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29 / M / Anime Country
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lol thanks for putting it down trent
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27 / M / Colony 3X5N
Posted 5/12/08 , edited 5/13/08
Bloodline: Suzaku
Bloodline Type: Fire Manipulation
Description: The user can manipulate fire to surround himself with the fire creating the shape of a Phoenix. The user can hover above ground and manipulate fire to attack his opponent with any body part.

Bloodline Ability: Kahane "Fire Wing"
Ability Type: Fire
Description: The user's flies at an opponent and attacks them with his wings.

Bloodline Ability: Ka shi-rudo "Fire Shield"
Ability Type: Fire
Description: The user.manipulates fire and creates a wall of fire, hot enough to even evaporate water.
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33 / M
Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/13/08
Bloodline: Kagutsuchi no Kami
Bloodline Type: Hinokami - "god of Fire"
Description: This kind of bloodline can create and manipulated fire it is given by Shugoryuu " Guardian Dragon" and also called Mythtical Fire Dragon..the user can do anything with the fire he can also use fire as a weapon like sword made by fire...

Bloodline Ability: Faiasutoomu
Ability Type: Fire Element
Description: This unique ability, its allow the user to create a firestorm shape like a sword in a large area..can only be use once in a day.

Bloodline Ability: Zanbatou
Ability Type: Elemental Weapon
Description: A unique ability, its user allow to create a sword made by black fire....

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24 / M / Somewhere...........
Posted 5/14/08 , edited 5/14/08
Bloodline: Giga-ningan (Artificial Copy Eye)
Bloodline Type: Eye Techniques,Combat Style
Description: When this technique is activated, the users eye turns completly black and a Golden sharp blade like Tomoe appears; depending on the strengh of the user the tomoe can have from 1 to 3 sharp points. The power of the Giga-ningan is determined by the sharpness of the Tomoe, the stronger the user the sharper the Tomoe. The Giga-ningan has the power to track even the fastest movment and make it seem as if it was moving at a snails pace.

Bloodline Ability: Akuma-Kiba No Jutsu (Devils-Fang Technique)
Ability Type: Eye Technique
Description: This is one of the 2 techniques of Giga-ningan. After the Giga-ningan is activated, The user looks at the opponent and the Tomoe begins to spin very fast. Then within seconds the target is dead because this technique removes the internal organs of the target!. The Amount of Organs removed increases the stronger the Giga-ningan.

Bloodline Ability: Tenshi-Kiba No Jutsu (Angels-Fang Technique)
Ability Type: Eye Technique
Description: This is the second technique of the 2 techniques of Giga-ningan. After the Gigan-ningan is activated, The Tomoe begin to glow, After that what ever the user touches turnes to ash. The Power of this technique is determined by the strengh of the users Giga-ningan. A Level 1 Giga-ningan is able to turn any object into ash, however it can not turn a human into ash. A level 2 Giga-ningan can also change any object into ash. However it cannot turn a human to ash but it can turn what ever part of the human the user touches into stone. And Finnaly a fully developed,Level 3 Giga-ningan can turn any object into ash including humans.

Bloodline Ability: Kuroi Tenshi Suru (Black Angels Dance)
Ability Type: Combat Style
This ancient fighting style has been passed down from genaration to genaration in the Tenshiryuu Clan. It is said that this fighting style was used by the founder of the Tenshiryuu Clan himself, Ryuuken Tenshikaze. This fighting style can only be used by a Giga-ningan user because the attacks of the user are so fast in this fighting stlye that it is not able to see it with a human eye.
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22 / M / Black Order
Posted 6/17/08 , edited 6/17/08
Bloodline: mashin kaze (Devil wind)
Bloodline Type:Wind Manipulation
Description:When used, it create a wind that can kill anything or chase people and kill people with wind without moving.It can also trail people and teleport.

