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Posted 5/10/08 , edited 5/10/08
And here ist the prologue to Gundam Rebirth

This has always been on my mind for some time and I decided on writing it. I will either do some things different or similar in the line of Gundam thing. You'll see what I mean.

I'd also like to note that my description on the MS may not be as detailed enough for you to imagine it. So I'll get the just of it anyway.

One last note here: I took some elements from the Armored Core series like company name and a bit of senario, but not too much. If you never played the games before, don't worry. You don't need to play them to get this story. I also added a bit of Metroid here and there, but only a small sprinkle of it.

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Posted 5/10/08 , edited 5/10/08
A.D. 2144

Mankind's technology has advanced significantly. The world has maintained a good steady stability with the control of the main global companies: Zeo Matrix, Endrage, Milita, and Solaria.

Zeo Matrix is the strongest of the company as well as the most profitable. It first formed in 2120 by Andrew Matrix, a well fit man of 30 with a wife and son who will take upon the company when Andrew passes away. Andrew is well respected and a fine amount of supplies to give out to anyone willing to pay a good amount of money for them. He also help fund the largest research facility in the world in central Europe.

Endrage is the second most well developed corporation. It primarily focuses on security over profit. William Renglan, founder and president, thought it best for the people and helped place defensive security systems along cities and borders of countries to prevent any type of terrorist attacks. The company was also the first to develop sentry droids capable of being piloted by the enforcers highered for the job.

Milita is more of a civilian group to replace the UN after age and breakdowns throughout the years. They function relatively the same: Make decisions, intervine in certain conflicts, and aid in the poor and the other companies. Of them all, Milita is the most economically sucessful. Being located in South America where the climate is warm enough.

Solaria is currently the most mysterious of all the others. All that is known about this group is that it has existed for years as a band of mercenaries free to be hired whenever war broke out. They care not for who they side with so long as the pay is good. At least, that's what a majority of them feel.

However, man had yet to expand themselves into space. This was part of one man's dream.....Harold Ghast.

Harold Ghast was the top researcher in Europe as well as the youngest (22). He helped in development for most of the technology that has been made. He was praised by everyone on the planet.

When he mentioned his plan to develop a colony on Mars, Zeo Matrix gladly helped in funding the project whereas Milita aided in supplies and Endrage in their security droids.

Solaria had no interest....

However, several have had issues with the amount of feul required to get there and back. So another researcher, Gerald Haroso, proposed another plan in making a type of space colony between Earth and Mars. This colony would help in storing supply and fuel for the trip. Haroso also suggested that cities be placed in it for those who want to enjoy the peace of space. A way of expanding along the way. Ghast welcomed this with open arms and he and Haroso began work on this project.

Production of the colony took several years in making. There needed the outbase of it, the storage center as well as an engine room to propel the colony through the atmosphere into space. The colony parts were built separately: The main area for the city, the agricultural area for trees and such to maintain oxygen supplies, power section, and docking bay.

After ten years of production, the colony was completed and launched to the point in space that was halfway between Earth and Mars.

A.D. 2156

A plan was made for the landbased colony on Mars. That would prove even more difficult considering the lack of free movement and the involvment of gravity.

To aid in this, Ghast developed a smaller project that could help in the development. He said it would take only a few months to build. So the project was funded, but he requested only droids to help in building it and noone else.

After these few months, Ghast's project was finished.

The end result was the first humanoid robot he named mobile suit. It was built with an unknown armor no one knew of, not even Haroso. It was slightly gray all around, emerald eyes, and a solid smooth facemask.

Ghast had codenamed this mobile suit as "Alpha", the first of a new generation of technological explorations and as part of his project codenamed....... GUNDAM.

A.D. 2174

Harold Ghast was in his 50's by the time the colony on Mars was completed. It was about as large as any of the major cities found on Earth and had a wide window view that was excessively strong. Already the city had thrived on in such a short amount of time as well to everyone's amazement. The colony was given the name "Alexandria".

As plans were being made to expand their civilization across the rest of their solarsystem, Ghast took it upon himself to pilot Alpha and be accompanied by two other mechs from Endrage as they explored the outskirts of Mars for any place to set up a new colony here.

Ghast always thought it was best to keep their sources limited and give time in developing life. So far, he has kept his family healthy with this logic.

