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Posted 5/12/08 , edited 5/13/08
Here A Quiz to test ur HP skills..... please send ur answers to me and not on this forum... well u can also send ur answers to my sister Miyoko_KaTo... every correct answer will give points to ur respected house in the house cup....

1:What is the name of lord voldemort's mother???

2:What is the name of the wandmaker where Victor Krum had his wand???

3:What phrase did umbridge force harry to write on his hand

4:What is neville worst fear???

5:What is the name of Hagrid's three-headed dog???

6:What is the name of magical object placed by dumbledore to protect the sorcerer stone which show's the one looking into it his/her heart's desires?

7:What potion did proffessor slughorn gave harry as a reward for his excellence at potions?...(clue:this potion will give the person a very nice luck)

8:What is the real identity of the half-blood prince???

9:what is the name of snape's mother??

10:in which shop at diagon alley did voldemort had his first job????
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