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Express YourSelf in a Poem
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77 / F / Sonic
Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/30/08
Here's a simple one of mines:

My Reality

There's an irritable ache inside this heart
Just too great, unbearable
I can't seem to make it stop
I'm looking for different ways
To calm my broken soul
I'm giving 100 percent, yet
everything is extremely tense
complicated and hard to comprehend
I've reached the bottom of my pitfall
Tasting the harshness of it all
Just as it always have been
Life is so cruel.. cruel for me...
And this is my reality
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25 / F / Philippines
Posted 6/30/08 , edited 6/30/08
`.You’re not that good in dancing,
You’re not that also good in singing,
Actually, for them you don’t have any talent
But I guess they just don’t see it yet!
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25 / F / In the deserted t...
Posted 6/30/08 , edited 6/30/08
"Enraged" (Note: This was based back in school.)

“Let’s just be friends”
You said.
”It’s time to take a break”
You said.
The burning in the pit of my stomach ached
Then, I see you with her.
I see you with a new one.
What number was that?
The sixteenth in a month, now?
Yet, I couldn’t let it go.
Someone I trusted and someone I loved together.
I’d never forgive either of you.

Holding hands and sharing a locker was only the beginning.
I held my tongue through it all.
The curses etched into my tongue
The screams locked in a chest.
The burning grew until it spread throughout my body.
Stupid little pet names made me sick
My thoughts were a blur.
Yet, when I see either of you depressed, I smile.
My rage changed to insanity.
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29 / M / Bangalore,India
Posted 6/30/08 , edited 6/30/08
There was once I guy named h4x0rz
He couldn't rhyme for shit.
The end
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23 / F / in your room!
Posted 7/2/08 , edited 7/3/08
cracked shell about to be broken
unleashing a fit of rage held within
nothing can stop and no one has tried
it braking bit by bit tears will fall.........only mine?
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26 / F / very hot and sunn...
Posted 7/2/08 , edited 7/3/08
This is somethiong i wrote at 5 in the mourning....
The day is lost
Time is wasted
you try to deal
but you cant face it
times are hard
the day gets rough
you feel your drowning
is this enough?
you want to push
to make it to the top
but the harder you push
the harder you flop
you see the end
is it really done?
life is passing
but was it fun?
the day is gone
time was lost
no one ends up happy
and thats all you got

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23 / F / Philppines
Posted 7/11/08 , edited 7/11/08
March 20-21, 2008
Vengeance is just

The person who always gives sorrow to you,
Who always makes you grief,
That person makes you force
To lock yourself in your room to avoid making your
Day a living hell.

You had an Earthly Mentor then,
The time comes!
Grudges came to your life
Since it knew you can feel pain already,
It will do things that will make you
Feel sorry for yourself,
You hated it! Cursed it!
Whether it doesn’t know what it was doing,
You’d still kill that Mentor in your mind!

If it knows
What it was doing…
Then curse it more I tell you!
Curse it! Hate it!
Because not only evil ones can make

But if it doesn’t know
What it was doing…
Make the Mentor do!
Your vengeance shall be received
Whether you do sin or not
You can’t be perfect but I tell you,
When you do what is just…
Evilness will decrease


i love making poems..but to lazy to do it
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78 / M / My house in front...
Posted 7/11/08 , edited 7/11/08
i m cool
i like stool

good bye everyone! lol
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30 / F / Morocco
Posted 7/14/08 , edited 7/15/08
It's not really a poem,it's a text i wrote when i wanted to convense myself to forget about someone:
To forget!!!!

I’m going to erase your memory, your picture, your voice, your smile!
I won’t remember your look, your manners, your eyes, and your breath!
I will forget your style, your hair, your ideas, your charm, your soul!
It’s the end of your existence in my life, I will forget you like you’ve never lived or been in my life!
You will stop visiting my dreams & being my idyll, you won’t be in my thoughts while I’m awake!!
You will be like summer cloud, barely there, & soon it disappears!
I won’t even say goodbye, if I say it, it’s like I confess the days that I had hope in you, so, you will just vanish, vanish like the thousand faces I see each day, & not remember one, I won’t say even your name, so you’ll stay just a ghost, without past, without name, without identity in my heart!!!
Simply like that, I don’t care how much is going to be hard to forget you, I don’t care if you’ll hunt me for a while, I don’t care if I’m going to be hurt, it’s a decision, no matter what, I’ll continue to live, to be, to exist unlike you!
Go away; I don’t hate you, I‘m just willing to forget you!!!!

I write poems usually in arabic or frensh,never tried in english

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Posted 9/13/09 , edited 9/13/09
"This is between your mother and I. Not you, your sisters, or Cindy. "

(Who's Cindy?!)

Poems don't have to rhyme. And they don't have to make sense, either.
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31 / F / In an underground...
Posted 9/13/09 , edited 9/13/09

Cuddlebuns wrote:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I love me so much
And I know you all do too.

rydangel wrote:


That is so deep. You should get it published.

Thats so sarcastic, I love it!

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27 / M
Posted 9/13/09 , edited 9/14/09
lol lol lol
thats how this guy rolls
lol lol lol
ain't much to life but lol
lol lol lol
trying to hard to rhyme
lol lol lol
even if im not getting paid a single dime
lol lol lol
lifes all about fun
lol lol lol
everyone just need a stupid yet funny pun
lol lol lol
taking life too seriously
lol lol lol
would be a waste obviously
lol lol lol
some think being halfed ass

lol lol lol
i don't think so cause im having more fun then some sick

lol lol lol
learning and learning ain't nothing better
lol lol lol
yet some find it a turn off that i used to be a bed wetter
lol lol lol , lifes just about teh lols

=P might not be the most creative thing ever but meh it was fun
Posted 9/13/09 , edited 9/14/09
I have some poems i want to share :}
I'm not that good ^^;;
I only made 2 so far ^^ Ima copy and paste it from my fb lol ~

You are my Kinder Surprise
Byy Jojo ``★

You're like a kindersurprise to me, because everytime i look at your brown eyes...
it reminded me of the chocolate inside those wrappers.
How tasty and sweet it is, just like you.
Everyday You surprise me just like the yellow box in the chocolate.
Always wondered what toy will be like how i think about what we're doing today.
Sometime the surprise will be the same, like how i get the same toys.
Thats why you are my kindersurprise and i love you like how i love the chocolates. =)
I L♥ve you!


Why do i love you? ♥
Byy Jojo ``★

You always ask me why do i love you
and why did i chose you to become my boo.
but, isn't saying these three words enough?
if not, then this is going to be tough.

There are so many reasons why i love you.
I love to look at your glazing green eyes,
and I love your angry face when we argue.
You are different then other guys.

I love the way you smile, and your cute little giggle.
And when you smile, you always have a sparkle.
I also love it when you hold me tight for so long,
because it felt like thats where i belong.

When I'm cold, you put your warm jacket around me.
Make sure I don't shiver, and hug me tight.
You're very sweet kind person, thats what i see.
I know you are the one, and i know im right.

I love everything about you, and i love being with you.
You're the only one i got, and the only one i want to be with forever.
I would love to spend my whole life with you, just us two.
And we would live happily ever after.
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26 / F / Ontario
Posted 9/14/09 , edited 9/15/09
Apples are red, Gatorades are blue
I like money
Your face is so funny.
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25 / F / Australia
Posted 9/17/09 , edited 9/17/09
I wonder why
Do I always cry
I know it's not always right
But what can I do
If I am still waiting for you
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