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Posted 5/16/08 , edited 6/24/08
Cecile, after having that nightmare couldn't sleep all night...
It’s been a long time since she's had these kinds of nightmares; it's been 2 years now since that incident...
She opened her Laptop and started working trying to run away from her thoughts...
After hours...
"It's nearly 9 now, I should get ready the Head of technicians should be here any moment," as she started to get dressed, she Heard shouts and explosions...

Cecile: "What’s all that about???" She ran out of her room...people were running everywhere

Cecile shouting "WHAT is happening???"

Cecile stood motionless, Orb under attack.....for a minute or 2 she stood frozen she couldn't believe it until suddenly the building beside her exploded, she ducked for cover.
There were shouts everywhere, children crying...Cecile ran back to her rooms, picked her laptop put it in her bag and ran out...
There were Soldiers now rushing people to safety places, Cecile rushed to one of them.

The Soldier "Come on Miss, hurry up"

Cecile "I'm a pilot, I can help please" and there was a deafening explosion

The Soldier "I don't have time for this now, Get in you little girl or"... and the man spat blood he was shot and he fell on Cecile…

The other soldier rushed to Cecile in the car “Get up, come on”

And there was another explosion but this time it was close very close to where Cecile was standing..
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Posted 5/16/08 , edited 6/24/08
The war is over... Athrun won... Orb won...
However...what happened to Athrun..?

Cagalli broke free from Murrue and Mu, as they themselves ran over to Athrun too.
'Athrun! Where r u? Athrun!!'

Just then the scene before cagalli shocked her to more tears.

Athrun was lying at a corner with blood covering his face and his right hand dripping with more blood.
Cagalli cried and shook Athrun, trying to wake him up. But he remained motionless.
Murrue could finally stand it no longer and bury herself into Mu, crying...
The whole Orb seemed to be crying now...Crying along with their princess, Cagalli. Crying for their saviour, Athrun.

A large crowd gathered around Athrun's bloody body, and the people cried. Some cried out of pity, some cried out of gratitude, some consoled Cagalli and others tried calling for help.

Just then,
Cecile, who was near the explosion, ran over to check out the crowd. Much to her shock, she saw Athrun lying motionless there. She pushed herself through the crowd and went over to Athrun's side... 'Athrun! Wake up... Athrun!!' She cried. She then turned around and hugged Cagalli. The two girls drowning themselves with their tears...

Somewhere in space...

A loud cackle could be heard. So loud, and so evil...
Someone is enjoying themselves.
Someone who was responsible for the attack on Orb
And that someone is celebrating the death of Athrun; at least that is what he thought.
And that someone is none other than......

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Posted 5/16/08 , edited 5/16/08
(HEHE, Cecile is By athrun's side, what a nice surprise!!!!That's wat I luv about RP, after u write a scene you have alot of plans and you think you sort of know what u r going to do, and then you have to throw all ur ideas, cause something drastic, surprising and unexpected happened...I just Luv it!!!)

I don't know what You want to do to Athrun Now!!!So I'll wait and See
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Posted 5/17/08 , edited 6/24/08

Athrun was in the hospital ward, surrounded by almost all the archangel and Orb's crew.
It had been hours since he was lying there, Cagalli was so worried and kept on crying. Cecile never once left him and cagalli; she continuously consoled Cagalli while praying for Athrun to wake up. The ward was very silent, except for the constant drips of tears and sobs.

Cagalli recalled:
'Athrun is a strong guy. From my past experiences, an explosion like that should have killed any human straight away, right on the spot. But this boy..he..he is remarkable! Despite that giant explosion, he managed to survive. Even if he managed to eject or even escape before the iron ball hit his tanker, the explosion is still big enough to kill anyone. Yet, he survived. It's really a miracle.' the doctor said.

'But though he survive, his right hand sustained severe injuries, and im afraid that he may never be able to pilot a gundam or even fire a gun anymore. He is a remarkable pilot and an excellent shooter, this would be a big blow to him, but everything depends on his speed of recovery, if he recovers fast, there may still be chances that his hand will recover completely.

