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Posted 7/7/08

kCgiRl wrote:

lols i didn't want it to end either!!! it's such a sweet and loving drama. i wanted to see more of it. but i was really happy at the end. i like how they just act so normal and cool and glad that they finally finished the drama. that juss shows yooh the friendly atmosphere around the drmaa-making. i hope there's more to it! =] i LOVE this drama. and i think that the couples are super cute!!! >.<

WangZi & GuiGui
AoQuan & DaYa
XiaoYu & XiaoXun
XiaoJie & XiaoJie
WeiLian & RongJia

and lastly!! the cutest and naive couple:

AhWei & YaTou

they're all so cute!! >.<
i felt bad for MeiMei though. but it's all okies.
and one thing i also like to add:

this drama is really good, it shows a lot of different point of views of love. it's really nice to see how different people react to it with same and different problems =] kekeke...COOL DRAMA!!!

okies, i'm out lols..BSM ROCKS!

yeah!! i really love this drama . i cried when Xiao Yu and Xiao Xun sang Bitter Tea .
That's very touching for me .
Feel sorry for Mei Mei. Sad ending for her .
I love how Ah Wei said love to Ya Tou. Very funny but romantic still.
Wanna the other drama with Lollipop and Hei Se Hui Mei Mei as the casts .

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Posted 11/5/08
haha it was so cute when xiao jie and xiao jie were together xDDDD
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Posted 7/26/09
i miss watching BSM...hope, it has a part 2...haha
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