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26 / M / Perú
Posted 4/23/12
Shinryaku Ika Musume
Fairy Tail
The world god only knows
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Etherial Realm
Posted 4/23/12
I love all anime. My favorite genre of anime is sports because I want to be good at sports so watching them gives me some hope. I really like the anime Kuroko's Basketball. My second favorite genre is romance. The love in anime is so more passionate than real life so i like to picture myself as the main character.
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29 / M / Staffordshire, Un...
Posted 4/24/12
Dirty Pair OVA series from 1987. Brilliant rapport between Kei and Yuri and the artwork is a beautiful mix of vivid bright pinks and blues, along with retro 80's sci-fi design. Funny and smart at the same time with interesting stories.

Everything by Shinichirō Watanabe. His Genius Party short Baby Blue is a stunning piece of melancholia. short sweet, and reminds you a teen angst and love. very sharp character design, and along with all of his series, excellent pacing.
Currently watching Kids on the Slope. Did not think it would grip me, but from the first scene i was hooked. beautiful animations and stunning jazz.
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Posted 4/25/12
Sket dance
fairy tail
Soul eater
fullmetal alchemist
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26 / my bed
Posted 4/26/12
Recently, I Love Ano Natsu, Persona 4, and Mirai Nikki
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25 / M / Toronto, Canada
Posted 4/27/12
Aria the Origination - The only anime that truly defines slice of life

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33 / M / League City
Posted 4/28/12
Saint Seiya has to be my favorite of all time.
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22 / F / Makai
Posted 4/28/12
I'm thinking Bleach.
Most people would pick Naruto over it but I disagree. I watch both, but I would pick Bleach anytime.
Bleach is an overall, emotional story about friendship. I think that is what attracts me the most.
The fights in Bleach aren't meaningless either. There's a story behind each fight.
That's what makes Bleach interesting.
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Posted 4/29/12 , edited 4/29/12
These are all my favorites not in any order. Have watched or will watch them multiple times (maybe not Clannad but only due to risk of emotional collapse )

I would have put bleach on here too if someone from the main team would actually die off for good. Does that girl need to save everyone? In Naruto people actually die which lets the watcher experience loss. There is no real loss feeling with bleach. I haven't watched the series in about a year and I bet ichigo and gang are still wandering around alive and well getting revived constantly by the 3 fairy girl w/e her name is. /end rant

Forgive the typos.

Higurashi series(Scary)

Mirai Nikki (like death note but more up beat) (I want season 2!)

Paranoia Agent (pscyhological)

Code Gease (chess with people's lives)

Death Note (chess with people's lives)

Naruto (Badass)

DBZ (not the kai crap) (Badass)

Tenchi Series (Fun? One of first series shown on toonami. Hooked after 1st episode)

Gungrave (Badass)

Rosario + Vampire (Funny)

Gankutsuou (count of monte cristo anime)

Mnemosyne (dark)

Catsoup (wtf?)

Spiral (chess with people's lives)

Monster (psychological?)

Gantz (arnold schwartzanegger running man fights)

Shiki (fun/creepy)

Elfen Lied (Telekenisis and gory awesomeness)

Clannad (Probably the best/worst romance series ever. I think I had an emotional breakdown after watching the last half of the 2nd series. Noone should have to experience what that guy went through in the end imo. It was best tear jerker series I've watched but don't think I could watch it through again.

Ef a Tale of Memories (Romance)

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (Romance)

Ruroni Kenshin (Fun samurai)

Samurai Champloo (Fun Samurai)

Chrono Crusade (Only really like it for the ending. Really sad)

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22 / M / Cimislia
Posted 4/30/12
One Piece
Code Geass
Posted 4/30/12
Hell Girl, Fruits Basket, etc

Currently watching Black Butler ...
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35 / M
Posted 4/30/12
Mine would be Clannad and Guilty Crown. Clannad is obvious because of the emotional impact but for Guilty Crown, I don't know, I just really liked it haha.
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28 / M / the netherland's
Posted 5/1/12
hum i started with x TV, blue sub, candidate for goddess

out of all anime i have seen there are quit a few good anime's.
but the best would be :
candidate for goddess.

most resent one i like a lot is :
Accel World

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21 / Imaginary World o...
Posted 5/1/12
Too many choices:
The movie Spirited Away just blew my mind! It opened a part of my brain I didn't even know could open! It got me to watch more anime and watch more movies.
When my brother was watching Naruto I said it sucked.... But I'm currently eating my words.
Fuir Kuri I watched on Adult Swim and it just was so confusing because I was young when I watched and had no buisness to, I'm currently trying to re-watch it.
Wolf's Rain has to be the most awe-inspiring one. I am currently trying to watch it.
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24 / M / Virginia
Posted 5/1/12 , edited 5/4/12
Personally, my favorites are Cowboy Bebop, Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Beck, and Yu Yu Hakusho.
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