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First... Introduce yourself... You can add new friends from other anime... you can add other new characters if you like... you guys can continue the story then, you can post multiple times... Even continuing the story...

me: My name is Hadetoshi Chiriko. Nice to meet you all.
Mikan: Chiriko-san!
Chie: What is it...?
Mikan: What can I call you?
Chie: Chie... what for...?
Mikan: I just want a new friend~!

Then she met Momoko(of Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan)

Momo: My name is Momoko. You must be... Chiriko-san.
Chie: Yes, I am Chiriko. Call me Chie.
Momo: Call me Momo-chan, Chie-chan~!
Chie: *raises an eyebrow*
Momo: What's wrong?
Chie: I don't like the sweet-talking types... -.-"

Note: You can ask me what Japanese name you like, I'll put a list in one of my pages.
Double Note: My character has a personality same to Natsume.
Triple Note: You can... oh, I said it already.
Quadruple Note: Whoa, lots of notes...

Continued by another post
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ohh. it looks like it is hard to type so many!
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Posted 5/13/08 , edited 5/14/08 gonna be hella long >_o so's like the summary of an episode, except i made it up. u don't have to read if u dunt wanna. so...woh lah =D:

-new girl comes in-
whole class: wtf! i never knew there was gonna be a new student!
girl: hello -bow-
whole class: -bow-
girl: -walks to seat-
whole class: ~stare~
momo: hello there! my name's momoko! but u can call me momo (sorry, i dint read the manga this person appeared in, so if i get the personality wrong, sorry >x<)
chie: -just looking peevishly at new girl-
momo: and that's...chie..she doesn't talk much and isn't very social so don't mind her.
girl: ....hi.
momo: so what's ur name?
girl: y do u want to kno?
momo:...well, we're friends now aren't we?
girl: y wud we be friends? we haven't even talked alot yet.
momo: well...fine then! -takes out certificate and signs it- sign here!
momo: awwww...y not? ur my friend right?
girl: whatever..
momo: <=/ oh...o-ok then..i'll go tell chie to sign this!

the girl walks in class.
girl: good morning everyone -walks to seat-
momo: friend! look-i got chie to sign our certificate!
girl:'s u again...was it koko?
momo: that's harsh, my name is momo!
girl: i kno.
momo: then...wha..huh?
girl: i was just kidding. of course i'd remember ur name.
momo: yay! i'm so happy!
girl: whatever. go bak to ur seat, the teacher's almost here.
momo:o-okay! =3

girl: momo
momo: hm?
girl: i'll tell u my name
momo: yay! finally! then u can sign our certificate!
girl: no way, i'm not signing anything.
momo:, what's ur name?
girl: (this is a made-up name) Karashite....
momo: mhmm? so what's ur first name?
momo: ..?
girl: Ni-Nishimi..-blush-
Ni-chan: that's y i hardly tell anyone my name...
momo: well i'm glad u did...anyway, let's eat!
Ni: i dunt feel like eating, i'll be on the roof if u need me.
momo: ok Ni-chan!
Ni: d-don't call me that! ~blush~
momo: ^w^ ok!

~on the roof~
Ni: -sigh-..y do i have to be here anyway...i hate it here. the ppl are annoying.
some guy's voice: oh really now? didn't i just see u talking to a FRIEND?
Ni: tha-that was no friend!
some guy: really..? then prove it. stop talking to her at once!
Ni: o...ok then.

~bak in class after lunch~

momo: hey Ni-chan! wanna come over to my house to see my new dress that my mom bot me?
Ni: stay away from me ugly. ur not worth my time.
momo: N-Ni chan?!
Ni: -walks away-
momo: she had such sad eyes...i wonder what happened...(momo doesn't notice what Ni said b/c momo noticed the sad eyes first and cudn't stop wondering y Ni was so sad)

THE "EPISODE"/STORY ENDS HERE. continue it if u want. but please stay with the same storyline and the same personalities of the characters >_> u can add new chars or w.e. just don't change the topic please >_< lol. thank you
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Posted 5/13/08 , edited 5/14/08
mmkay i'm bored so here's another episode LOL if u get bored, then don't bother reading my posts and complain about it plz >_<:

Ni: -walks in and goes to seat-
momo: hey Ni! was something wrong yesterday? ur eyes-
Ni: didn't i say to stop bothering me? ur such an annoying brat.
momo: but!-
Ni: i said go away.
Ni: -sigh-


momo: Ni! let's sit together!
Ni: -walks away-
momo: aww...