'But he is a pilot, he can't lose his ability to shoot or pilot a gundam!!! What are the chances of full recovery?' Cagalli exclaimed.

'I am sorry, i hope he can recover too, but i cant do anything. Everything depends on him, his body and his will. As for the chances of recovery, it is only 5%.'

Upon recalling that, Cagalli was heartbroken.

'Athrun..please wake up.' She sobbed, rubbing her hand against his.
Seeing Cagalli like that, Cecile felt bad for not able to do anything and she put a hand on her shoulder, comforting her.
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Posted 5/17/08 , edited 6/24/08
A day passed..and Athrun still has'nt woke up. The number of visitors is getting lesser each hour, but Cagalli and Cecile still stayed by his side. Suddenly 'Oh my gosh!! we had been so sad that i forgot to inform Yzak about Athrun!! They would have wanted to see him..' Cecile cried out. With that, she ran over to the nearest phone booth available in the Orb mansion and informed Yzak. Cagalli finally gave a smile as she was amused by Cecile running out, because there is a phone in the ward. Cagalli then informed Kira.

Cagalli rubbed Athrun's hand and cried. As a teardrop landed on Athrun's hand, his fingers moved. Cagalli rubbed away her tears and called out his name continuously, hoping that he could make some kind of response. Slowly, his eyes opened, at first the vision was blurry, but gradually, he begin to see Cagalli clearly. '' Athrun muttered, mustering all his energy. 'Athrun!!' You are finally awake, i was so afraid i can never see ur deep emarald eyes and your wonderful smile ever again.' Cagalli cried, hugging him gently, afraid that his wounds would open.

After a few minutes of reunion words, Athrun slept again, under Cagalli's tender-loving care.

I believed that, under Cagalli's passionate care, Athrun would most certainly recover.


Upon hearing about Athrun being injured, Kira was shocked and he was on his way back to Orb, with Lacus tagging along.
Lacus was constantly consoling Kira, as Kira was so worried about Athrun.

Yzak, on the other hand, when receiving the news, did not respond much, except an 'Oh...i see'. On the outside, Yzak seemed like he would'nt care less about Athrun, but deep in his heart, he was praying for Athrun's safety while he rushed back to Orb.
Dearka received the news too, and left for Orb in a rush.

Somewhere far from the Orb a house..a deserted house.
Inside that deserted house, there was nothing, nothing except a telescope. A telescope that was not pointing to the skies, but instead, to Orb mansion. To Athrun's ward...

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Posted 5/17/08 , edited 6/24/08

After Cecile called to inform Yzak, she took the chance as well to contact the headquarters to notify them of her current situation, Not surprised she was reprimanded for not checking with them sooner and she was ordered to come back to plant, but Since Athrun was shot, she couldn't bear to leave him or Cagalli, Although she hardly knew Cagalli she couldn't help but comfort her.

After finishing the phone call, she went back to Cagalli.

"He woke up for a little" Cagalli whispered

Cecile's expression turned from sorrow to delight "That's wonderful, we should inform his doctor"

Cagalli nodded, and they both walked out of the room, upon informing the Doctor he explained to them that this was a very good sign, and hurried to check up on Athrun. Leaving them Both standing

Cecile: "You should probably get some rest; it's going to get better now".

Cagalli: "I can't leave him; I won't rest till he is on his feet again"

Cecile: "He wouldn't want you to fall apart, come on when was the last time you ate??"
And she motioned Cagalli to go get something to eat, Cagalli reluctantly agreed...

Cecile: "This is probably too late to ask, But u seemed to know me back then.."

Cagalli: "ah, The day Athrun picked you up, he told me.."

Cecile gave a weak smile..."I'm sorry things turned out this way"

Cagalli: "Thanks for sticking out all this time"

Cecile: "It's nothing really; it's the least I can do...”

Cecile "I still don't understand what happened..."

Cagalli "Me neither, but I'm gonna get to the bottom of this".

After a few minutes passed in silence..

Cagalli: "Gomene, I overheard you when you were on the phone; I didn't mean to, it was quite and well it was loud!"

