[Question] Video in my PC how to record video in my pc?
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Posted 5/10/08
Admin Shinji/Moderators
I have a question.... how to Record my video in my pc without using My Camera or outside tech its like

it records its own Video in PC
hmm im little bit confused but is there any software/site or any other things that can record a video or any actions in my pc... if you know what I mean...

im very sorry if this is illegal thread
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Posted 5/10/08
Please don't create threads in this section. When we said Site Support/help, we were referring to site-related problems or technical concerns regarding the site's service. If you need help regarding computer software and the like, refer to this thread:

The Tech Thread (Computer Geek Stuff)

Also, I think you're trying to ask for a program that takes video screen captures, and not just still images? Google for programs using the terms "video screen capture" and something should pop up.

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