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Post Reply We are all talking about it. Ren's Death?
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Posted 2/25/09
I wasn't totally affected by it, to be honest.

I kinda expected it.

I did the same as you, OP. Watched the anime and read onwards the manga. (Couldn't stand the movie , meh.)

I only started piecing things together when reading chapter 74, I think? Yeah. I realized that when Hachi asked about Ren to someone... I can't remember who... and was answered with a "still playing guitar". It wasn't Honjou Ren, but Ichinose Ren. Heh, I've got my suspicions so I'm not surprised.

I can't believe that the locket would've been smashed to his skull though. O_O That was harsh, no wonder Takumi wouldn't allow them to see it.

The death started to affect me -- or rather the time when I got teary-eyed, was when Nana arrived to the funeral thing. The last few scenes, now that was emotional! O_O
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