Cecile: "emm, well I should have contacted them earlier, but I wasn't really thinking straight, emm... I’ve been ordered to return back to Plant" said with a distressed face.

Cagalli: "Sokaa, He'll be alright”

Cecile: "I know, He is strong, you just Hang in there"

Cagalli: "When he wakes up, I'll explain to him, he'll understand why you had to go"

Cecile: "em, Arigatto Gozimus"

As they reached his room again, Cecile took a last look hoping Athrun would be awake but he was not, with that she Hugged Cagalli.
Cagalli: "If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask, Orb will always be open to you"

Cecile: "Thanks, Representative Athha"

Cagalli: "Just Cagalli”

Cecile: "Hai" she smiled and with that she left.

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Posted 5/17/08 , edited 5/18/08
(nice chat between Cagalli and Cecile! xD)

Just when Cecile is leaving the Orb mansion, a running and red-faced Yzak knocked into her.

'Yzak? I thought u said u wouldnt leave your work behind? I thought u said it doesn't matter? You are worried about Athrun, arent u? Cecile teased him, upon seeing his red face due to the running.

Yzak stuttered: 'Who..Who said i was worried about him. I was just here to see whether he is dead.'

Cecile: 'Must u run over to see whether a person is dead?'

'I'm not worried!!! JUST want..want to know how is he?' Yzak finally gave up.

Cecile then told him word by word what the doctor said, followed by telling him that Cagalli said he woke up for a little while before, and that the doctor said it was a good sign.

Yzak: WHAT!!!! Athrun may never be able to shoot a gun or pilot a gundam anymore!!!! IMPOSSIBLE! How can that be!!!'

Cecile: 'Whoa..whoa..calm down a little will u'
'He only have 5% of complete recovery'


Cecile: 'i know this is a very bad news..but u can u lower ur voice down?!! This is a mansion!!'

'I..this..this is not true right? tell me this isnt true, isit? This time Yzak is no longer shouting, no longer angry..he is depressed.

' is true. What we can do now is just hope that Athrun would recover completely. There is nothing else we can do..' Cecile said with a hand over his shoulder reassuring him that Athrun would recover. But deep down inside, she was doubtful too.

After that, Cecile left for Plant, while Yzak rushed to the Athrun's ward.

'Yzak..?' Cagalli stared at him.

Yzak: 'Yarh, i am Yzak, Athrun's friend.'

Cagalli: 'I heard about u from him before..'

Yzak went over to Athrun, pained at the sight that he was covered in bandages. And his right hand completely covered with bandages. He went over to the bedside and said 'Athrun, u better wake up, and u better recover enough to pilot a gundam.' And for the first time ever, a tear rolled down from his eye, but he quickly brushed it away, not wanting to let anyone see.

Kira was the next to arrive. He and Lacus rushed into the room, and was shocked by the sight of Yzak. Cagalli upon seeing that, reassure them that he is Athrun's friend. Yzak then back off a little to let Kira and Lacus look at Athrun. Kira hugged Cagalli and tell her that Athrun would be alrite, he would be back to normal once he recover. Hearing that, Cagalli started crying..she tried to tell them about Athrun's hand, but no words come out. Yzak, seeing that, quickly dragged the couple out of the ward, and explained Athrun's situation to them. After finishing, Kira hugged Lacus and they both began crying. Seeing that, Yzak felt depressed again, and he stood there crestfallen.
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Posted 5/17/08 , edited 5/18/08
(Wow!!!!!!!!! Love all Yzak's attitude...exactly wat'd picture him doing!!Spot on AL!!!)

As Cecile was in the car headed for the airstrip, she was feeling really frustrated.
First she didn't want to come to orb at that time, cause plant was in grave danger and now when she didn't want to Leave Orb, here she was ordered again to get Back, But that was what a military life meant she lately started to understand, she's probably going to be reprimanded more when she gets Back she thought staring out of the window..

