Post Reply How should the last episode end?
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Posted 5/9/08 , edited 5/10/08
As u can see like wat the title says, how do u think the story should end to make it a better drama. Personally i don't find the last episode good, or should i say so bad tt it ruined the drama, this wat i think. For those who like the endings in the last episode can kindly state WHY!?

I think if they dun do the singing & dancing, but fight more, Mo Wen didn't die & Beitang Ao prison for life with mental problems would be a better ending ... LOL
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Posted 5/21/08 , edited 5/21/08
hmm.. maybe mok mun shouldn't die and be with Jing Lei and they should marry and later go back to the middle plains. and Beitang Ao should die cause he deserves it alot.... But i would prefer him to be toture sadistically with brutal forces. In other words, a painful and aghast death... hahah!!!!. But this ending is ok for me cos i find it quite hilarious and very unexpected with a shock... hahaha! It is good after all....
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Posted 6/17/08 , edited 6/17/08
i wish that the 7 major no die and they fight with bei tang ao and have war wow that is very hilarious man
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