WTH Happened to the subs for "Love is all around?"
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Posted 5/11/08
So I'm watching love is all around and then at around episode 10, the subs are gone!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP, DOES ANYBODY KNOW A PLACE WITH SUBS FOR THIS DRAMA?! T-T I HAVE TO FINISH WATCHING IT!!! >.<
Posted 5/11/08
1) wrong section

2) this should go in the ask technical questions thread..
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Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/11/08
Like the mistress said, you're in the wrong section.
I don't know where the Technical Question Thread is, so this may help.

or this.


Also, PMing Do0mAid may help.
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Posted 5/12/08
I'm guessing the later episodes weren't subtitled (unless it's by a fansub group that doesn't allow us to host their work) but you should post in the Request an Upload thread.

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