I come back" and with that he gave her a hug and bid her good luck.

Cecile stood as she watched him drive away she was pleased to see a friendly familiar face.
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Posted 5/15/08 , edited 5/15/08
(COOL..Athrun and cecile met!! HAHA)

As Athrun drove off, he thought of Yzak, of Cecile and the recent attacks. He wanted to do something about it, something to improve this situation, he's going to do something, but he just have to leave it behind his head for the time being..having a good time with Cagalli at the resort is his top piority now. He smiled as he thought of the joy of forgetting all the stress in city life, all those terrorists, and just spending time with Cagalli, alone. How romantic..he thought as he continued his journey.

'Athrun! What a long time you took?!' Cagalli complained, upon seeing her boyfriend.

'I'm sorry, alrite? Come on, let's get going..' He replied, helping Cagalli with their stuffs.

After some time..

The resort is a brown large building with a sparking clear pool in the middle. There are no one there. The resort is specially booked for the two. Athrun exclaimed in surprised at how the old man managed to book the whole resort with just two tickets.

But he didn't think twice about it..if only he did, then Ralph's plan wouldnt succeed. If only Athrun knew how many people are hidden here, he would have gone home immediately..if only....

'Oh my..Athrun, this is such a pleasant resort' Cagalli cried out, rushing over to hug him.
' just glad u like it, i had no idea it is that good either' Athrun replied, along with a kiss on her forehead.
'Let's enjoy!!'

'Commander Yas, they arrived already, but they did not suspect anything.'
'Good, continue watching them' Yas whispered into his walkie talkie.

Yas: 'Sir Ralph, the plan is going smoothly. Cagalli and Athrun are here, and they are clueless about what will be going on.'
Ralph: 'Good job. Kill Athrun!!! But make sure Cagalli does not get hurt! If i found her injured, i will shoot a bullet right through your head.'

Back at the resort..after hours of play and relaxation..
'Cagalli, do u feel like someone is watching us? Athrun whispered.
'Nope. But i somehow feel uneasy' Cagalli replied.
Athrun: 'Let's go then..'
Cagalli: 'Alrite..let's go, i got a bad feeling'

Just as the two climbed down the stairs and prepare to leave, a troop of soldiers appeared out of nowhere and seized Cagalli.
Athrun being always alert, rolled away and took out his gun, prepared to shoot. But before he could do anything, more soldiers ran towards him, and all he can do is run and hide. Cagalli was dragged up to the highest floor to get up a helicopter on top of the roof of the resort. Not wanting to leave Athrun at all, Cagalli struggled and eventually broke free. She ran down the stairs in an attempt to escape.

Athrun was still hiding behind a wall with his gun prepared for shooting. The soldiers chasing him, simultaneously positioned themselves near him and prepared their machine gun. Athrun took the advantage and shot some of them, before they could set up their guns. He then ran towards the direction of Cagalli, as he caught a glimpse of her running.

Back to Cagalli,
Cagalli ran towards Athrun and Athrun threw her another gun. Before cagalli could do anything, she saw a bullet aimed for Athrun, and she shielded him without hesitant.
Cagalli got shot on her arms.

This time..Athrun is really angry..
'Damn it!' He shouted as he went over to protect Cagalli.
'Athrun, be careful' Cagalli cried.
Athrun then turned around and went shooting all the soldiers.
None of the soldiers were his match when it comes to gun.

Not long, he had all the soldiers either killed or injured. The remaining soldiers ran away in fear of being the next one being killed.

Just as Athrun was making his way back to Cagalli, who was hiding in a corner.
Yas ran over to Cagalli and grabbed her. While Yas and Cagalli was struggling, Yas accidentaly shoved Cagalli over the edge, and she fell down 4 storeys.
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Athrun being at the third storey witnessed the whole incident.
'Cagalli!!!' He screamed.
And without thinking, he jumped off the edge of the building, and aimed for the direction Cagalli is falling.
'Athrun, don't'
Athrun then had her in her arms as she closed her eyes prepared to hit the ground.
Instead, Athrun caught hold of a lamp post, just before they hit the ground and that helped them to a safe landing.
'Athrun!' Cagalli hugged him.
Cagalli: 'Why, Why are you so silly, it was so dangerous, you could have died.'
Athrun: 'It would be pointless to live without you i..'
Before he can finish his sentence, Cagalli sealed his mouth with a long and deep kiss.

However, their kiss was not complete, it was interrupted by the bullets coming from Yas.
Athrun took out his gun and began shooting back, insisting Cagalli to stay behind him.
The first shot missed Yas's leg by inches.
The second one was too slow for Yas's agility.
The third one costs Yas's life.

With that, Athrun and Cagalli drove back to ORB thinking that this whole incident is over..

Somewhere in space,
'Yas..Answer me, It's an order!'

---no answer---
'That useless Yas, he can never get anything done properly!' screamed Ralph in a rage.
'Roy, have you prepared the team and tankers and activate the building?'

'Yes, Sir, it's all ready!'
'Good. Let the attack begin!!'
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Mean while, Cecile unpacked her small bag and started to get comfortable in her room
Cecile: "Tonight I'm just going to rest a little bit the last couple of days were pretty chaotic"

She opened the TV, while she was switching through the channels, she caught a ballet routine, and she paused for a minute to watch...
It seemed like it was ages ago since she last danced, actually it seemed to her as if it was in another life, back then nothing mattered in the world except her performance and her parents to be sitting in the front row watching her as she danced away...

As she was lying their watching and reminiscing, she fell asleep
Cecile: “Mum, the opening of my Ballet piece will be next week at the main theatre, will you and Daddy come??”