~bak in class~

Ni-chan goes to her seat in class only to find a note that was given to her by momo.
Ni: -reads note-
to: Ni-chan
from: momo

Hi Ni-chan! y have u been avoiding me all of a sudden? well...if ur having some problems, u can tell me anything! i promise to help u the best i can! but i hate it when u don't talk to please. just tell me if anything's wrong..

Ni: -thinking-: omg...but if i tell u momo, u might get hurt...i'm sorry, but this is the only and best way to handle this situation. and besides, if i told u anything right now, u probably wouldn't believe me... -end of thoughts-

~end of school~

momo: hey Ni-chan! did u read my note?
Ni: yes, and it's very annoying. please stay away from me at all times. i told u that u bother me too much so stay away.
Ni walks away.
momo: she really does have a secret that she's hiding from it really that bad that she'd think i judge her b/c of it? -sigh-

~at Ni's home~

Ni's mom: hello sweetie. want some bbq baked pork buns [[those are my favorite food =3]]?
Ni: no ty..i'm not hungry.
Ni's mom: well u haven't been hungry for a something wrong?
Ni: -frustrated already- geez! can u stop asking me questions?! i dunt wanna eat so stop forcing me to! -storms upstairs-
Ni went into her room.
Ni: gosh..not even my mom knows about our horrible family secret....only one person knows besides me...father.

-father comes home-

Ni: -gasp real loud- !!! he's home already?! oh no...he might've seen me talking to momo! what if he starts forcing me to tell him where she lives?! no, i have to run!


father: so where's our precious Ni-chan?
mother: she's up in her room, try to find out if she's sick or anything. she won't eat..i'm worried.
father: don't worry, i'll make sure she's told me everything by the time i get down here for dinner.
mother: ok..thank you honey. ~chu~

-father goes up to Ni's room-

father: Ni-chan! i have something i need to ask you -evil tone- -goes in room- Ni-cha-...NI-CHAN!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!

the father goes into Ni's room only to see that Ni isn't there and the window is open.

father: -storms downstairs-
mother: dear, is something wrong? where's Ni? did u find out anything?
father: oh..she's alright..just sleeping...she told me that she would be out for a week because of a school trip.
mother: but the school hasn't even told-
father: it's ok. Ni said that the school didn't have time to call the parents and tell them. so the school told the students to tell their parents by themselves. so everything's ok. Ni's gonna leave tomorrow, or during the u might not see her in the morning.
mother: ok..thank you.
father: no problem ~chu~ -thinking- hehe..if u want to run away, y shudn't i let u starve first? then when i find u, it'll be easy to make u tell me everything that u've found out.

~Ni's out on the streets~

Ni: -kicks a can- huh...this wasn't such a good idea. if i kno father, he wud've locked me out already...where am i supposed to go..?

~momo comes out of the grocery store and walks right in front of Ni without knowing it~

Ni: -gasp- omg! y is momo here? if i'm near her, father will find out where she lives! -hides behing lightpost-
momo: (she heard the noise of footsteps)...[[she obviously sees Ni b/c a lightpost is way too skinny to hide behind]]..oh i wonder (sarcasm) who could be hiding behind that lightpost?

