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Post Reply Can Somebody show What kind of a Girl chinen likes??
Posted 12/29/09 , edited 12/30/09

mochicocoa wrote:

anime_delish wrote:

deen22 wrote:


can somebody show me the type of girl chinen likes and the translation?? like yamada ryosuke and nakajima yuto plss???

domo arigatou!!

the people in the other forum in another website say that...

Chinen likes...

at least 3 years younger than him
and has his heightt~

and here...
Requirements for being Chinen’s lover:
- be able to do sports
- even if they can’t do any sports, they are always cheerful (genki) -
- around the same height as me -
- personality like yamachan, cute personality (kawaii)
- understand my work/what I have to do and supports me -
- not someone who knows the members (of hsj) -
- able to make dumplings (gyoza) -
- someone popular even at school -
- someone I enjoy being with -
- person with a gentle/nice (yasashii) voice -

What you’ll be able to do with Chinen: gyoza together -
2.become cheerful/happy
3.become better at cooking taught how to turn from me (I guess it’s that spinning ballet-like thingy chinen can do) to see my growth!

I like girls who are like yamachan because yamachan’s face is cute and his personality and movements are also cute. The voice is also very important. It must be nice because even when I don’t see their face while talking on the phone, I want to be happy even just by hearing their voice. It’ll be great if there is a girl like that. If there really is, we can be joyful together and enjoy spending our times together.

Dream girl:
- long hair like takaki-kun’s, prefer black hair
- face like yamachan’s, cute feeling -
- around the same height (145cm) -
- ..something about their fashion, prefer pants -
- overall with a womanly feeling, not someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing'
thank you JSForum.

atlease 3 years younger then him!?
im 2 and 1/2 years younger then him :D
does that mean i qualify XD?
(if i ever meet him that ishh XD)

maa... i'm exactly 3 years younger than him!!!
cause i am born november 30, 1996...
hontou desu..

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Posted 4/23/10 , edited 4/23/10
will you please post the type of girl yamada and yuto likes . please .thanks
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Posted 5/28/10 , edited 5/28/10
omg, reading this only makes me really INLOVE with him !!!!!! hahaha !!! :DD
bec. i'm acc. 3 yrs younger than him !! hehe
i think i qualify
haha. gosh!
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