“Of-Course we will” …. “Cecile your dad won’t be able to come he has work”

Her Mum on the phone with her Dad…”This means a lot to her, you know how much she loves you and looks up to you, please could you shorten your business trip and come

She was lying in her bed listening to music “Cecile, Daddy is coming after all, he’ll make a shortcut through Junis Seven”, she felt happy.
Cecile was looking at herself in the mirror she was getting dressed, in a couple of hours she’ll be on stage, her dad would be coming, she hears the telephone ringing and there is a shout…

“Junis Seven has been destroyed….”, she runs outside her room her mother is lying on the floor

Cecile wakes up breathing hardly panting for breathe crying heartbroken…
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In ORB..

'Oh my gosh, what's that?' One woman among the hundreds of people screamed, pointing to 1 of the tallest building located at the heart of Orb.

'Look at the building, it is glowing red. What is happening?' A man started saying.
'what is happening? I thought that building is a bank?'
'But that 'bank' is never opened before..'
'Maybe that is just part of the opening ceremony?'
'Maybe there are aliens living inside that building'

All sorts of guesses are heard in the crowd. But none of the people knew what is really happening.

Just then, a big thud was heard, and that silenced the crowd.
What was seen is hundreds of tankers appearing from the distance behind the glowing building.

1 second ago, Orb is still a peaceful place. Now, Orb is beyond chaotic!!
People were running around, screaming their heads off.
Buildings were destroyed by the tankers, one after another..
Orb is now a complete mess!!!

Although the situation in Orb is terrible, but help is on the way..but is it enough?

'Captain Murrue, there is a sudden attack on Orb! Most sectors are destroyed, and others are still trying to fend off the attacks from unknown tankers and a huge army of troops with never-seen-before equipments.'

'Ya, I know, the situation now is very bad. Gather all the mobile suits available and get the archangel ready. We are moving in to fend off the attacks too. Sent for Lieutenant Mu.' Murrue replied.

After a few minutes..
Mu: 'What can I do to help?'
Murrue: 'Try and contact Athrun and Cagalli'

Mu: 'I can’t seemed to find them. And their phones are off'
Murrue: 'okay..we just have to take things into our own hands then..'

With that, the archangel launched.
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Upon sight with the tankers, the war begin. The archangel began sending out as many mobile suits as they can, and constantly attacking the tankers, hoping that it will minimise the number of it.

however, after a few hours..
'The fight is never-ending. The tankers..they..they seemed to be invincible!!' Murrue cried.

'I totally agree with you, no matter how many times we hit them, the tankers are still intact!' Mu exclaimed.

'I had noticed that from the start of the fight till now, the numbers of tankers on our screen remains the same..this means that..'

'none of them have been destroyed yet!!'

'But our mobile suits are already decreasing rapidly, and our main weapons damaged..also..'

Before Murrue can finish her sentence, a shook throughout the ship knocked her off her seat.
'Captain, thrusters 1 and 2 are destroyed. The taunnhauser is damaged, and one of our engines are damaged too!'

Athrun and Cagalli reached Orb.

'Wha..What has happened? Wh..Why is Orb near destruction?' Cagalli cried.

She collapsed onto the floor, and began crying.
Orb is her father's hard work.
Orb is her beloved country, her responsibility, it was like a child to her.
but now..Orb is near destruction and Cagalli was miserable, angry, sad and disappointed with herself!

'It is not your fault', Athrun consoled her, wrapping his arms around her.

'Why?!! Why did I leave? Why did I not take enough effort to protect Orb!! WHHYY!!!!' She screamed, burying her head into Athrun's warm chest, crying her hearts out.

'Damn! Its all my fault, I should have never suggested to go to that resort..None of this would happen then.' Athrun sobbed.

Just then..'Boom! another tanker launched their giant iron ball onto the archangel.
That is the last straw, archangel lost! It had been damaged greatly, and can no longer attack nor move.
Murrue and Mu alighted from the near destroyed ship and ran over to Athrun and Cagalli.

'Cagalli, remember, I love you! I love you a lot!' Athrun said.
'Captain Murrue, Mu, please help me take care of cagalli. No matter what happens, don't let her run after me!'

Upon saying that, Athrun ran off.
'Athrun!!!!!! Don't..Don't do anything silly! Come back!!' Cagalli shouted, sensing something was wrong with him.
She struggled to get out of the grasp of Murrue and Mu, but to no avail.

Athrun ran towards one of the tankers. He could hear Cagalli, Murrue and Mu shouting, begging for him to come back. But he ignored their cries and proceed on to his plan.

He ran over to one of the tankers and jumped onto it, he found a compartment and he began fiddling with the wires in it.
Before long, he was done, and that tanker stopped and releases the soldier that was operating it. The soldier emerged from the top, and before he could do anything, Athrun shot him and went into the seat to operate the tanker.

He was an expert when it comes to wires and sorts, he had studied this kind of machines before, and he believed the main control system of these machines is the glowing building. 'Once I destroyed that building, all the tankers would automatically be shut off' He thought. 'The tankers are not invincible, they are all controlled by one main system, once that system is destroyed, the tankers would just be a piece of junk.' he figured.

Athrun then aimed the iron-ball launcher in the direction of the glowing building.
All the other tankers noticed that something was wrong, and they all turned their launchers to Athrun's tanker.

Cagalli: 'Athrun!! NO!!!'

Just as Athrun pressed the 'launch' button, he ejected his seat.
At the same time, the hundreds of tankers all launched their giant iron balls on the tanker Athrun was in.
In a few seconds, Athrun's plan succeed, the iron ball hit the glowing building, and all the tankers stopped functioning.
However, the other iron balls are already launched, and 'BOOM!!" Athrun's tanker exploded.
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