Ni: er...uh...umm......hi....-blush-
momo: -laffs- Hi Ni-chan!! -runs to her and hugs her-
Ni: -blush- what r u doing? didn't i tell u to stay away from me? (Ni doesn't like to have physical contact with anyone)
momo: ahaha~ anyway, what r u doing out here?
Ni: parents r out of town and i don't have the key to the house! -thinking- omg that was such a lame lie!
momo: oh ic ic, well, then why don't u stay at my house?
Ni: ehh?! -shocked-
momo: come on! all u need is clothes right? we can go on a shopping spree tomorrow! it's like we're sisters!
Ni: w-w-w-wait!!!
momo: -grabs Ni's hand and runs to her (momo's) house- it's ok! my parents are really easy to persuade! of course they'd let a poor helpless little girl stay with us until her parents come bak...right?
Ni: guess i have no other choice...i accept.
momo: YAY!!!! -continues running- -runs faster- -trips- -gets up and runs again-

continued on another post or i'll post another "episode" tomorrow.
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Posted 5/14/08 , edited 5/14/08
this is nice. please continue. ^w^ suki desu.
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Posted 5/14/08 , edited 5/15/08

Ni just woke up from her sleep and finds herself in momo's room.
Ni: ehh?!?!?!
momo: -sleeping on the floor- uf..huh? -droopy eyes- oh..good morning ni-chan.
Ni: wh-what am i doing here?!
momo: oh, u don't remember what we did last night?
Ni: O_____O i'm afraid to ask...
momo: ahahaha~! i was just kidding Ni xD (whenever momo just wakes up, she's perverted) anyway, last night, i found u and let u stay at my house. but u were so tired u just fell asleep on my bed. i dint wanna wake u, so i slept on the floor.
Ni: oh..sorry..
momo: it's ok! now let's go wash up and eat! x3

Ni and momo eat breakfast.
~during breakfast~

momo's mom (lol, that was easy to type xD): hello, i am momo's mother. pleased to meet u.
Ni: good morning. nice to meet u too.
momo: mom, this is Karashite Nishimi! isn't that such a kute name? =3
momo's mom: OMG!! IT IS SUCH A KAWAII NAME!!! =33 -blush while smiling-
Ni: mo-mo-momo! y'd u tell her that?!
momo: well she needs to kno ur name if ur gonna be staying with us right?
Ni:i-i guess so...
momo's mom: ok u girls, finish up breakfast so that we can go buy you some clothes!
Ni and momo: ok.

~At the mall~

momo's mom: oh this is so exciting! Ni-chan, u have such a nice body shape, i can't wait to dress you up!
Ni: i-i-it's ok!! really! no need to dress up if i'm only gonna be staying for a while..-thinking- i can see where momo got her personality from...
momo: awww, come on! if ur gonna be staying here, u have to look pretty!
Ni: eh?!?!
momo's mom: that's right!
-hours of arguing-
Ni: -sigh- ok....
momo's mom and momo: yay!! we win!! we win! we win! -singing-
~crowd forms and ppl watch momo and her mom dance and sing~
Ni: -walks away-
-minutes later-
momo and her mom run to Ni: -panting- where were u Ni-chan? we looked everywhere for u!
Ni: do u really need me to ask y i walked away from the big crowd watching the ppl i'm living with sing and dance idioticly?
momo: nevermind that. let's go shopping already!

~in a girly store~

Ni: hell no.
momo: T^T awww! cmon Ni-chan!! please? -almost crying puppy eyes-
Ni: o-okay! don't cry! ppl are gonna stare again!!
momo: yay! -walks over to sales rack- how about this pretty thing? -holds up a frilly red dress decorated with pink flowers with a huge bow tied on the bak-
momo's mom (i'm just gonna call her mm for momo's mom from now on): i like it! let's buy it!
Ni: you can buy it, but i'm not going to wear it.
momo and mm: ok! -buys it-
Ni: -annoyed look- really, i'm not gonna wear it.
momo: ok then, i'll wear this pretty dress<3
mm: momo! let's just give it to Ni, it's ok if she doesn't wear it, at least she has something to wear if she doesn't have clothes to wear (confusing o_O).
Ni: -sigh-
momo: ok then.. =P

~at a goth store~

momo and mm: hell no.
Ni: awww! y not?!
momo & mm: it's not pretty. what's so great about black and white?!
Ni: i like it!
mm: -sigh- fine! but u can only buy 2 things here.
Ni: fine then. -gets a shirt that says "death is hella great" and a pair of jeans with skulls on the pockets-
mm: u really want this?
Ni: yes.
mm: ok then...-sigh-
momo: Ni!!! don't buy that! we bot so many pretty dresses, skirts, capris, tanks, and shirts already!
Ni: i'm not gonna wear any of them.
momo: o...ok then...
Ni: and besides, u don't have any jeans that r my style
momo: -sigh- ok then...

