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Do we reward bad behavior to much with attention.
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Posted 5/12/08 , edited 5/12/08

sh1ranu1 wrote:
most men do love to be touched by a girl, but some women take it too far and also with the wrong guys [married, taken] . sexual harassment is done on both men and women . but to say that girls dont like sex so that is why they complain is wrong . women like sex just as much as men, but to be forced into sex is a whole different thing . even if it doesnt lead to sex, men cannot just grab a womans butt just because he feels like it .

I'm pretty sure that any straight guy, maybe even gay guys, on this forum wouldn't mind it if a girl just came and grabbed their butt right now and walked away. They'd probably be surprised, but they'd get over it in a few minutes. But if a guy came and touched any girl's butt right now and walked away, they'd raise hell and press charges and all that good stuff. So even though sexual harassment goes both ways, most guys don't mind it as much as girls do.

Also, if girls liked sex as much as guys, most young people (teenagers-mid 20s) on the planet would be constantly having sex with each other, there'd be no need for dating and romance and all that stuff. I'm not saying that all guys are horny perverts, but at a young age like the one I mentioned, the only real reason most guys go through the whole courting process is to get into a girl's pants. And when I said girls don't like sex I was just exaggerating, but it's pretty obvious that they don't like it as much as guys.

Damn, I forgot what thread I'm posting in.
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Posted 5/12/08
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