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Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/11/08
I am not normal…
You may think you know who I am… but you don’t…
I barely know myself…
You think I’m a whore? You’re wrong…
You think I’m a freak? Maybe…
Maybe you think I’m a slut? Not even close…
Am I stupid?
Am I shallow?
Am I crazy?
Am I Fat?
Am I skinny?
Am I emo?
Am I a disgrace?
I am what I am… I am me…
But I can’t be me… not here… not now…
Call me a bitch and I’ll show you one.

You really don’t know me…

I’m not psychotic.... Though I’ve heard it before.

Do you think that I’m a failure? Keep guessing.. you’re close.

I feel like I’m a prisoner to myself…
A joke without laughter…

Do you really know me?
You presume to think that you do…

No one knows me…
I am not me…
I can’t be me…
Who am I?

I’ve never really been me…
Is it too late… to find out who I am?

Should I stop hiding?
Let my true colors show?

They laugh because I’m different…
But I laugh because they’re the same.

Am I a kaleidoscope of colors?
Or am I black and white?

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26 / M / Hopefully in the...
Posted 5/11/08
wow that was a very good poem =[. It shows that people shouldn't assume and label someone just like that. Those type of people can go get a life for all i care. It also shows that if you truly knew someone you're shocked and speechless when they say you don't know me that well =|
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25 / M / Tulsa Ok
Posted 5/11/08
no one knows who you truly are but all they know of you is what you display . i have to say your pretty awesome to me
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25 / F / in my world
Posted 5/11/08
i really liked it but i truly felt like u were talkin about ur self and that really brung out wat u were tryin to say
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29 / F / Here and there
Posted 5/13/08
it's so close to how i feel at times that i'm actually speechless...
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