~in a jeans store that are "Ni's style"~
Ni: yay! thank you.
momo and mm: well, at least it's a bright store.
Ni: -picks out a dozen jeans at once-
momo: th-they all look the same! y wud u buy the same jeans over again?
Ni: because i don't like any other jeans.
mm: shall i pay for it now?
Ni: yes please. thank you.
momo: really Ni, what's the point of having such a great body if ur just gonna wear such sad clothes?
Ni: cause i like them
momo: ok then...
mm: -bak from paying for jeans- shall we go grab a bite to eat now?
Ni and momo: ok.

~food court~

Ni: mm! this is delicious!! -holds up a burger-
mm: ahaha~ u make it seem like u've never eaten this before.
Ni: i never ate this before...
momo: U NEVER DID?!?!?!
Ni: no, my mom always makes what my dad likes. since my mom works so hard already, i just eat whatever she cooks.
mm: aw, u don't look like it, but u really are a caring person.
Ni: -blush- th-thank you...
momo: mmkay finish up! it's been a long day and i wanna go home to get some sleep! school's tomorrow, you kno.
Ni: oh that's right, i don't have any uniform!
momo: it's ok, u can borrow mine.
Ni: ok thanks.
mm: u girls really do seem like sisters already.
momo: i kno isn't it great?!
Ni: -.-" let's go home already. i'm also tired.

when everyone goes home, they bathe quickly and fall asleep quickly. it seems that Ni forgot about the uniform problem..

~in the morning~

Ni: -shaking momo up- momo! can u tell me where u put ur uniforms?
momo: in the closet that's next to the dresser.
Ni: ok then. thanks. and wake up soon, or u'll be late.
-ni walks to the closet and opens it-
Ni: O_O;;
momo: what's wrong?
Ni: -staring at girly uniforms (white shirt with red collar. baby blue skirt that go down to ur knees.) do u have any guy uniforms?
momo: y wud i have those?
Ni: cause those are the uniforms that i wear!
momo: well too bad, u'll have to live with those types of uniform
Ni: -sigh loudly- ok then...
~Ni changed into the uniform-
Ni: h-h-how do i look? -blush-
momo: it suits u! u shud wear girly things more often!
Ni: ermm...thank you?...i think..
momo: so what r u waiting for? let's show everybody ur new look!
Ni: th-th-this is NOT my new look! it's my TEMPORARY look! so don't make it seem so obvious!!!
momo: ok...i won't. but let's go already! we're gonna be late!
Ni: ok...

~they walk to school~

some random student: hey did u hear what happened to our teacher?!?!
Ni: what happened?
momo: OMG WHAT?!?!?! SOMETHING HAPPENED TO HER?!?! WHERE IS SHE? IS SHE OK?!!! OMG! -flailing around-
srs: o.o;; umm..ok..anyway...she got into an accident!
Ni and momo: EHHH?!

~continued tomorrow :D~ keeping up the suspense! xD
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Posted 5/14/08 , edited 5/15/08
omg..chie and mikan haven't been appearing lately D: so if anyone continues the story, then please try to put in more of chie and mikan >_< thank you if no one does, then i'll put more of them in tomorrow when i continue the story (if no one else continues it). and try to make the story like..make it noticeable that chie, mikan, momo, and ni are a "group" in this story. thank you :]
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Posted 5/15/08 , edited 5/16/08

Ni and momo: EHHH?!
srs: yes! it's true! she's in the nurse's room right now!

Ni and momo run to the nurse's office to find chie and mikan there.

