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Express YourSelf in a Poem
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22 / F / Philii ,.
Posted 9/19/09 , edited 9/19/09
There was a girl that lived in a imagination,
A girl that day dreamed in her little bubble of happiness and salvation
But she couldn't keep up with her work, her dreams never came to a stop
Till she was so far behind her grades went ka-plop
Now she's trying to pick up the pace
She's trying to keep up with the others
That don't get screamed because of bad grades by their mothers
So now she's sitting by the computer doing god knows what
Knowing that her life and her grades will forevermore- suck.

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35 / M / Sweden
Posted 9/19/09 , edited 9/19/09
. . . . . .
[3½ minutes later]
A man in the crowd: "Wisconsin RULES!!"
(-movie quote, sadly I don't remember where to give credit. )

Anyway, I'm not good at writing poems, but I did enjoy reading some of the ones posted. Thanks for sharing.
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24 / F / Teetering on the...
Posted 9/19/09 , edited 9/19/09
Someone once said
That love never dies
And that I believe as true
But when others say
They don’t love anymore
Believing is not what I do
If you fall out of love
It was never there
The illusion is all that you felt
For when the person you “loved”
Looked into your eyes
You merely sweat, not melt
And when they touched your hand
All it did was tingle
Maybe the odd butterfly or two
But when it’s real love
Warmth consumes all
Filling your body right through
Do you crave their touch,
Or just want them??
Need or want to be in their arms??
Was it everything about them that drew you??
Or just their looks,
Or charms??
I’m sorry to have to tell you
But if you ever “fall out of love”
It wasn’t love in the first place
Just something you thought up above
So next time you think you love them
Think hard about it first
Don’t say you do if you don’t
Cuz the truth really does hurt.
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Posted 9/27/09 , edited 9/27/09
Bumping this thread again because that's how much of a faggot I am.

He pushed my hair behind my ear and told me he would heal me. He made me open my mouth, then moved his hands around my neck and shoulders. He asked, but did not demand, that I lay down on the table.

I did.

I asked him if I should unzip my jacket, and he said that that would be a good idea. He felt his way around my stomach, rib cage, sides, all over my bony abdomen that I am so self conscious about. The radio was quietly playing in the background. The weather alert siren started beeping, and the robot voice told me that there was a tornado watch in effect. Sadly, the robot still hasn't learned how to pronounce words correctly. If you ask me, I think the guy's tone deaf.

He didn't hear the radio go off. He made some jokes, I made some jokes, we talked a bit. He made me feel comfortable.

Then he told me to sit up.

"Inhale, Exhale, Inhale, Exhale."

Then he put the stethescope back around his neck, and told I had gastroesophageal something or otherbecause I puked too much, gave me some medicine to fix it, and told me he'd see me in a couple months.

I have a crush on Dr. Sink.

Not much of a poem so much as a story, really. Ah, well.
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26 / F / Somewhere you don...
Posted 2/4/10 , edited 2/5/10
i got three.
I cannot make a poem,
without a little rhyme.
I need to keep my rhythm
while also keeping time.
Like the ticking of a clock,
my poems lash out the words.
Windows lack insparation
You'll only see the birds.
Thinking, thinking, of a poem
one that needs no rhyme.
Just a little, tiny spark
to make this poem mine
Then it will hit me like a rock
Right upside my head
Like they say about all poems
That poetry is dead

A Story
Time passes by.
Need a story now.
Lets take a pen up
to the blank white sheet.
Lets make it nice and long.
Long to reach the distance.
Over time it will create a land far away.
But the velocity it a takes there
will make all the difference.
For anyone to disappear--
Away, from themselves.
To a story

A crazy day (nonsense poem)
My hand started changing orange
When my cat started to bark
Outside the sun was high
Then quickly turned midnight dark.
My feet were extremely warm
Bare foot in the snow
The sun shown brightly in the night
Covering a big red doe
This lie is the truth
Its known through all man kind
If this would answer your question
Yes, I'm out of my mind.
Posted 2/4/10 , edited 2/5/10
brown colored moons that twinkle with little light; a timid yet vital form that stands 5"5
ambition, pain, love, fear, ennui locked in her chest buried within the interior of her heart.
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Posted 2/4/10 , edited 2/5/10
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22 / F
Posted 2/4/10 , edited 2/5/10
i used to be lazy ,
when time gets crazy .
i grab a pen ,
and just doodle them .

but now it's different ,
things are difficult .
i have to stand ,
and word with my hand .

now i'm here ,
to erase those i fear .
standing in ovation ,
to continue my mission .
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21 / F
Posted 2/4/10 , edited 2/5/10
"Wanna see the smile on your face
When you look into my eyes
Like no one else exists
Baby, it's just you and I"

Im not the same person I used to be
Im moving on
Its just me
Do you remember?
When you told me that
Id never be good enough for anyone
That I wasnt worth your time
Your energy
And why did I listen then
Why didnt I stand up for myself
But you made me believe
That I was on the road to nowhere
To nowhere
~ lollz random poems! yay?
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29 / The center of the...
Posted 2/4/10 , edited 2/5/10

ehehe i was gonna say the same thing *sad*

hmmm i cant think up a poem x-x
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23 / F / Texas
Posted 2/4/10 , edited 2/5/10
Night engulfs the day, engulfs the blue sky;
black ink in a bowl of blue porcelain,
quill at hand. Day engulfs the night, clouds my
mind, veils the sun; attempts to write are vain.
In the night, truth comes out, real feelings rise
to surface. Quill and Will reveal the soul
and relieve the heart. At day's break, mine eyes
shut. Sleep. In the day, doubt conceals the hole
inside my heart. In the day, I am not
in control; a marionette upon
this globe the'tre. When night engulfs the lot,
the strings let loose; released from mental bonds.
In the day, I am trapped, deprived of light;
black engulfs, but all is clear in the night.

I love writing sonnets.
Posted 5/8/10 , edited 5/9/10
yay I found this thread again lol

Buried in the darkness in my room, sorrow has accompanied me once more.
Recurring tears costumed my cheeks; growing weary of the pain the pounds my dome
day & night. Trying to flee these taunting memories that feel inescapable; its grimy hand
chokes me & pulls me back in my abyss of excruciation.

It's how I feel now

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24 / F / Minnesota
Posted 5/8/10 , edited 5/9/10
Tired and sick
I feel like ick
I`d like to rest my head
But I`m too bored to go to bed

Lol , I don`t know -- that`s how I feel at the moment (x
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28 / M / Yomi, fighting de...
Posted 5/8/10 , edited 5/9/10
The fine grain of the sand against my feet
The sun beating it's light on my back
As I run towards my friends, I spot my enemies
I ignore them and keep running, but
I trip
As I get back up I remember of how
My friends make me feel, How music affects my life, and
Wanting to tell Her," I love you" keeps me living and going foreward
And when I get to my friends
The sky is dark and the world is cold
They keep me warm
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Posted 7/11/10 , edited 7/12/10
crappiest poem ever

Too late to be awake
And too bright for it to be night
This wasted time is crime
Yes, I trying to make this rhyme
I’m far from tired
Yea I’m a liar
Still have much do
What was it that I said I would do?
Click click type type
There is still more that I have to do
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