Bloodline Ability:Kaze sumiyaka Ori (Wind Speed Cage)
Ability Type: Wind
Description:Chase your opponent,when it over speed him it become a wind cage with a lot of sharp wind spear and trap your opponent inside and the spear will thrust into the cage until your opponent is dead or when i run out of chakra

Bloodline Ability:inbijiburu tsurugi(invisible sword)
Ability Type:Sword
Description:A sword that make out of wind and can't be seem by other people expect the user
Posted 7/6/08 , edited 7/6/08
I know Im a sannin but I dont have many bloodline limits ^^;
Bloodline: Were-body
Bloodline Type: Combat type
Description: Transforms the user into a were wolf like creature hard to control not often used.

Bloodline Ability: katana
Ability Type: Weapon
Description: Normal katana until the use diverts elemental chakra into it. Then it changes shape to a double edge katana, with a tightly bound hilt. The point can cut through most things bone, flesh, sinew etc. It glows a eerie red like Ketsu's eyes (See my jutsus)
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22 / F / ?
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Bloodline: Myou Raikou
Bloodline Type: eye technique
Description: This kind of bloodline let the user left eye manipulates lightning during his/her battles while the right eye manipulates dark powers and magic. It gains the user maximum speed and high chakra.

Bloodline Ability: Issen Raikou Heika
Ability Type: Elemental Weapon
Description: It is like Chidori and Lightning Blade combined. It is made out of 50% lightning and 50% chakra. It has 3 levels to this technique. Level 1 is like the original version of Lightning Blade or Chidori. Level 2 is like the sword version of Lightning Blade or Chidori. Level 3 allows the user to shoot out thousands of blades at the opponent in the speed of light so nobody can dogde this technique. Whatever this technique touches, the user gain control of it, like if it touches water, the user gain control of water.

Bloodline Ability: Kuro Mahou
Bloodline Type: Elemental Weapon
Description: The user is able to use dark magic and can turn the dark magic into any kind of weapon form.
Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/24/08
Bloodline: Goujian
Bloodline Type: Gender based
Description: This kind of bloodline is different depending on the gender of the person. Males can only use the bloodline ability Fusion and Lion Roar. Females can only use the bloodline ability motherhood (after giving birth to a baby) and Lion Soar.

Bloodline Ability: Fusion
Ability Type: New Being
Description: This unique ability, it allows the user to combine with living thing(s) to form a new being and become even stronger. The strength of the new being all depends on the living things in the fusion. This will only hold for 10 minutes, then they/it will separate. The living things in the fusion will have their amount of chakra at absolute zero. The person who used this ability will not be able to do this again until 24 hours from when they combined (not including the 10 minutes) and the living thing(s) who combined with that person will not be able to combine with any other Fusion ability until 12 hours have past. If the user combines with more than one living thing before or during the fusion, then the time that it will stay together will decrease in half for every single extra living thing. Everyone must agree to the fusion or it will not work.

Bloodline Ability: Lion Roar
Ability Type: Kiaijutsu
Description: A unique ability, its' user will give out a loud shout that will give a 1.3 boost of their abilities and a 1.3 decrease of anything that has nerves. From the moment the shout is given and until the user stops the flow of chakra that is going into the attack.

Bloodline Ability: Motherhood
Ability Type: Gates
Description: This unique ability allows the user to have two new gates after giving birth to a baby. I like to call these two gates in general the Zero or Birth Gates. They have to be opened before the 8 original gates. The Creation gate is located right below the Wonder gate (7th gate) and once open, the person will pull out a sword that will reflect their soul. The Empty gate is located right behind the mouth and decreases the chances of the "8 Gates" putting harm on the user. You can also store stuff in this gate like incoming chakra blasts, shurikens, etc...

Bloodline Ability: Lion Soar
Ability Type: Kiaijutsu
Description: This unique ability allows the user to create a invisible vertex with small chakra traces, almost anywere. If something goes into the opening of the vertex, then the velocity it went into it will be multiplied by ten.

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