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25 / F / The Silent Sun
Posted 6/8/08 , edited 6/9/08
A grandmother, was so fat, that when I went around her once,

I got lost.

Another grandmother, was also so fat, that when she went swimming in the sea, the whales and her sing "We are family~"

lame jokes but i laughed when I heard them ^^
Posted 6/11/08 , edited 6/12/08
Are we doing 'yo mama' jokes now? Great.

Your Mama:
is so big, when she went to Japan, everyone screamed, "GODZILLA!"
is so stupid, when your dad said it was "chilly" outside, she ran out with a bowl and spoon.
is so stupid, she ran into a parked car
(response?) is so big, she WAS the parked car
is so stupid, she said "Yaoi is GAY."
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22 / F / what ever you DO...
Posted 6/20/08 , edited 6/21/08
your mama so fat it takes one train and two buses to get on her good side
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Posted 7/5/08 , edited 7/8/08
your mama so ugly she threw a boom-a-rang and it never came back

your mama so stupid she entered a stupid contest and they told her, "Sorry no professionals"

Heh heh my bro told me this one.

-if you don't get it good for you.-
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23 / F / in the shadows, y...
Posted 8/19/08 , edited 8/20/08
Come-for-the-bull Joke

An old man died and left his ranch to three of his nieces, two blond, and a red head. One day, they decided that they want to buy a bull to breed more cows. They gathered all of their money and sent one of the blond to buy it. After purchasing the bull, she realized that she didn't have enough money to get back to the ranch. So she found a place where she can fax a message to her cousins. The problem was, she only had money enough to fax one word. "Oh that's okay," she told the owner, "I only need to fax one word." She faxed Comfortable.

4th baby Joke

4 guys were at the hospital. All of their wives were in labor. After a while a nurse came out and told the first man, "Congradulations! You got twins!" and he said, "What a coincidence! I work at Double Fudge Factory!" A bit later, another nurse came out and told the second man, "Congradulations! You got triplets!" and he said, "What a coincidence! I work on 3rd avenue!". Then another nurse came and told the 3rd guy, "Congrats! You got quadruplets!" and he said, "What a coincidence! I work in (something with a 4. I forgot.)" right then, the 4th man fainted. When he came to, the nurses asked him if he was feeling okay and he yelled, "NO! I WORK IN 7/11 ON 13th STREET!!!!!"

Funeral joke

3 guys died in a car accident. When they got to heaven, God asked them what they want their relatives and friends say when they're at their funeral. The first guy said, "I want them to say that I was a good husband, brother, a wonderful friend, and stuff like that." The 2nd guy said, "I want them to say that I was a great doctor, a wonderful husband and father." The 3rd guy thought for a minute then said, "I want them to say 'Oh my God!!!! HE'S MOVING!!!!!'"
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