As she reached the Airstrip, people were rushing around everywhere, normally after Orb was Blowen everyone wanted to leave and a lot of people were coming in, she reached the first stand,

“I'd like to head to Plant.” She inquired

The Lady replied "Sorry, but there is no flights going there today"... and she typed some more "There will be the next week though"

Cecile "The next week??" feeling surprised "But How come??"

The lady "During the attack the strip was damaged pretty badly, so till next weak only local flights but to outer space am afraid there won't be"

Cecile "This is Urgent, is there anyone I can talk to" feeling hopeless

The Lady insulted, pointed to Cecile a group of men dressed in Orb Uniform.
Cecile Headed towards them they were four, they were talking pretty low and very fast, she didn't know how to interrupt them, three of them were in the Orb Uniform but the fourth was in casual wear actually they were all pretty old except him.
A few more minutes passed by before the young man noticed Cecile, he looked up at her he had a short Black hair and pair of turquoise blue eyes, Cecile captivated, she's never seen such warm eyes.

"Yes, can I be of Help" one of the old men said

"er..Yes, I need to urgently go to Plant today" Cecile Said.

The old Man "Well, the strip is damaged from the attack, so there won't be any flights till next week".

Cecile "I know that, but it's urgent,I'm..."

The old man interrupted "I'm sorry but there is nothing we can do" and with that he ended the conversation abruptly and turned his back to her

Cecile feeling annoyed and angry, walked away,he didn't even give me the chance to explain she thought angrily, she walked towards the stand again.
The lady "No luck" said mockingly

Cecile gave her an uneasy smile.."I need a flight to any place, from where I can go then to Plant"

The lady stared at her computer screen and started Typing. if only she came with X-liberty life had been easier Cecile thought.
Just then "Excuse me.."

Cecile turned around; it was the young man from Before.
"You said you needed to urgently to go to Plant" he said

Cecile feeling hopeful "Yes"

The young man asked "May I ask Why??"

Cecile growing restless "I see there is no need to explain, since there is no way out of here " she said heatedly, she wasn't in the mood now for chit chats even if he looked the way he looked cecile thought and shook it out of her head.

The young Man probably felt the tone in Cecile’s voice "You are Zaft aren't you, Oh well, I thought I’d give u a ride ….Cecile", he laughed and with that started walking away.
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Posted 5/17/08 , edited 6/24/08
(hehe..thks xD)

Back in Orb Mansion..

Just then..
Dearka broke the awkward silence by running in. He stood there flustered and looking messy. Yzak went over to greet him, Kira and Lacus waved a 'hi' before walking further away, to leave Yzak and Dearka alone. Sensing that something was different with Yzak, Dearka probed him.
Yzak then retell everything he heard from Cecile to Dearka. Again, Dearka's reaction was like Yzak's but more gentle.
Dearka was shocked, and the two good friend went into the ward, followed by Kira and Lacus.

Not long after they came in, Athrun rose up from his sleep. He tried to sit, but the pain was killing him. Cagalli quickly helped him back to his sleeping position, asking him to stay that way. After a long silence..Athrun broke off 'Why are u all looking so solemn? What's wrong, arent i fine now?' Tears started rolling down Cagalli's eyes, and Kira quickly brought her away, not wanting to let Athrun know the truth. However, Athrun notice that something was wrong and he questioned Dearka. Dearka turned around, not wanting to face him, he looked at Lacus, Lacus started crying too. This time he is really bewildered, he then asked Yzak.

Yzak: Let's face the truth, Athrun will know sooner or later too..why don't we just tell him now?

With that, he told Athrun about his right hand..

Athrun was shocked, but he did not say anything. All he did was turned his back to his friends. Seeing this, Cagalli ran over to him, hugging him gently, assuring him that he'll be alrite. A tear rolled down Athrun's face..he knew Cagalli was lying..

This whole scene was seen by a certain person. A person sent by Ralph. And the person is Roy.
He was looking through the telescope..looking into Athrun's ward, looking at everything that was happening and retelling what he saw to Ralph...

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Posted 5/18/08 , edited 6/24/08
2 weeks after Athrun woke up..
he recovered at an amazing speed..
Most of his injuries are healed completely..except his right hand.
He can do almost everything, except hold a gun and taking heavy things..