Momo: omg!! sensei! are u ok?!?! what happened?!
Ni: sensei!! are u hurt?!
Ms. Sukizo: it's alright children. i'm alright. it's just so weird. i was i my classroom alone, then all of a sudden something grabbed me and then i blacked out and now i'm here. i dunt remember a single thing that happened...
Ni: seems suspicious...
momo: are u sure ur alright?!
ms. s: yes, i'm sure. now go to cla- oh, nvm. u dunt have a teacher..well, u can go home a rest for now. i'll call a sub soon. so dunt worry about me.
Ni and momo: ok..if u say so.
chie: umm u guys, is it ok if i stay over at ur place for a while? cause my parents are out of town..all i have to do is go home a pack for a little while. i'll be there around 9pm or so..
mikan: if my friends are all gonna stay at momo's then i wanna stay there too!
momo: wud ur parents let?
mikan: i dunt have my parents...and my grandpa would understand. just let me go home and pack. i'll walk to ur house with chie-chan!
momo: ok then! so everyone is gonna stay at my house! that's great!
ni: oh no..there will be more noise...greattt..

ni and momo return home.

momo: isn't it weird how sensei doesn't kno what happened to her?
ni:'s pretty suspicious. OMG!!!
momo: what's wrong?
ni: i forgot to get the guys' uniform!!! NOOO!
momo: awww, c'mon ni! just wear the girls' uniform! u look so good in it!
ni: no! it's embarassing!
momo: not it's not! ur body is suited for girly clothes
ni: if u keep saying that, i'll never wear this again and i'll never go to school again either
momo: aww...ok, i'll stop


momo: HEY! ur gonna have to pay for that!!!
Ni: wth r u doing in here?! do we even kno u?!
the guy turns around to reveal a very good [[hot in my language :)]] figure. complete with very handsome eyes. and hair that looks like it belongs to a god. did i mention he was tall? yes, he's tall, just an inch above Ni.
guy: why do u care? i have some business with some girl named Karashite Nishimi.
Ni: wtf...that's me.
guy: oh so UR the one. let's go -grabs ni and carries her outside, jumps from building to building like a pro-
momo: omg...a kidnapping right in front of my eyes!! what shud i do? what shud i do?!!!!!! kyaaa! -faints-


Ni: h-HEY! this is called kidnapping you kno!!! put me down right now!
guy: sorry, can't do that. i have some business i need to take care of, and i need you.
Ni: n-n-n-need me?? why me?!
guy: u shud kno right? i mean...ur father's on this game thing too.
Ni: what are you talking about?!?!?!
guy: oh stop lying. u kno what u shud kno.
Ni: well beside that matter, y do u need me?!
guy: because. my father is the same. and he asked me to fetch u for him.
Ni: what about ur mom?
guy: why do u wanna kno?
Ni: -unconcious that she just said that aloud- eh-umm-er-hu...n-nevermind! just what do u plan on doing to me anyways?
guy: oh you'll find out soon enuff. don't worry.
Ni: -mad face- if ur gonna kidnap me, at least tell me what u want with me!!!
guy: omg! just shaddup already! ur so annoying, y can't u just shut up and stay still. if u keep squirming, i'm going to drop-

the guy dropped ni.

Ni: KYAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
guy: sh-shit!
guy: H-HEY!!!

the guy jumps off the building and grabs ni just in time before they reached the ground. on the ground, the guy was found underneath of ni and he broke her fall. but now, the guy is unconcious and ni is sitting on top of him.

guy: u..uh....-grumbles on painfully-
guy: -wakes up without ni noticing- -grabs ni's chin and looks her in the eyes [[their faces are so close!]] for someone so rebelious, you sure are cute when u hurt someone (and u look very nice in that uniform)
ni: WTF!! -blush like crazy- er-well...umm..-gets off him- a-are you ok?
guy: -sits up- yea, a fall like that would'nt hurt me much.
ni: pshhh, stop lying! i'm pretty heavy, so i'm sure that u got hurt somewhere right?
guy: yup, ur right. u were really heavy.
ni: -annoyed face- just shaddup and take off your shirt so i can examine the wounds.
guy: h-hey!! don't try to seduce me!! i dunt need ur pity either. i said i'm not hurt so i'm not hurt!
ni: -sigh- fine. then at least let me help u to momo's house again.
guy: who's momo?
ni: the girl whose window u broke.
guy: ahh...right.
ni: u kno, u really do need to pay for that.
guy: shut up.

