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Express YourSelf in a Poem
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27 / M / Guess
Posted 12/13/10 , edited 12/14/10
Verses written in Madness

Rejorah de Zoogah
Zoonahnuzag zi Tzuzig
Nahoorni na zigglilzg
Raele nah Zoozah

I loved her more than I loved before
I loved her more than my life
When I was able, and my pay was stable
I asked her to be my wife

But, Oh Rejorah de Nazighigzg
Harheari zi Tzuzzing
Ziggli- O Zigglilzg
Azeerael dnah Zhoozgh
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24 / F / Netherworld.
Posted 12/23/10 , edited 12/24/10
I've wanted to write/type a poem for a while now!

Blackness all around me
Light inside my heart
I smile at the harmlessness
I scream when I am hurt
The sky is full of red today, the sky is full of red
Mother, Father, say today
Is where we'll be apart?
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26 / F / CT
Posted 1/30/11 , edited 1/30/11
Wow! Some really great and amazing poems here! You're all really talented!
Here's mine, hope ya like it ^^ :

The Power of One/One Drop Theory

Tears from Heaven
Fall on a watery surface
Lines dance across
The water is no longer still
But constantly moving
A million ripples in a pond
It's beautiful
The storm is growing
But what if the rain drops were like people?
What if one stopped?
Then maybe another would stop too
And then maybe another
And if three stop
Maybe two more will stop also
And two more
And if seven drops stopped falling
Maybe three more would se it and think,
"Let's stop and be like them."
And just like that
One would turn into ten
Ten would turn to a hundred
And then maybe a thousand
And if half of the drops decided to stop
Maybe the other half
Would feel left out
And out of place
And stop as well
The water
Is still
And stagnant
But what if...
One drop decided not to stop...?

Actually, i have more than one, is that ok???


Tears like a mirror
Reflect the sadness
I don't want to see
Your furrowed brows
Your narrowed eyes
The curve of your lips
I want to make them all
Tears like the rain
I want to be the sunshine
To chase those clouds away
I want you to laugh
Like a brook over rocks
Like the wind through the trees
I want you to smile
Till your cheeks hurt
You don't know
How your face shines
You can't see
How your eyes sparkle
Golden rays like the sun
Form your heart
Reach to me
And make me feel warm and bright
I want to always see the light
Behind your glittering smile
So please don't be sad
Please smile and laugh and be happy
With all your heart

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24 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 4/9/11 , edited 4/10/11
i want to kiss you

thats what i should have said
not turned away
and pushed my thoughts
on something else

i should have told you

but my mouth
had no words left to speak
i bit my tongue and held back

"im happy for you"

see? im smiling...

but not really...

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26 / F
Posted 4/22/11 , edited 4/22/11
A Masquerade

Life is like a masquerade,
Where everyone is wearing a mask to hide themselves,
Some masks have no faces,
Some masks are locked

Why is it all I see are masks that scares me,
Is my mask broken?
Does my mask have a face?
And yet, I don't want to leave the masquerade,
Not when I can't find what I'm looking for.

Are masquerades this scary?
Why does a mask scare a person?
Why does a mask show a sad face?
Does it have feelings?

A masquerade ball has no purpose,
No meaning in life,
And yet it’s a lot like life,
A two sided future

A mask has two sides,
The good and the bad,
How do masks show its feelings?
It’s empty right?
An empty mask,
An empty shell,
An empty heart,
A forgotten soul

A masquerade is just the beginning,
A mask is within oneself,
A dance is when you let go during everything,
A reveal is the end of all destruction

So tell me, when you go to a masquerade,
Would you observe each mask?
Would you break their masks?
Or would you torment yourself as the masks?
That is your choice and only yours,
Be yourself or wear a mask.
How pathetic life is.
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24 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 5/7/11 , edited 5/7/11
The magazines will tell you

The world is a reflection
of polished glass?
of polished silver?
why do you still stand afraid?
with narrow eyes you face the mirror

what you see is what you get
but in your head,
you see what there is not.

the magazines will tell you all you need to know

the whispers in your head grow loader
see now, i've watched them grow
is this my voice, is this me specking?
if not then who? and why these words?

too big a but
too thick a body
theres not a place for you in the world!

Now don't be fooled
come now and learn the truth!
your a woman with curves
thats who were supposed to be
for who wants a body like a skeleton?
no flesh all bones to see?

smile :]
its time make a stand
i hear guys do like girls,
When there bigger round the back ;)
and you know what the thing about us curvy girls is?

theres a hell of a lot more to love

that takes a special type of man ;)
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27 / M / US, California
Posted 6/6/11 , edited 6/7/11
Wild as I want to be,
From the peak of the world to the pit of the sea,
Like wind without friction this freedom of mine,
No shackles to hold me, for I am but time.