Somewhere in space..on a certain ship..

Ralph: 'After all these..Athrun is still not dead!! And our tankers are destroyed by him? Singlehandedly? WHAT THE HECK are you doing?!'

Roy: 'I am sorry Sir. We tried our best, all of us. Even Yas is being killed by that guy. And Yas was an elite task member, even he was killed. Now all our troops are demoralised.'

Ralph: 'That Athrun!! What about Cagalli?'

Roy: 'Sir, Cagalli still stayed by Athrun's side.. all day long she was there, so there is no way we can kill Athrun, since u dont want us to hurt Cagalli. Besides now that Yzak and Kira and the others are here, it will be harder for us to do our job.'

Ralph: 'So what are you implying at? That we cant kill Athrun..? Nothing is impossible! So u better kill Athrun as soon as possible or try to make Cagalli mine!!'

Roy: 'Yes, Sir. I will think of a plan, Sir.'

Ralph hanged the phone.

Roy: 'He asked me to kill you. His aim is Cagalli.'

Athrun: 'Just try to let him think that u had completed your job..and when the time comes..i will catch him. Thanks for everything..and be careful of that man.'

Roy: 'Okay..u take care too. Try to recover first. Bye.'

Athrun hanged up.

Athrun: 'Okay..its been confirmed. Ralph is after Cagalli'

Athrun: 'Cagalli, he likes you.'

Cagalli: 'What the..but i dont even know him. He's creepy.'

Athrun: 'Yarh..i know so u better be careful.'

Cagalli: 'Right now..i just want your hand to recover completely..'

'Thanks..' Athrun said, giving her a kiss on her forehead.

Kira: 'So u think that the person that attack Orb is Ralph?'

Athrun: 'It's been confirmed. Yes, he is the mastermind.'

Yzak: 'But how do u know u can trust this Roy person.'

Athrun: 'I can trust him. He is very loyal to me. That's because i once saved his life.'

Dearka: 'But Roy is an accomplice of Ralph. He launched the attack on Orb.'

Athrun: 'Yes, that might be true. But, he had no choice, he will get killed if he doesnt follow the orders.'

Lacus: 'When did u know all these?'

Athrun: 'Just yesterday, when Roy called me to check my injuries. He apologised for all his crime, and said that he would surrender himself after helping us.'

Kira: 'So we can trust him?'

Athrun: 'Yes! And I am soon going to think of a plan to imprisoned Ralph.'

Cagalli: 'Athrun!! u better take care of your injuries first!!'

The gang began laughing at Cagalli's reaction..and Athrun hugged her and said with much determination 'I will recover, dont worry! i still want to pilot a gundam!! I still want to use a gun!'

(kinda, can u continue ur part by recalling..? im so sorry i have to put my story after 2 weeks, because i don't want to drag Athrun's injuries so long..cos nothing to
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Posted 5/18/08 , edited 5/20/08
Cecile was Back at Catalina, she was standing in the ships Carrier section where all the mobile suits and Gundams were placed. She was looking at a particular Gundam a Blazing Red one.
As she Stood there, she started recalling how this Gundam came here at Catalina. Back then when she was trying to find a way to get Back.

Cecile stood awed, “That guy just called me by my first name” she thought

And she hurried right after him, she was still 2 steps behind, when he said “I can see u changed your mind”

Cecile stopped in her steps “No, it’s not that.” But then she needed to hurry up again to catch him.

And then he stopped and turned to her with a smile “What can I do then?”

Cecile confused “How did you know my name and that I’m in Zaft??”

The young man smirked and started walking again “Oh that!! So you are in Zaft??”

Cecile “Yes I’m, but that’s not the point, so was it only a guess”

He stopped again “Never a Guess” and as he was going to start walking again, he suddenly took the bag Cecile was carrying.
Cecile “What are you doing??” with a slightly angry face cause he met her face with yet another smile.