~the guy and ni limp bak to momo's house~

ni: -in momo's room- i knew u were lying. u were hurt.
guy: sh-shaddup!
ni: whatever just get on the bed.

-then the doorbell was chie and mikan.-

ni: oh no!!! chie and mikan are here, i have a fainted girl on the floor, and an injured boy on the bed!! how wud i explain this?!?!
-shakes momo up- MOMO!! WAKE UP!! -momo wakes up- can u do me a favor and keep chie and mikan downstairs while i tend to this guy?
momo:-still sleepy- oohhh wow ni, u just met this guy and already u want to be alone with him? how hot.
ni: m-momo!! this is no time for that! -blush- now hurry and go greet our visitors!
momo: u mean soon to be roommates?
ni: yea w.e just go!
momo: ok.

-momo goes downstairs to welcome their new guests-

guy: so that's momo? she's pretty cute too.
ni: this is no time to say that! now sit still while i rub ur body with this alcohol [or however u spell it...] to help ur wounds heal faster.
guy: h-hey! i can do it myself u kno!!
ni: but ur injured. now shut up and sit still.
guy: -sigh- fine, just hurry up.

-while ni is rubbing alcohol on him, the guy falls asleep-

ni: -thinking- hmm..i never got his name..oh well, i'll find out in the morning.

and this episode ends here. stay tuned to see what happens next! i'll update around...6pm tomorrow (i live in CA). so yea.
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Posted 5/15/08 , edited 5/16/08 seems like i'm the only person who posts on this forum o.o so please, if u go to this forum, even once, leave a post so that i can tell how many ppl are actually reading this stuff.. thanks! =]
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Posted 5/16/08 , edited 5/17/08
guy: -yawn- ufuf....huh? where am i?
ni is sleeping on the floor next to the bed and the guy can see her.
guy: h-hey! wake up u pervert! what did u do to me last night?
ni: -having a dream and talking aloud- oh's dripping..what shud i do? lick it..? alright. mm, it sure is good. -grumbles on "pervertedly"-
guy: oh hell no. don't tell is she dreaming? and what happened last night..?
-ni wakes up-
guy: S-S-SHADDUP! if u say it so loud, ppl are gonna get the wrong idea.
ni: -gets up, walks over to guy, pulls his shirt up, checks wounds-
guy: -faints-
ni: hah. how pathetic. fainting over a girl touching his body to examine bruises. such a scaredy cat. -thinking- but it is sorta cute...
guy: -wakes up and sees ni smiling at his adorableness- ermm...r u done checking my wounds? -blush-
ni: huh? ooohhhh right!! ehehe >//<...yea, i'm done.
guy: betta be. now i'll be going now.
ni: so soon? ur wounds haven't even healed! at least eat some breakfast before u walk around with such painful bruises!
guy: -sigh- just cause you begged me, i'll stay. -stomach grumbles-
ni: mhmm...suuuurrrreeeee (sure)

guy: how come ur other friends aren't here?
ni: today's a school day. they're most likely at school.
guy: ic. then y aren't u at school?
ni: i don't have to go kus i'm already flunking school. my parents don't even care. especially my father.
guy: ok..? what's with ur father? u hate him or something?
ni: didn't u kidnap me because u knew my father or something?
guy: no, my dad sent me to fetch you because he told me that he had some business with ur dad. so he was hoping i wud kidnap u for him. and i had to...
ni: u HAD to? why?
guy: it's none of your business. now shaddup and let me eat.
ni: -sigh- is it good?
guy: -mouth full- mfuu
ni: ok..don't talk with your mouth full.

