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Attending Anime Conventions
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31 / F / Planet E-Arth
Posted 6/6/09
The first Anime Alabama convention was this weekend and I went to it, tomorrow being the last day. Even though small it's been a LOT of fun, normally I got to AWA in Georgia every year, which is rather big. ^_^
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25 / F / philippines
Posted 7/4/09

poginggwapo wrote:

too bad I have not experienced attending one...

so sad but mee too
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The Net Slums
Posted 8/8/09
The first I went to was AC Cubed in 2007. After that they stopped running anime cons, so I went to Otakuthon in 2008 and 2009. All three were pretty awesome, but AC3 was really crowded and not nearly as fun as Otakuthon. It wasn't as packed and there was still plenty of people. My favourite memories were watching anime with lots of people. I've watched Azumanga Daioh, Yasuko to Kenji (asian drama), The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Eva 1.0, AMV Hell 3 and 4, This is Otakudom (anime parody), lots of other anime parodies, Gundam 00 and others I can't remember. I also enjoyed seeing this improv group called the 404s, who do improv games and inject anime and nerd humour into it. They were hilarious and it was the first time I had heard comedy that was animed based.
I'm planning to go to Naru 2 U in October (anyone in Ottawa Canada should definitely go), and hopefully G-Anime in February.
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25 / F
Posted 8/9/09
anime next is a fun one.
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22 / F / Under your bed...O_O
Posted 8/12/09
How funny! Im going to be haruhi this year at an anime convention. Theres one where i live on halloween! Im going to cosplay! I better save up my money...
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24 / F / England
Posted 8/17/09
i can't wait for london expo anime convention i am going as trish
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28 / F / Nebraska, US
Posted 8/22/09
I am going to my first convention Anime Nebraskon 2009 got any tips I think I might cosplay just dont know who yet
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29 / F
Posted 8/24/09
next year i am going to Otakon as Haseo ^__^
this will be my first convention and i am looking forward to it! i am planning on putting alot of time, effort, love and money into this Haseo cosplay. i plan on being one of the best ones there >D hahahaaa...
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Posted 8/25/09
Went to Anime Expo 08 and 09, will be attending again 2010. Overall had an awesome experience. Did not like how some events were changed and with no notification.
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59 / F / georgia
Posted 9/1/09
AWA in georgia sept 18-20 is the con i volunteer every year since 2003.i don't cosplay but my kids does.i buy alot of stuff and made many friends along the way.
Posted 4/19/10
so far, I've been to four conventions only in Arizona, any of them in Maricopa County.
Phoenix Comic Con 2007 was my first convention. I learned what cosplay was when I attended Saboten Con 2008.
I ordered my Yuki Cross (Vampire Knight) cosplay but it took like forever for a delivery so I've been to two conventions without a cosplay.
But anime conventions will always be crowded to me, even in Arizona.
And so far, I currently own three cosplays but expecting my fourth one in early May.
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23 / F / Pasadena, TX
Posted 6/15/10
My first convention was Anime Matsuri and I cosplayed as Misa :)
I'm also going to the Oni-con as Matt from Death Note and Umbreon(gijinka) from Pokemon ^_^
I make my own cosplays so I don't have to worry about ordering late
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23 / F / Netherworld.
Posted 6/16/10
*dreamy mode*
Anime convetions are heaven for me...
They're the best days of my life...
*Snaps out of it and coughs*
Well, the first anime convention I went to, I wore a black cloak and had a naruto scratchmark headband and two swords. I wasn't really anybody. A black ops guy from Naruto snuck up behind me and put a knife to my throat, which scared the HECK out of me. I went to a rave and partied until 11:00, because I thought there was a curfew (Sadly, that was not the case).
The second convention I went to I was cosplaying as Anna from Shaman King. (I'm not a crossdresser, I'm a COSPLAYER! >=D) I spent my $211.00 in a matter of hours buying a bunch of overpriced anime things. I put on a hollow ichigo mask and we had a competition of how long we could do carmeldansen, and then I collapsed with exaughtsten (sp?). A pikachu used thunderbolt on me and I fell out of my chair. I raved until 3:00 a.m. and crashed until 1:00 p.m. I met with my friend and scared little kids with my hollow mask.
Next anime convention, I'm going to cosplay as Hollow Ichigo!!!!! YEAHHHH!
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35 / F
Posted 10/12/10
For all you anime fans in the Fresno, Hanford california area; I have an invite for you to Anime Boken.
Hanford's first anime convention:
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M / In Tha Darkness.....
Posted 1/11/11
my first one *goes into half dreaming state* It was Uchi-con, my first so didn't know wat to expect. It was in jan 10. It had a nice , homely feel. Basically mi first experience like anyway i had alot of fun and ate good food.
My next was Acen,. yes, acen!! so happy i went and first time cosplaying. I enjoyed every day of it,
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