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Post Reply What ending do you want for NANA? >.
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25 / F / n/a
Posted 8/26/08
Here is what i belive should happen:

Hachi should have Satsuki, and Trapnest would make a world tour and it turns out some girl *either in Trapnest or not* will be knocked up in that certain location and it's Takumi's baby.

Hachi finds out after a while, and it turns out that Takumi perfers that girl over Hachi, so Takumi insists on living seperatly but not getting a divorce to make Satsuki happy, but they secretly make a divorce and Takumi marrys that girl and lives with her.

While Hachi has to move back to 707 and live there with Satsuki with a great job and stuff.

Blast will find out about Hachi's recent tragedy and will come to support Hachi till she was stable enough to live without extra help. Nana will find out and take hiatus to her single singing career and live in 707 with Hachi again, it'll turn out that Nana still loves being with blast and decides to try to get her band famous instead.

Nobu will be shocked at the fact that Yuri wants diffrent things than Nobu does and Nobu will be heartbroken and will find out that Blast is helping Hachi and go and realize that he still loves Hachi and knows it. He will find out that she's divorced too, and will try to rekindle their relationship.

Nana and Ren will end with good terms and closure beacause Trapnest will have to go on hiatus for a while and Nana and Ren will become friends and stuff so Nana would have all the obstacles out of the way twoards blast's career.

Shin will grow up and see Reira after all those years and will realize that he still loves her and they will start dating again. (maybe)

Yasu and Miu will have a happy ending.

Nana will lead Blast to an amazing career and Hachi has a stable job, they live in 707 Hachi marries Nobu and Nobu will become the stepdad of Satsuki (or possibly will be the real dad). Nana will tell Hachi how she feels about her and Hachi will understand and tell Nana about how she needs her too and Nana finds someone too and she marries him.

Ren finds someone (or not) and lives joyously (or dies)

Takumi lives somewhere far away and Trapnest gets a new bass

Everyone lives happily ever after!

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Posted 8/28/08

pinkzz wrote:

I wan Nobu end up with Hachi and I wan Ren end up with Nana!

Posted 8/30/08
i want to see these couples in the ending:
nobu and hachi..
ren and nana..
yasu and miu..
shin and reira..
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Posted 10/1/08
in chapter 78 ren dies....
he got in a car accident
its really sad
i cried
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27 / F / Tampico,Mexico
Posted 10/1/08
Omg! I cried too It´s too sad
I can´t believe what I was reading
it was so depresing!
I still can´t believe it

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25 / F / in a cave eh... n...
Posted 10/1/08
WHY REN ! why Ai-San why did u have to kill him!
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Posted 10/5/08
What I love about nana is that it is extremely difficult to guess what's going to happen, the two NAna's world is too different from mine that it is hard to understand what they think
The only I thing I guessed right was that Ren would die, since that's the only thing explains why Nana O dies/recluses??? ( cannot guess ^^) I believe the only 2 persons can affect Nana are Hachi and Ren.
So I think the ending is like this:
Hachi and Takumi will not divorce for the sake of their children, but they will never regain the love they once have. Takumi chooses Reira, and Hachi chooses Nana.
However I do not think that Nobu and Hachi will get together, for normal shoujo, yes, but this is Ai Yazawa, do not expect "happy" ending, rather expect realistic ending, and for me it's just not realistic for them to get together. They will just remain best friends. Yasu might marry Miu. Nobu will not marry Yuri, she will choose her career, I just cannot picture her as a housewife like Hachi but Nobu is the kind that needs a nice family when he is older.
For Reira, she will blame herself for Ren's death ( Ren went to find her back), never sings again, feel herself as worthless, suffers from depression...until Shin goes to get her back like he promised, after all he is the only one that can look after her, not Takumi. As to why she hates Takumi, I guess it is because Takumi did not let her kill herself???
Oh well, that's of it, I am looking forward to chap 79, it's getting better and better, I wonder if Nana will try to kill Hachi first before killing herself, she is possessive ya know? ^^
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24 / F / my world of darkness
Posted 10/9/08

i guess ur rite...
but i also think that once Nana O finds out tat Ren died..
she ran away to england and sang songs in drugs store...
Takumi and Nana has two childs Satsuki and Ren...
they seperate for some reasons...
Nana has Satsuki and Takumi has Ren...
their ending is unpredictable and so is Nana O's
yasu and miu ends up together...(might get married)
Nobu and Yuri might not end up together since Yuri chose
her career over Nobu....
Nanas might go back to 707 room....

That's wat i think so far...
but i think it is just too sad for ren to died...
p.s. i heard or saw from somewhere that
after the manga is finished there would be NANA
season 2 in anime....
not sure if it's true or not...
i hope it's true!