On wings of your worry, aloft I can fly,
My scythe is your stress, the harder you try,
The strength of life's chains has nothing on mine,
For none can escape their decaying with time.

Fast than lightning when sloth you desire,
Consuming your joy in the flames of my pyre,
Man can not stop me, however he tries,
For I am the law and I decree that time flies.
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23 / F
Posted 7/29/11 , edited 7/30/11
This was something from a long time ago haha and it's more like a spoken word

I'm just a lonely girl on this whole big planet. Hiding my true face with a mask right on it. You know it. You've seen it. People accepts it. But, I'm lonely. Bonding with my peeps with a fake personality. A melting pot full of diversity? We're struggling to be like them. Rich and powerful, a phony. Just another way of saying they're lonely. What I need is a family. A community. to change and live all happily. But, we're stuck in this system where people throw throw their freedom away, and sell their labor, just for a quick pay. It's time that we stop this and realize. We've been monopolized. We gotta get to together. And stop this system that has been going on forever.
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27 / F / tsk tsk not telling
Posted 8/15/11 , edited 8/16/11
These are old people no poking fun im sensitive lol. These were dark times tell me how you like or dislike them( I was a middle schooler lol give me a break)
Constantly crushing
inevitably contradicting and cussing
leaving me drowning looking for something
finding theres nothing

Im tired of the disappointment
the doubt
the feeling of betrayal
always hanging about
feelings that will never be reciprocated
left to die slowly in the dark
without the slightest indication
or acknowledging my suffering

Im done being treated like nothing
Sitting around waiting for something
And another ~

I am trapped
My own bones encage me
My own heart beats me
My sight tricks me
The mirror sighs
Seeing what I have become
My fear encloses me
I cannot look at the cracked reflection
Splitting me up in its' shards
I cannot face all of me
Piece by Piece I look
And another~
I am born from embers
Glowing to hot to touch
Ever changing from fire to dust
I will ride the wind, when the heat becomes stifling
Gliding above, light as the air surrounds me
Alone but whole and reminiscing
I feel old
The ground rushes up
I explode

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30 / F
Posted 8/19/11 , edited 8/19/11

One man; one story
One heart, torn
Light or dark, neither rest with in
Yet their mark has been made
Two wings, two paths
O, Allen, which road will you take?
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23 / F / behind his eyes w...
Posted 8/20/11 , edited 8/20/11
ive come for you,
stricken by conformity
to see through only one set of eyes
the disatser that would lie
you cannot deny the tears i have cried

foggy lit mirrors that showed you the way
have you question every step that you take,
my heart would be commiting a crime
unless it took caution with its strings,
to dance and to sway..
to tangle its way,
in hopes that you would have me someday.

the pretty little sinner has trapped you in her eyes
your trapped by the hermonic demize
the songs she sang took my soul away
the sirens are calling,
deeper and deeper they say
my ship has sunken and i have hell to pay

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26 / F / Valenzuela City
Posted 10/31/11 , edited 10/31/11

I wake up in the morning.
There is a light coming from the window.
Beautiful little birds flying on the trees.
Saying good bye's to my sweet dreams.
I wish those dreams will last for long.

But i am going to bed,
Trying to figure out things and
Flashing back memories.
Trying to sleep again and
Made a day dreaming.
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Posted 11/30/11 , edited 12/1/11
we exchanged our cute puppy names
now we have called eachother things
just horrible things
but i have always been called one thing
i am truly ashamed about
it was being called your boyfriend
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22 / F / i'll say when i f...
Posted 12/10/11 , edited 12/11/11
Eager to the moon rise.
Eager to see the sun die.
Eager to see your face in the shining light.
Eager to be with you just one more time.

Miss you love
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32 / M / North Pole, AK
Posted 12/13/11 , edited 12/14/11
A thousand flakes quietly fall down,
each makes its mark in the world.
It flutters and sparkles more than a crown
yet it barely hurts even if its hurled.
As the day gives way to night,
and the light surrenders to the dark.
I stand amidst the chaos so I might
just once give myself a lark.

The snow gathers inch by inch
blinding those who travel fast.
I reach down in hopes that I could pinch
the cheek that the cold took at last,
my arm stretched out
with my fingers curled tight,
only to realize when I turned about
to see the world that might.

There it be, a world that could,
There it lie, a time that was.
A dream that in all matters should
instead it sounded only a buzz.
My first step since the snow started to fall
and I had to climb the bank.
Time had left me alone without a call
as the snow echoed how the heart sank.
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