Thoughts/Feelings about Speed Racer movie
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Speed Racer Movie

Rating: 5/5 Stars!

My Thoughts/Feelings:
When I first saw the looks of Speed Racer poster, I though "Hm... well, since it was from the Wachowski Brothers (aka, the Creators of the Matrix Trilogy), I think I should give this a try." When I watched the first five minutes of the movie, I thought that it was rather interesting and that everything was beautifully set. The actors acted through it closely like that in the original comic/anime.

It was very interesting! I thought that movies like this should be made more often!

The actors did do a good job. However, the fact that the lead character CARED about his brother but did not show THAT MUCH affection.

In order to reply to this post, please post what you thought of the movie and your comparisons between Speed Racer movie and Speed Racer comic/anime. Please DO NOT HAVE ANY ARGUMENTS between CR users. Remember: this is THEIR opinion of the movie and your opinion varies differently!
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Is this really the right place to post this?
Well if it is, then I have to say the Speed Racer movie did an exemplifying job for the graphics and effects. It was amazing. Well, Speed Racer was one of the first anime I watched, and at that time it was good, I can't say I have the same opinion about the anime now though. But for the movie, I really didn't pay much attention to the acting and the way they summed the whole story up. I was paying more attention to the graphics. (T.T")
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pls do a forum search for similar topics..

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As thefinalword stated, there is already a thread for discussing this movie.

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