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Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/12/08
WHY unee committed suicide? and WHY in the bathroom of her boyfriend?
Posted 8/7/08 , edited 8/7/08
She's got depression I think
Posted 12/1/08 , edited 12/1/08
i think it's the media spreaded rumours about her or critised her?
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Malaysia the land...
Posted 1/2/09 , edited 1/3/09
Her bf probably forced her to kill herself and you wouldn't know
Posted 1/9/09 , edited 1/9/09
Well, being a celebrity hurts. I mean, everyone dreamed of becoming a singer or in the acting business.
But, a few make it to the top. & Unee is the one that didn't.

Plus, it was depression that made her this way. I wish her happiness up in heaven.
When u r a Korean celebrity, the media will follow u just like the papparazzi in the United States.
Even the fans get cranked up about ur beauty. They judge u on how pretty/ugly/skinny/slutty/ etc.
Look at DBSK. Even though they r famous, they're r more tough stuff going behind the scene.

It's a hard world out there. least i'm not a celebrity. Although i would luv to get some dough.
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