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Ohno Satoshi's "MAOU" drama
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Posted 7/3/11
This is an old post, but I want to share, too. I watched Maou (both the Korean and Japanese versions) online...Ohno took it. The Korean version wasn't as interesting to me. After watching, I had to special order the DVD with English subs...wait for five months, and finally got it. Loaned it to a friend who broke the last disc and didn't tell me...I tried to watch it about a month ago and said words that are still floating in space, killing life as we know it.
BUT...this became my FAVE drama...and yes, because of Ohno's gentleness as a person, he gave me chills, with just a tiny smile...I mean, the hair on my arms stood up and screamed, he was so good.

As a side item...I would recommend "Smile" with Matsujun in has become my SECOND FAVE drama.
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