The young man “well, it seems you are going to follow me, and well your shoulder is bandaged as I can see, and I have a thing against making pretty girls run after me with pretty heavy bags” and he started walking again.

Cecile just stood there ”Then I won’t”.

The young man froze “Ok” and he walked back to her flinging her bag over his shoulder and stood there silently.

Cecile: “What?”

The young Man “well, I’m listening, apparently you want to ask me something?”

Cecile “I already did”

“Yes, you did, well it’s really nothing...I mean your bag is obviously like the bags that are given away to military personnel”

Cecile: “And my Name?”

The young Man “You have it written on the passkey you're holding in your hand”

Cecile looked at it, she was holding it in her hand…a few minutes passed.

“Well, if that’s all, I’ll leave you your Bag, and I’ll be off, I’m in a kind of hurry, Gomene”

Cecile “..Eh, you said you’d give me a ride”

“Did I?!! I don’t recall that, but I recall asking you why you were in a hurry”.

Cecile “I cannot say, and you should know that being enlisted as well”.

“Hmm, yes you are right, but not if I’m a Faith member, and we are in unstable and unsettling conditions and I’m about to offer you a ride in a military suit”.

Cecile stood quite again.

“You can go back to that lady again, I’m sure by now she‘d have arranged for you something”.

Cecile “No”, and he looked surprised and looked at her attentively “well then am all ears”.

They both started walking and Cecile told him nearly everything.

By the time she finished they were already down by the strip, and in front of her stood a Huge blazing Red “A Gundam” Cecile exclaimed.

He looked at her “Yes, well then, I guess this is it” and he gave her her Bag and started walking away.

Cecile “Demo, I just told you everything”

He looked Back “You still standing there??? Hurry up or you’ll miss the royal Flight” and he smirked.

“By the way I'm lieutenant Macner, Alan Macner” and with that said Cecile couldn't help but Smile "Royal Flight, we'll see about that!"
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Posted 5/20/08 , edited 6/24/08
'You can be discharged from the ward and move back to a room now' the doctor said to Athrun.

'WHAT??!! But he hasnt fully recovered?! What about his bandages?!' Cagalli exclaimed, shocked!

Doctor: 'He should be able to bandage himself now that he has recovered except for his right hand..'

Athrun: 'Haha, yar i can dun worry about it, doctor, and thanks..'

Doctor: 'Okay, no problem, dat's my job. Take care, young man!'

Athrun waved goodbye to the doctor as he packed his stuff prepared to move back into his room which is at the other side of the gigantic Orb Mansion.

Cagalli: 'But..but Athrun, what if, what if u got hurt or something?! Nobody would be able to help u?'

Athrun: 'Come on, i can take care of myself, *laughs* u r being overly paranoid.'

Cagalli: 'No!! u cant stay in a room all by yourself! I tell u wad, why dont u move into my room. I'll get two beds. This way, i'll be able to keep an eye on u too!!'

Athrun: Anything u say, maybe u can help me bathe as well..*laughs* im just kidding!!

With that, it is decided that Athrun would live in the same room with Cagalli till he recovered completely..

(kinda, u write as much as u want..i'll not be writing till maybe after a few weeks has passed in ur time, den i continue mine..cos. i wanna wait till Athrun recovers lol.!!)
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Posted 5/20/08 , edited 5/23/08
(Hey AL, I summarized everything, so that you can start writing again straight away!!!! )

A lot had happened these past few weeks, Catalina was repaired and was equipped with a new system that the technicians devised to detect any ship or mobile suit that camouflages.

“The system is pretty easy, the main idea is that we fire waves in every direction with pre-calculated distance separations, the monitors then draw these waves as they collide with objects, Ultimately drawing a 3-D image of the object the waves collided with” the technician explained to Cecile, as they were equipping this system to X-Liberty.

“We’ve already attached this system to Catalina, and we are installing it now on all the other mobile suits” He said.