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Posted 10/15/08
I think the mange gonna finish soon, that is if Ren really dies, since the future scenes were shown generously, what is needed is just one chapter to help it makes sense together.
Uhm I rethink the ending: Maybe at the end it is not that Takumi chooses Reira, he might choose to leave with Reira in order to protect her but he will not end up with her for sure, or else why Naoki expects Hachi to come over?
As for Hachi, she tremendously matures towards the end of the series, form the future flash-forward scenes, she seems to be a successful business woman. The fact that makes her strong is simple: she realises her Hero_Nana O is not that strong after all, I expect Hachi to see the real weakness of Nana in the next chapter, an attack perhaps? and thus, she decides to be strong to protect Nana.
As to why her relationship with Takumi worsens, hmmm, she discovers Takumi's affair with Reira? With other women, she is pretty confident that Takumi did that thing out of his lust. For Reira, it is not so sure, I remember Ren told Takumi about his affair with Reira: " What If Hachiko find out? this is not trivial matter" sth like that, I don't remember exact words, so ya. But what is it that takes them so long to separate, until they have second kid, maybe just trivial family matters, ya know, trust, love, care, you need all that for a stable relationship, they might just slowly drift away from each other.
Sry 4 the long post ^^ Since I love this manga too much
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Posted 10/17/08 , edited 10/24/08
I want Hachi to end up with Nobu and Nana with Ren..
I want it to be like that:
After the fireworks they watched together Nobu felt strange.. he got that he just cant do without her and he lost something important..
at the same moment Hachi faint in the festival... they take her in ambulance to the hospital, it's because of the baby.
Nobu hear of that and run to her...
when Hachi wake up she sees the BLAST members around her... the doctor beside them, she [for the faminism's sake ^^] tells that it's something usual and the baby is fine.. sudenlly Nobu get into the room tired and breathe havily Nana start to cry, Nobu apologize... her cellphone rings, is Takumi [the bastard] : "Sorry Nana, it wont do.. I just don't love you... I found another love and she is much cuter than you, bye bye honey, keep the ring k?" *Hang Up*
Nobu that heard the conversation take the phone and call Takumi again, he shout on him and start to cry.. Hachi too... Nobu in shock... get closer to her and... kiss her...
the doctor gets into the room and say, Nana, we got the results for the test who is the father of the future baby.. I don't know how to say that but it isn't Takumi, the one who took them with you.. *take Hachi out for talk - Nobu in shock - Nana smile*
in the other room, Hachi and the doctor talk... "can you think about another person that may be the father?" *Hachi cant answer.. she gets confused* "yea..h..." she run to her door and open it wildely, Nobu stand there.. she kiss him..
and here we back to the start of episode 47, Six years later : Nobu and every one but Nana, Hachi and the child Satsuki are waiting at room 707 ... Satsuki and Hachiko are just back from buying Yukatas when they about to come back Nana came too but she left after to pay a visit in Ren's job... they all live there together now, Nobu, Hachiko and Satsuki, Nana and Ren, and in the room next door living Shin and Yasu... 3 months after that day Nobu and Hachiko got married, Nobu stayed as kind as always.. an half year after them Nana and Ren did as well, Ren changed, he back to the person Nana loved with all her heart and she became a great wife and yet keep sing with Blast.. oh yeah, Satsuki is now an elemantary school first year, she is doing fine... Hachi hadn't regret she keep her. she and Nobu love her so much.. and so it doesnt end, but who knows where fate take them... :]
The End..
I just done watching the series and I can't take the fact it ends like that
but wow what a cute story.. yet not what I imagined in the first place.. you know, it kinda hard to eplain what your are thinking about.. I hope you liked it anyway.. actually I dont mind how it over as long that Hachi and Nana together and Nobu and Hachi together ><
Bravo for you if you really read all of that ^^
Have a nice life and lets hope together for another Nana Season :P
and have a nice life
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23 / F / Sitting on Kaname...
Posted 11/11/08 , edited 11/11/08

cartoonful wrote:

a new girl comes in. ended up with takumi, and left nana alone. takumi and tat grl moves to new york nvr back to tokyo again. and nobu comes and supports hatchi, and they got together again. and found out tat the baby is supposed 2 be nobu's. ren and nana end up perfectly. yasu found a mature grl(new character).

trapnest break up, becuz takumi was gone. reira can no longer sing cuz takumi wasnt there but then shin goes and supports reira so she can sing again(but the band is still down tho she can sing).

black stones(blast) break up becuz of the gossip people.

later, the ppl use to be in trapnest(xcept takumi) and ppl use to be in blast(black stones) got 2gether and created a new band-trapnest black stones(trapnest blast). and published what had happened between them so the gossips couldnt continue. and they become the top band of japan and world famous.

and about where they live... they took the whole apartment that nana, hatchi use to live in. and everybody lived there, and here's the details-

shin and reira had a room of their own, they had a music player in the room which only plays- LAYLA.

yasu and the grl had a ordinary room, theres drums in the room and two laptops(black ones)

hatchi and nobu had a room, it was full of cuteness, and the room have a baby bed at the side.

ren and nana's room is decorated with the punk style, and they have a small tub in the bathroom, just like the one that ren has in nana's hometown.

the blond guy use to be in trapnest had a room of his own too

the band has one practice room too

and, room 707 was only for nana and hatchi(they spent some of the days and nights there and some of the days and nights in the room of their lovers)


yeah like that thats how its should end

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30 / F / portugal
Posted 11/11/08

velvet_gaze wrote:

I wont Hachi to end up with Takumi (married) and Nana whit Ren also M

finally someone who agree with me !!
I like Takumi ! with all his imperfections
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30 / F / portugal
Posted 11/11/08

swettie_pie32 wrote:

in chapter 78 ren dies....
he got in a car accident
its really sad
i cried

pliz put some spoiler alert

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26 / F
Posted 11/14/08
I would have wanted a happily ever after for everyone, but as the story stands, that's impossable. As of now, I don't want Nana to die. I hope beyond hope that that lady at the English bar is her. As for Hachi. I want her to find another man!!! >.< Or if not that, Takumi to get much nice and more faithfull now that the band is doomed. But most of all. I want things to work out between Shin and Reira. They're so cute. ^-^
Posted 11/16/08
Well, I'm reading the manga so...

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