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Express YourSelf in a Poem
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Posted 12/14/11 , edited 12/14/11
So you bring upon the world, the very aspect of reality.
You that once thought of nothing, but the simple serenity.
I that brought the thought, which was reject for it's singularity.
A time not brought, the time that wasn't yet sought.

So now we see a world far more differently.
We now only think of the simple reality.
That once upon a happy duality.
Now, lost is our known past and terminality.

So I say to you, "Today, we fight the good fight!"
To which you reply, "Today, we must mount up and take flight!"

So remember now, nothing but the continuation.
Nothing but the simple citation.
That within this bold new world that we see.
Singularly, we bring about nothing but tenacity.
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24 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 12/21/11 , edited 12/21/11
The boy i loved too much

i was but a child,
lost in a dream of a thousand nights,
a boy with hair like tar and eyes that held me tight,
lips the colour crimson, hands soft to the touch,
kisses sweet as honey, i loved this boy too much.

father piked my husband, when i was the age of three,
promised him a goat, a cow and 1 stead fast horse and sheep,
traded like the wind that blows, on to nothing on like dust,
taken from the boy i loved, the one i loved too much.

promised to another, fifteen on my wedding day,
taken by his hands, my will to week to disobey.
Now i make his bread, his food i cook upon our open fire,
dreams of freedom come, they dance around my head,
but oft they soon expire.

a threat held with his staff,
a strike and sure as sure it's true,
he'd knock me down, he'd silence me,
my bruises show the truth.

a kick sent with his leg, a pull on my hair,
the breath of his screams in my ear,
i'd close my eyes, and sure as sure,
watch my world disappear.
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Posted 12/25/11
Is this right?
The path that's in my sight.
What about the road to my side?
For the decision, there is no one to confide.
I guess I'll have to choose myself.

The same thing applies to deciding which food I'll eat food.
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28 / F
Posted 2/6/12
Drifting in misty thought
watching them pass by
I'm happy here - I thought -
so don't pull me away.

a shock to my system
when old friends become new
I'm happy here - I affirm -
so don't distract me.

drifting in misty thought
cuddled with company
I'm happy, I'm content -
was there ever any reason
for melancholy?
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29 / M / R'lyeh
Posted 3/13/12
Hi guys:) wow you guys can sure write amazing poems..ok..here is something i've written ..hope you like it:)....

_Vox Humana_

there is a voice that follows us



that tells us

to collect our cash

get to platform

to go to places

eat and sleep

move and stop

it repeats itself

night and day

the inhuman voice

of our jobs

while handshakes

in classrooms

reading text books

small talking

coffee breaks

the essence of conversation

and its silent soul

has lost its place

Between this mechanic static

a child laughter breaks free

reminded me

how we used to be

sound of a heart

that still knows how to beat

at last ..(thank God)

The sound of a Human Voice

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24 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 4/4/12
There is something beautiful in the rainfall,
A calmness i cannot explain
And yet a sadness too
I feel close to you when i hear it
Maybe because i wonder...

Is he hearing this too?
Is he looking at the exact same moon?
Is he under this exact same sky?
One day I’ll have to ask

I wonder if you'll do the same...

Don’t worry I can wait

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30 / M / Cleveland,OH,USA
Posted 12/5/12

Mirror to my broken soul
Mirror, mirror on the wall, glass cracked and yellowed with age
How many faces hath I in all
To recount in your complexion, frail, yet sage?
I count my shards of angers
They multiply like doppelgangers
Staring back at me in rage...
My lonelinesses perch in your thinning slivers
Ruffling themselves in fearful shivers
Like many discontented songbirds
Flitting nervously in their cage.
I see in minute panes, happiness
In larger pieces, cowardice;
I take a turn at each one
Like a book, each with its special page...
Yet, I see..as my lips curl in a gleeful, contempted sneer
Reaching out from my wicked heart
Glittering through your jaundiced veneer
In its murderous eye's cool and serial gauge...
All my hatred, standing poised and collected,
Calm like the Devil, methodical, connected...
Uh-oh..he's sneering at himself, now you..
With a crash, you take my fist in your glass plate
Used to be four of me, now there's fifty-eight..
And they all look lost, confused and crossed
Split off, even smaller, as if spellbound by a mage..
Yet you still hang stubborn to the molded, peeled wall]
As if by pride, refusing to fall...
And I see that the greatest vanity of your reflection
Is the payment of hatred as your wage...
You shatter, seemingly sad from me again
Clinging broken to your wall..
I walk away, blind to badness, blind to goodness,
Your reflection is no more.. among the scattered glass on the floor, I gather the bandages and gauzes that used to be inside of you..
I'll let my knuckles bleed..clinging to myself..
How dare you show me..show me what i really am..
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Posted 12/5/12
Little oceans in the sky,
And stars that glisten amongst the surf,
The pinned-up waves that crash along,
Of rusted purple and grey.