A lot of preparations has been going on around the ship, as it was designated to go into space to check out some peculiar movements detected near the moon, they were even suspecting that it may be the mysterious ship that attacked them that day at Plant.
Lieutenant Macner had assigned himself to Catalina for this exploration mission, He was of great help to Cecile, when Cecile got back with him, she was asked for, to be reprimanded and possibly get detention for not making an early contact with them but Macnar stepped in and said that when he was there most communications were down, and it would have been pretty hard to make contact.

During these weeks, Cecile just trained, Lieutenant Macnar was pretty helpful with the simulation trainings as he taught her a couple of tactics.
She had called one evening to check up on Athrun, and to her relief he was getting Better.
She tried to find out what Happen to Nella, But no one seemed to give her a straight forward answer..."If Only Yzak was here..he could have told me......"she thought "But he didn't even tell me where they were taking them" and she sighed.

As she stood there staring at Lieutenant Macnar’s Gundam, recalling these events.

Alan: “we are heading out now, I wonder what’s up there, Do you think it’s that ship from the other day?”

Cecile: “It is quite possible, anyway we’ll go up take a look and get Back, hopefully soon”.But little did she know that they wouldn’t be coming back any time soon.

(I'll stop writing now...and Wait till Miwanna Gets Back!!! )

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Posted 5/20/08 , edited 6/24/08
(hehe..thks..btw i like ur ending..haha. gives me those mysterious feeling..haha!! )

Athrun had got much much better now. He had completely recovered!! Except that he might have some relapse on his right hand, as the doctor say that it will take 1 more week for it to be fully recovered.

Cagalli: 'Thank goodness ur hand would be able to recover completely, i was so scared that anything might happen to u!!'

'Now im okay already. That should put ur mind at ease.' Athrun said smiling..

'Yarh, Cagalli. U have been worried for so long already. Take a break!' Kira laughed.

Yzak said in a serious tone, he cant wait to help Athrun revenge on Ralph, 'Okay, since everyone's here can we start planning how to deal with Ralph now?'

Dearka: 'Athrun, why dont u ask Roy to come over to meet us? It will make things much easier.'

Lacus: 'But if Roy comes, what if Ralph found out some way or another? Then everyone's lives will be in jeopardy.'

Athrun: 'Yarh, i agree with Lacus. We better play safe when it comes to dealing with Ralph.'
'I will try to contact Roy one way or another as soon as possible.'


As Cagalli was helping Athrun take off his last bandages..

Athrun recalled back to months ago when the Destiny war is just over..

As Athrun and the others returned back to Orb, everything went off smoothly.

One day, Athrun went back to Plant to attend Nicol's death anniversary.
While he left a bouquet of flowers on Nicol's grave, he recalled the wonderful times he had with Nicol, and that was when he heard some voices shouting.
He went over to the source of the noise. That was when he saw two young people fighting. He later got to know that they are Roy and Yas.

At that time, Roy was still a young and innocent 16 year old boy, and had just lost his parents because of a car accident. Yas however, was already an elite task member. The two of them were fighting over a badge. The badge was a medal that Yas got from the ex-commander of the special elite force of the X-Tran. It also turned out that Roy's father is none other than that ex-commander of X-Tran, and the medal was the only thing his father left behind.

The two boys were fighting over that medal, and at that moment, Yas accidentally pushed Roy onto the road. 'SCREEEEECHHH!!' A car came rushing towards Roy's direction, Athrun seeing that Roy is about to get knocked over, he dash across the road and pulled Roy along with him. The car missed them by just inches.

From that day onwards, Roy had always looked up to Athrun, and claimed that he is his benefactor. Roy had pledged his entire existence to helping Athrun if he needs help, because he feels that he owes his life to Athrun.
That was how that two man.. that two strangers got to meet. They met at Plant.. at a cemetery. But it is this meeting that save a life.

As Athrun finished recalling everything, he fell asleep. His head dropped onto Cagalli's shoulder.
Cagalli stopped taking off the bandages and stared at Athrun in a very loving way.
She then placed a hand on his cheeks, and her head on his. 'I love you, Athrun..I love you a lot.'
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( yay just came back from my trip andd its really oing on! Can someone give me a short summary? *lol* I want to know what I can write and what not! *waves*
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