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22 / F / Singapore Neverla...
Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/11/08
There were news before saying Lollipop will go to Singapore for their album promotions but there was never a date shown in the forum or EMI website.

But I just saw in the woo forum that fans went on the EMI forum and asked about it and a staff member of EMI replied that Lollipop will come at 6/11-13.
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22 / F / Singapore Neverla...
Posted 5/31/08 , edited 5/31/08

Date: 12th June
Time: 3pm
Place: Lunar (#01-03, Clarke Quay)
Price: Free
Website: or
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Posted 5/31/08 , edited 6/1/08
Hello Lollipop Fans,

Thank you for all your questions.
Though entry to Lollipop’s showcase is free as stated in I-Weekly, there is a limited capacity the venue, LUNAR can accommodate. Thus there is a need for tickets.

In this 1st phrase, we will pick contestants with the best reasons why they like Lollipop and give 4 tickets to the fans we have picked. We will not reveal how many tickets we are giving away, as we plan to reward each and every fan that can give us a great reason why they like and support Lollipop.

This is the easiest opportunity to win tickets. As we draw nearer to the date, tickets availability will decrease and winning the tickets will be more difficult and the tasks required to be fulfilled by fans will be more challenging.

We have already received a large amount of emails, so I urge fans to email us quickly with good answers and complete personal particulars to [email protected] This email is manned by a robot, so do not post questions there. When we reach 1000 unique emails, this mailbox will stop taking mails and we will access the mails to chose the best answers.

Please note that each person will only stand 1 chance to win tickets. The system will automatically disqualify fans that send us multiple emails or incomplete particulars.

For other questions, please direct your mails to [email protected]
Other emails address hosted by LUNAR will not entertain enquiries.

Please click “more” for FAQS

Lollipop event on 12th June


1. If I do not have a ticket, does that mean I cannot attend the event?

Yes, you cannot enter if you do not have a ticket.

2. Besides taking part in this contest, how else can I obtain tickets for the event?

Listen to Y.E.S 93.3FM and read i-Weekly.

3. If I’m below 18 years old, can I still attend this event?

Yes, there is no age limit for this event.

4. Are the tickets for sale?


5. How would we know whether we have won tickets for this event?

We will send you an email or call you to let you know you have won and inform you on how you could collect your tickets.

6. What time does the event end?


7. Where exactly is Lunar located?

Blk 3C, The Cannery, River Valley Road, #01-03, Clarke Quay

It’s located near the fountain at Clarke Quay.

8. If admission is free, why would there be a need for tickets?

There is a limited capacity Lunar can We need to estimate the turn up for the day.

9. Would Lollipop be singing or having an autograph session?

They would be doing both, singing and having an autograph ession.

10. Which album would Lollipop be signing?

The admission ticket, “哪裡怕”專輯 or 小巨蛋DVD (TBC).

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