Quiet isles tucked away.
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21 / M / Tiphares
Posted 12/9/12 , edited 12/9/12
White flowers, with light pinkish centers
Raffia flowers
Raffia, the source of energy that keeps the city running
The underground city of Lux, a dismal somber locality where the unlucky wallow
They welter in the pollution, the dust, the disease. The insanity
Their lives only brightened by factitious light shining above the city, at the clemency of the Class
The higher ones living in white rooms, in white houses, with white fountains flowing pellucid water, bathed in white light
Raffia flowers
They capture this light into their petals, into their color. That's why I like them. These flowers
Flowers that represent hope, that represent life
All over the village of Gabe they bloom, in the dark. In the caves where the Raffia flows
In the ponds where the fish swim, in the stone where the grass grows, in peoples' futures where their fates are sewn
These Raffia flowers give me hope, a means to survive in this place
In this city, full of insanity and full of black
Black hearts and black minds
Hopeless lives and hopeless fates
Bleak. Desolate and bleak, barren like the ground they stand on
But these flowers, these flowers give me hope
A white bright hope
Though, despite this hope nothing ever changes. Nothing
Not the lives, not the futures, not the fates
Nothing ever changes, always staying the same
White flowers, with light pinkish centers
Raffia flowers
They are the source of energy that keeps me running
That keeps me sane
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30 / M / Cleveland,OH,USA
Posted 12/12/12
Sprinting through forests and rushing through branches of trees
Smokelike shadows zig and zag as they please

Father Wind and Mother Night bore them, too
The little imps of inklings just beyond me and you

Mischievous, gay, as though they inhabited day
They frolic and wrestle in private display
To those whose sleep is stolen away

Never was a romance seen before like this
In creatures of secret, silent bliss

Loyal, devoted, always true
Whenever you look back, theyre following you

Smiling invisibly with warm embrace
Inviting you to the den, the dark and lonely place
Past the twisted oak with its twisted face

Through Father Wind's violent protest
And onward by Mother Night's blinding behest

To the place where you always dreamed to be
Away from pain and disgrace, a place to be free

Confidants are the shadows to me
And if you knew them, I think you'd agree

Never were better kin to be found,
Who comfort you without a sound,
Until the day you sleep in the ground..

and onward after, shadows still, they search complete
The blood of the Earth, and Nature's heartbeat

Searching for new souls to rove with in fields of wheat
Cool and tender, soft and sweet..

that's how shadows run..
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26 / M / Guess
Posted 12/13/12

Unfaithful and unholy,
Evil are you to the eyes
of the bright ones of Asgard,
Be you crushed by Mjolnir,
Hrungnir's bane, Mighty hammer,
Be you visited on Ragnorok
by the Gods' host, brave ones
who dwelt in the Hall of Fallen,
So shall you be, until then,
Suffering the wrath of the Gods:

May there be no rest, and peace
shall be your enemy,
All doors shall be blotted
against you, no mead shall touch
your lips, no boar shall pass
your teeth, let this be your curse!
You shall watch, as hearths are kindled,
while barefoot and naked, you are
clothed only in ice, winter's cloak,
and travel you only
in perpetual winter.
No end shall there be
in your hunger and thrist-
Let this curse, so terrible,
as one thousand thunders,
which comes from the Aesirs,
bright ones of Asgard, afflict you,
Let this be your Punishment.
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30 / M / Cleveland,OH,USA
Posted 12/22/12
Our Place

Meet me at the edges of cliffs
Where the sea spray carves the rocks
Where the whales breach together
Where clouded skies cast soft spells over
The lonely wayfarer
Where the fogs and mists are a veil
To the beauty of a jade harbor,
the place that's like romance in grey
Meet me at that place,
The place where vexed charm shrouds everything everywhere,
Infiltrating the air, where the sedate clusters of breezes
Carry the journeyman mariner's song, and the hints
Of the notes of a siren, just enough
To make you take another step
meet me at the place where a kiss is bitter
and the embraces never last long enough
meet me under the night sky
Where the water's surface copycats the stars
meet me at that place again, so we can
Call it ours.

Selkie's Farewell

Where is my skin?
My longing for home is undeniable
Despite the pull in your eyes
I hear the waves calling my name
I hear the voices of my kin
They're tearing me apart
You've always worn my coat well, but
It's time for me to go
I will always love you, I hope you know
I beg you, humour my pleas
Give my skin back please..
Here's a seashell souvenir
Along with my kiss goodbye
Don't fret darling, we'll meet again
Before the day that we die
Yet, now i must depart from you
Because the tide is high
So I bid you farewell tonight
I bid you adieu underneath the moonlight
Goodbye, my heart, for now...
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