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Post Reply How is the end??
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21 / M / Where everything...
Posted 2/16/09
It was good. After finally finding out what happened in the end (took me like half a year of forum surfing XD) I think it was awesome!!!!
Posted 3/16/09

newbie97 wrote:

stupid ending really annoying i wonder how she died if the train did not hit her
and whats the freaking point of saving someone if that someone is gonna get killedeven with help
stupid hayami saved the kid but the kid died anyways useless
though im still not sure if she died or not
otoha said she died but clearly the train did not hit her
must be some error in the animation

Yeah, I was thinking "Why didnt she push the kid out the way, instead she holds him to get hit by the train? Come on..."
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23 / F / Somewhere
Posted 4/19/09
The ending may be a bit too unrealistic but I don't really care since it was a happy ending after all
Good ending in my opinion
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Posted 5/13/09
just making sure...hirose accepted that his mom died cool, and hiyami got hit by the train....but i dont get is that she came back ALIVE in the ending....sorry im new to dramatic animes im used to romantic comedies, ecchi, and action
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35 / 11
Posted 5/26/09
The ending was sweet
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M / Philippines
Posted 5/26/09
No Comment Im pretty much LOST
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Posted 8/3/09
I didn't want Hayami to die, but Otoha bringing her back? The ending would have had more of an impact if that hadn't have happened. and lmao at the train, I didn't catch that, but school days ended amazingly. Go watch it if you haven't for some reason.
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21 / M
Posted 9/1/09
Lol i remembered when i watched the ending....I said...dont trip this time hirose...

lol cuz remember when his mom died he tripped and failed to save her??

but even though he didnt trip...he still failed...

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19 / F / a place where eve...
Posted 9/6/09
it was sad and then happy..:))
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25 / M / sweden
Posted 3/4/10 , edited 3/4/10
Finished the show. All I can say at first is… “oh wow”.

Continuing off from 11, the trauma has caused Takuma to revert to a child state, and he thinks of Hayami as his mother. With no options, Hayami leaves for Tokyo with Takuma to try and make him recover by going back to apartment where he used to live. They both live a happy life there for a while, until one day Takuma follows Hayami out to do grocery shopping.

On that fateful day, Hayami finally asks Takuma of what he really thought about his real mother, in front of a railway crossing, and the question stirs up painful memories. Takuma falls in to a trance, and suddenly realizes that Hayami isn’t hold his hand. Hayami tries to save a kid whose ball bounced in to the railway crossing, and Takuma realizes it was the same thing that happened on the day his mother died. He finally opens his eyes, only to see Hayami… getting run over by the train.

A recital of the “Footprints in the sand” by the main cast is read, and time jumps to years ahead. Hotaru is now the village elder, Maki and Hamaji got married and actually have a child and Yui is still Yui. Takuma is now a handsome tall guy (lulz), and his eyes are fine. He’s putting on the finishing touches on a huge windwill, built on the same hill he met with Hayami, when he hears a familiar voice. Loli-mode Otoha appears out of the bushes chased by a wild pig, a reenactment of sorts, and dives right in to Takuma, telling him that it was hard for her to persuade the Spirit World to do this.

Takuma is left wondering on the meaning of the words, when another familiar face walks out from the bushes. It’s Hayami-chan, miraculously back, and Takuma is dumbfounded for a moment before he smiles back to her, and the both of them look up on the newly completed windmill. The End.

Really a nice ending there, relatively speaking here though, considering how botched up most of the anime was. I’ll say it’s the most solid ending episode yet (until true tears 13 airs) of this season, packing a lot of closure in one episode, yet still managing to insert a lot of drama in to most of it. Truly, I didn’t expect Hayami to actually “die” in order to finally salvage back Hirose’s heart, and it was a rather shocking moment when it happened.

Looking back, it’s also pretty awesome how they manage to write out the last few moments and resurrect back Hayami from the dead… providing a touching closure to the series. I still accept it’s highly deus ex machina but still… it was nice of them to finally be together. Also, +awesome points for the hot adult Hotaru and I kinda lol’d at the idea of Hamaji being a father. I guess it’s more correct to call him “mother”, rather XD.

Overall i guess im happy with this anime =)

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23 / F
Posted 3/13/10
It was a great anime. I thought it was so well done. And the ending, I admit, kinda threw me off but I am still pleased with it. I was longing for a happy ending, and at first I thought it was gonna be one of those "she dies, but he moves on, and he lives happily ever after, blah blah blah" I was about to be pissed. But then she came back and I was like HELL YES. So yeah, overall I loved it.
And I am really liking the Hirose as an adult look. It really suits him, lol.
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18 / F
Posted 6/22/10
it was really adorable! ^_^
i'm so happy they had a happy ending. <3
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27 / M
Posted 12/20/10
One of the best endings I've seen in quite awhile. Normally I'm not a fan on convenient resurrections, but for once the main character feels deserving of it. Takuma embodied a good guy with some real character instead of the stereotypical bumbling shy male protagonist. If it had been the latter, I would've much rather of just left it at the windmill scene, but this case seems fitting considering how Takuma acted, especially in the beginning. A genuine nice guy who is actually a bit assertive. I'd say that deserves a reward.

Some points could have been fleshed out a bit more, but they were borderline enough that the imagination pretty much takes care of it. I would have liked to have more background on what Hayami's family did exactly (just overall power gluttony?) and maybe a bit more on Hamaji (trying to replace his sister's mother by crossdressing?). Definitely a good watch. Plenty realistic with a good hint of supernatural to make it interesting but still grounded in reality.
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18 / F / USA
Posted 12/22/10
i personally LOVED!!! the ending!!!! but it was rlly hated the her kinda dying part still VERY confused about that part if she died or not lol!
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44 / M / Bay Area, CA, USA
Posted 1/5/11
I really enojyed this series, which surprised me, given the background art of the various characters posing in bathing suits-- which makes it look like yet another fanservice-laden harem show, and a forgettable guilty pleasure at best. Instead, the story gripped me right at episode one. Hirose Takuma is a male lead character with real integrity, and both he and Kohinata Hayami well exemplified in my mind the saying "do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good" within the limits of a frail fallen human nature. I found myself really caring for those two, and wanting good things for them in the end, after all they've been through. The ending really ripped a jagged tear in my heart
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