During his expedition of the planet, he entered a cave that gave off an abnormal amount of energy waves on his radar.

He and the other two entered the cave..........until they found the source of the energy.

When a light was flashed from one of the mechs, there was a bluish transparent lifeform that almost appeared dragon-like in appearance. Its vains were red and visible underneith and looked to have circulations.

It then suddenly went towards Alpha in a swift movement and disappeared as soon as it had been touched. For a brief second, Alpha shut down and then reworked again.

Ghast would give his report later on that he had found an alien lifeform on this planet......if not for an incident......

About several hours after Ghast and the other mechs returned to the hanger bay of Alexandria, Ghast had begun to feel weird within the cockpit. His mind began to see images of the universe, his body spazed out, and he disappeared within the gel that was given off by Alpha.

Everyone around was wondering why Alpha had ceased function.....till it came back on its own without Ghast.

As soon as it awoken, Alpha began to destroy everything in its path. Not even military weapons could stop it. Thus, it was impossible to destroy.

Till a drastic measure was issued.

Zeo Matrix had sent a bomb to Alexandria to wipe out Alpha.

The bomb was detonated. Leaving the city destroyed all around with the window shattered. The city remained but was completely ruined with no life.

Alpha's remains were nowhere to be found.

Afterward......who was to blame for this incident?

Some blamed Endrage for the lack of protection for Alexandria. While others blamed Zeo Matrix for using such drastic measures in stopping Alpha. Neither sides trusted one another from that point on.

Then one day, a mercenary was hired to kill the president of Zeo Matrix. This escalated the skirmishes to a war of great intensity.

Four years into this war, Endrage and Zeo Matrix had built their own mobile suits for combat. Although the armor types were never as advanced as Alpha's, it was still tough enough for regular tanks to be ineffective.

Endrage had the mobile suits named Sabers. These units were in blue as the default color, had a light jetpack unit, sleek smooth edges, and featured a wider visor that had the eyes be connected with a "bridged" section than Alpha did. Despite the name, they came armed with the usual weapons used by regular soldiers: Shotguns, pistols, rifles, snipers, MGs, flamethrowers, and a wide variety of others.

Zeo Matrix's first MS's were called Serophs. These units had the destincful colors of Zeo Matrix: Red, Grey, amd Black.
I was mainly black with the occasional grey trims on them. It didn't looks as smooth in design as the Saber, but is still just as formidable. The eyes were a red-orange and covered with a detachable goggle set that was simply a wide line across the eyes and grey. The rest of the face had the appearance of a S.W.A.T team gas mask. Its backpack also had thrusters and one tail binder that can extend to increase speed in air. The Seroph was equiped with the same type of weapons as the Sabers had.

Milita remained neutral in this war. Serving only to keep civilians safe after Endrage no longer cared for the safety and simply had security over the more important areas.

Solaria's business was good with hirings of many of their mercenaries. They were able to gain mobile suits as either gifts or stealing.

Throughout this war, other types of mobile suits came into production.

A.D. 2183

One of the battles in Africa had introduced a new mobile suit that noone expected.........a gundam.

Tonjira Matrix (49), grandson of Andrew Matrix, had managed to gain access to the design plans of the GUNDAM project left behind by his father who decised one year earlier after he became the next leader.

Tonjira soon began to work on the next in line gundams. The finished product, Beta, was immediately put into action.

But someone had let slip the plans to other groups as well....

Thus, several gundams had been produced according to the Greek Alphabet, but were never finished at this point in time.....

A.D. 2214

The Earth has become weak and deserted in several locations due to war and the amount of pollution given off by mobile suits.

The colony in space, Danzira, continued to thrive with well developed cities and such.

As for Mars, other colonies had been developed across its surface. Alexandria had remained abandoned....

To this day, the war had remained at a standstill for this long with all corporations still going strong. It is unknown if there will be other gundams developed or if the companies are biding their time in making sure who gains control.....

And yet.....within these long years of conflict.......there have been no other contacts with the lifeform that took over Alpha....

Gundam Rebirth
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Posted 5/15/08
And those who have seen Turn A Gundam, the name "Milita" came to mind when writing it. So that was one other tid bit I borrowed...
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