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Posted 5/23/08
My Thoughts:

Nyx gives me creeps, he seems to be hidding something.

JD is a machine.

Rayne and Hyuga is the best in terms of looks, skills and loyalty to Angel
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Posted 5/30/08

I like Nyx and he is one of my favorite characters but I'm waiting to see what is going on with his certain secret.
With episode 8 it seems to be that he either fell in a lake before or someone was trying to drown him before. >.<
We can also see that by episode 8 that he can't swin. I believe it has something to do with that mark.
So now I kinda know why he is trying to avoid of large bodies of water (why else would he try to avoid going to that city?)


Now I know a little bit about Erenfried...and he is very jealous of Rayne. I can see why he dislikes Rayne but if you can't beat him join him! Join him dang it! You know you can't beat him! Episode 8 just proves it! I believe Erenfried would probably do better working with Rayne instead of going against him. It would do better for alot of people if Erenfried would stop trying to be better than Rayne and make something better with Rayne!


Bernard is the real hero of episode 8 in my opinion! He may not have special powers but he was able to help people get out while the rest was fighting. GO BERNARD!!


Don't you have a feeling that the first five minutes of the first episode is coming soon. No not because its episode 8...but because something more.

that is all I need to say...anyone want to add...or maybe prove me wrong? anyone?
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Posted 6/1/08
Yes, I hope to know what the hell is Nyx hiding. He almost drowned in that episode! (although it didn't help that the kid he was trying to save couldn't calm down and kept on splashing around.) I also want to know what the hell are those curse marks. They look seriously creepy. I suppose everybody now knows Nyx is hydrophobic.

We also know the identity of Rayne's brother. I feel sorta bad for Erenfried in the beginning. I mean, in the beginning, they showed that his parents were always arguing with each other, and that he's always living in the shadow of Rayne. Erenfried almost wiped out an entire town no thanks to that machine of his. But at the beginning of episode one, didn't it show Erenfried kidnapping Angelique or something? He's probably going to stay a villian then.
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