-tv. time?-

guy: ahahaha!! ash just fell down kus pikachu thunder shocked him!!!! hahahaha!!!
ni: i can't ..believe it. how old are you? u still watch this kiddy show?
guy: shaddup! i love this show more than anything. and i'm 15 by the way!
ni: the first time i saw you, u looked like the cool type. and i'm 15 too. how nice. wow. -thinking- omfg
guy: that a compliment?
ni: o-of course it isn't!! now go bak to watching!! -blush-
guy: u kno..i have a split personality. one is cool and vengeful. another is fun. the fun personality i got from my mom. but the other one is from my dad....
ni: ic ic. i'm just gonna go to school ok? now stay home and don't move or anything. if u want some food, heat up some pork buns in the fridge to eat.
guy: so ur just gonna leave?
ni: yea, y? u need something?
guy: no..-mumbling- it's just that it'll be lonely...
ni: did u say something?
guy: no. now hurry up and go! ur late enuff already!
ni: gosh. ok ok if u want me to leave so badly -leaves-
guy: god, the first girl i've met in a while, and she hates me. oh well. i hate her too..sorta.

-ni went to school-

momo: are u ok ni? ur pretty late.
mikan: yea! sorry i dint go over last night. i fell asleep packing.
chie: and i dint go kus i dint feel like packing.
ni: so who was the one rinigin our doorbell, momo?
momo: when i went to check who it was, it was no one, so it was probably just a prank.
ni: o..ok.
momo: -whispering to ni- is the guy ok? he looked like he was in so much pain last night.
ni: -whispering bak- yea, he's ok.
momo: -still whispering- ok then. thank goodness.

-school went on and now it ended. ni and momo are bak at their house. chie and mikan are coming over to stay tonight-

ni: -sigh-
momo: what's wrong?
ni: i'm so tired. i was caring for the guy the whole night, made him breakfast, and everything goshers.
momo: sorry for not helping u care for him xD i fell asleep after checking who was at the door.
ni: i kno. i had to drag u to the couch. then i fell asleep on the floor in ur room.
momo: ic ic.
guy walks in.
guy: heh? ur home already? welcome home.
momo: thank you!
ni: don't make it sound like this is ur home too.
guy: but didn't u invite me to stay until my wounds are healed?
ni: but i dint think that u wud actually stay.
guy: so u want me to leave?
momo: no! u can stay if u want.
ni: -whispering to momo- what r u thinking? he tried to kidnap me!
momo: -whispering bak- i kno, but he's sorta nice and cute. i like him. i like like him.
ni: omg.
guy: what's rong/
ni: oh nothing.
momo: i'm in love with you.
ni: omg momo! u blew ur own secret!
momo: why would it be a secret? i shud let him kno right?
guy: umm..ok. ic. that's nice. ur great too.
momo: -blushing- did u hear that? he thinks i'm great!! kyaaa~! -sighs heavenly-
ni: -sigh- things are going to get dramatic in this house from now on....

continued later on..
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its awesome ilove it cant wait for the continuation!!!
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lol only 2 ppl read this? wtf o-o. well for their sake, i'll continue, but if more ppl post replies that they've read and liked it, then i'll make the story more exciting and i'll type more replies/episodes in a day so you guys can read more of it. i dint get what i just said so yea x] oh btw thank you for liking it and not making mean replies/quotes >x< lol. anyway continuing~

-it's been 2 weeks and now it's almost december. the school is preparing for the winter festival and activities-

chie and mikan: so today, afterschool, we'll just walk to ur house because we already have our luggage ok?
momo: of course!! i can't wait! we can have slumber parties every night!!
mikan: omg really?! i can't wait either!!
chie: you guys are so childish. if we have slumber parties every night we'll fail school.
ni: she's right you kno. and i'm not gonna be participating in any slumber parties either (she's nvr been to a slumber party so she dint wanna embarass herself since she doesn't kno what everyone does at a slumber party)
chie: y not?
ni: didn't you say that slumber parties were childish?
chie: yes...i've been to one before and it was i guess i'll join in on some of the parties.
-momo and mikan high fived-
momo and mikan: YES! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE O-
class rep: HEY! go back to decorating the doorway already!
everyone: mhmm ok.

