//Game// Invent your own 8th book!
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Posted 5/10/08 , edited 5/10/08
Okays, this game is pretty easy, you just have to invent a title you would put for the eight book and describe what happens in it.
Don't know how to start? Or are you just a lazy-a$$? Don't worry I'll start! ^^

Name of the eight book I would choose: Harry Potter and the Death-eaters`Afterlife.
Description: Harry is now an adult, he has a wife, two sons, a daughter and is living happily in Godric`s Hollow. Everything was doing good until her daughter disappears; the Death-eaters have reunited and guess what? The daughter has joined them. What next?

See? Told ya it was easy, I only got one thing to tell you: go crazy with your immagination and don't be shy!!! ;D

p.s. you may add pics related to your story.
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