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27 / M
Posted 5/13/12
Stein;s Gate
Dragon ball
Yu Yu Hakusho
Ano Hana
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20 / everywhere...
Posted 5/13/12
Let's seeeeeeeeee....
I first started reading manga/watching anime in 7th grade so I've been going for a few years now!

My first anime was either dragonball or astro boy (though I didn't know what anime was at the time)

My favorite anime has to be Gintama because of it's perfect balance of comedy and seriousness.
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28 / F / Florida
Posted 5/14/12 , edited 5/14/12
Funny anime - Ouran Highschool Host Club [was actually funnier in the English version and a must see no matter what.]
Sad/family-relationship/love anime - Clannad [eventual happy ending], Myself; Yourself [no matter what, this show made me sad.]
Good Story-line anime's: Shuffle [many in one, but awesome none the less] Sacred Blacksmith [just, loved] Kuroshitsuji ["Black Butler" is a must see]
Sad/Gore - Elfen lied [honestly didn't like it much myself, but it is quite popular!]

Let it be known that I'm a big fan of Bleach. The Story-line [the main one, not the lame arcs like the Bounts and such] is completely amazing. Its like DBZ with a good story. Awesome.

There are plenty more where that came from. If you want a full blown list, I have over 100 anime's listed in a note pad somewhere I can send you that I have partially/completely completed. All of them so far, epicsauce!
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18 / F
Posted 5/14/12
-Dragon ball
-Naruto Shippuden
-Fairy tail
&Much much moree!!!
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24 / M / Australia
Posted 5/14/12
well that's a hard one iv'e got allot of them but i'll just name the ones i really like the most

inu x boku secret service
soul eater
buso renkin
darker than black
code geass R1-R2
fate stay/night-fate/zero-and unlimited blade works
fairy tail
Ao no exorcist
Gurran Laggan
Angel Beats
to aru majutsu no index
the world god only knows
accel world
there's a whole lot more but that's all thhe ones i really enjoy watching
Posted 5/15/12
death note, welcome to the nhk, lucky star, azumanga daioh, ouran high school host club, monster, and there's a lot more but that's all i can think of off the top of my head
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Posted 5/15/12
I have lots of favorites.

This season: AKB0048 (music and animation), Hyouka (Kyo-Ani and lite mystery), Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, Hiiro no Kakera, Hunter x Hunter

Legend of Korra (It's a US title but it rocks! Steve Blum is awesome as Amon.)

Fate/zero, Garden of sinners, Mardock Scramble, Jin-roh, Whisper of the Heart, Obliviion Island, Kanon 2006, Ghost in the Shell franchise, Cat Sh$t One, Blood the Last Vampire
Posted 5/17/12
+ Detective Conan
+ Elemental Gelad
+ Cardcaptor Sakura
+ Hunter X Hunter
+ Prince Of Tennis
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19 / M / SA greenhouse
Posted 5/17/12
Tie between Accel World and The World God only Knows
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22 / F / Stern Bild City
Posted 5/17/12
Tiger & Bunny
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24 / F
Posted 5/18/12
There are so many animes that i love! but ones that are at the top of my fav list are... Rurouni Kenshin and Code Geass!
these two are just out of this world incredible from the story to the characters and the action.
Posted 5/20/12
Currently Fairy Tail & Naruto >~<
Posted 5/21/12
Naruto Shippuden, Bleach and Hetalia
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25 / F / United Kingdom
Posted 5/21/12
I guess the anime I would immediately signle out of my favourites would be Naruto Shippuden, at least for the time being!
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22 / M / England
Posted 5/21/12
My favourates would be..

Fairy Tail (most recent)
Naruto Shippuden
Code Geass

Honestly hard to pick one out.
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