-they finished decorating the doorway-
ni: o_o i dunt like it. it's too girly and it doesn't even look like it's supposed to be a christmas banner.
chie: yea, more like a powerpuff girls' banner.
momo: and what's wrong with that?!
ni and chie: no-nothing! it's just a little off color topic....
mikan: who cares? it's christmas! such a wonderful holiday deserves to attract attention. -w-
ni and chie: -sigh- ok then

-after they finished they went to the cafeteria to eat-
momo: i'm gonna get a yakisoba! whatchu guys gonna get?
mikan: pho for me!
chie: baked bbq pork buns for me. 10 of them
ni: i brot my own lunch so i'll meet you guys on the roof when you guys finish eating ok?
momo: why won't you eat with us?
ni: because i dunt want to be eating and talking at the same time. it's not good for my throat (i might choke kus u guys talk alot)
mikan: awww...ok then.

-ni went onto the roof-
ni: gosh it sure feels good to eat alone again.
some voice: oh but chur not alone. you have me here..just staring at you. eating. every. bite.

BAM!! out pops the guy (the one who kidnapped ni)

ni: O_O -sigh- what are you doing at my school?
guy: i've come to enroll here.
ni: y?
guy: no reason it's just more interesting that way. and i want to see what occupies you so much.
ni: omg. fine then just dunt get in the way of my studies ok?
guy: i won't be in the way. U stay outta MY way. and if i'm gonna be enrolling here, then you must kno my name right? it's Nanoshioke. but you can call me na-kun for short (go ahead and make any suggestions or change the name kus i dunt like it much xD).
ni: -thinking- omg, his short name (na-kun) is almost like mine....-blushes-
na-kun: why are u blushing?
ni: u-u-u-u-uh n-no reason!
na: ur so weird. ok then whatever. where's that momo girl? i wanna go see what she's doing.
ni: -thinking- he only enrolled in this school for momo..i see...
na: so where is she?
ni: hmph. if you wanna kno so badly go look for yourself.
na: i barely enrolled in this school! i need to kno where she is!
ni: why?
na: n-no reason of yours!
ni: fine then! she's in the cafeteria! want me to lead you there? gosh ur so needy.
na: i-i am NOT needy! i'm new here! i just needa kno where everything is!
ni: go down the stairs until you reach the bottom. then take a left until you see the big window and take a right. keep going straight till you see alot of chairs and tables. there, now go already -very sad eyes-
na: -notices sad eyes- i-i guess i could wait a whatchu eating?
ni: why would u want to kno? just go to momo already gosh ur so annoying.
na: -takes some of ni's noodles- mmm. this is good. who made this?
ni:..........................i...i did.
na: it's delicious.
ni: -blushes- well you can have some more if you want.
na: no thanks. i dunt want o get fat like someone -points at ni-
ni: W-WHAT?! -ni starts chasing na (i just and na combined make nina O_O LOL)-
-right before ni reaches na, na gets pummeled to the floor while he was about to jump to the roof of a neighboring house by some invisible force-
ni: -thinks she hears a voice- NA-KUN!!! ARE YOU OK? WHAT WAS THAT??!
na: no-nothing. i have to go see momo now. i'll see you afterschool at your house.
ni: w-wait! ur hurt!!
na: -with a really huge bloody gash on his arm- i-i'm alright. the cafeteria doesn't seem far away. i'll just ru-
na fell to the floor, with a bloody pool quickly surrounding him.
ni: OMG!! -thinks she hears a distant voice whispering to na right before she reached him again-
distant voice: you better do as i say. if you don't, you won't ever see momo or HER ever again. now get up you lazy idiot.
ni: what was that voice? na? NA!!
na has fainted but ni thinks that he's unconcious so she carries him all the way to the nurse's office (it wasn't easy i'll tell you that). by the time ni got there, it had been 10 minutes and she was soaked in blood.
ni: he fell down during a game of tag!! (that was the best lie ni cud make up on the spot)
ni: you kno him?!
ni: O_O

~to be continued when ppl ask for it~
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