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What if your friends make fun of anime?
Posted 5/10/08 , edited 5/10/08

Genie225 wrote:

well, most of my friends like anime, so this situation has never come up for me... but i think that i would just ignore the remark. kinda dumb, but that's what i would do, i guess.

That's a really nice drawing, did you do that? ^^

some of my friends do make fun of anime, but they don't make fun of the plots. they make fun of the way they look. and i admit, if i wasnt as worldly n curious as i am, id probly laugh too. i dont see these things funny, but they probly would be amusing if you werent familiar with anime:

bigass eyez
tiny nose
almost always no lips
weird hair

i think this makes the characters look creative but people are different.
Posted 5/10/08
I would not hang out with them if they hated on Nagisa
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Posted 5/10/08

i usually dont talk about anime just with some friends
i really like anime but i know lots of people think that is childish so i just talk about it with the friends i know they like it too.
Posted 5/10/08

NewSoul wrote:

this question came up to me when I was in the book store reading shonen jump mangas, all my friends were reading car magazines and sports equipment while I was in the teen graphic novel area reading Shaman King.. a friend of mine walks up to me and says, 'why you reading stupid cartoon books? anime is so stupid' i felt embarrassed reading the manga because I felt left out. what would you have done?

i usted to not like anime my friends loved it lets just say i was forced to see death note and i loved it so force ur firends to sseee it
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Posted 5/10/08
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