Posted 5/10/08 , edited 5/11/08
Just a few things to remeber in this group:

1. no put-downs. do not put- down other ppl in the group.
the mods and the creator will delete ur messages anyways.

2. just participate in this group once in a while.
this could be easily done by just wrting on the wall or replying on the forum section.

3. dun hesitate to write any questions or requests.
ur every requests will be taken into consideration and appreciation.

4. the most important rule out of all is to enjoy being in this group.
we will try and make this group the best but this cannot be done only by us mods and creator.
u hav to help us in order to make this group enjoyable.

and that's all i think.
so please abide in them^^
thanks a lot.

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