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Posted 7/6/12

Cyerdous wrote:

Eureka Seven
Eureka Seven: AO

you sir/ma'am i like both of those anime are beautiful and epic
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28 / M / seattle
Posted 7/6/12
@rehneosangel i like your style! ill try it!

Angel beats








Demon king daimao

Elfen lied
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29 / F / broken heartsville
Posted 7/6/12
my first anime had to have been dragon ballz lol which i think is now dead lol.
then i got into Tenchi Muyo
i really wish they had that anime on here.
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104 / F / Somewhere in this...
Posted 7/7/12
Shugo Chara is awesome I'm heart broken because I am a couple episodes away from it ending! D': The first anime I watched was Ultra Maniac but I haven't watched it in a while for some reason. Full moon is also really good but it's so sad! Lucky Star is kind of random but is good to watch when your feeling down and need a laugh :D
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25 / F
Posted 7/8/12
I'll do a top 10 sort of thing:

1. Soul Eater
2. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
3. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
4. Clannad
5. Death Note
6. Angel Beats
7. Black Rock Shooter
8. K-On!
9. Fairy Tail
10. Blue Exorcist
Honorable Mention:
Sailor Moon (because it got me into anime)

1-8 I have either finished or am well into the series
9 and 10 I just started to watch but I LOVE them. c:
Posted 7/9/12
D.Gray-man because its really funny but at the same time has its sad parts, which make me cry :/ but i think the manga is better than the anime by far.
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35 / M / far eastside move...
Posted 7/9/12
ive been watching anime since dragonball come to the states un dub lol if ur a true anime fan go with genishiken im pretty sure u guys can relate
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29 / M / New york long isl...
Posted 7/9/12
out of the new new shows tari tari just brought the house down with that epic episode and it is already in my top 10 list.
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Posted 7/9/12
Naruto is just plain boring and long. I consider all of you watching shorter animes.
Angel Beats!
Guilty Crown
Infinite Stratos
Fate/Stay Night & FSN Unlimited Blade Works
Mayo Chiki!
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M / In my Bedroom. Pr...
Posted 7/10/12
Naruto and Bleach all the way. They are just so addictive sometimes.
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M / Fort Worth
Posted 7/11/12

I love watching Anime. Ive been watching it since the days of Robotech and remember Importing Evangelion during my college days.

But what I most love most is how its so much more mainstream then it used to be. Anime watchers are everywhere and now of every age. Heck I sat down with my kids last night and we loved Polar Bear cafe together. I also like the fact that new anime series are poping up tailored a little more to the American style with more action and a fast paced them.

Technology has brought anime to everyone everywhere.
Posted 7/12/12
Mahou shoujo Madoka magica
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23 / F / Orlando, Fl
Posted 7/12/12
Code Geass. It's such a jumble of everything. There's your happy school life, crazy military issues, supernaturalness and comedy in all the right places. I absolutely LOVE this series. And the characters go through so much, there's so much development in them. Even though only a year goes by, I felt like they all grew up so quickly by the end.
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27 / M / Washington State
Posted 7/12/12 , edited 7/12/12
Claymore was the best one I have seen so far! haha ><
It made me think about life and how we give people a hard time if they are diffrent from us (They take it to a whole new level, I guess its how you read into it!). sadly that is how the world is I guess if you like to read the message that is being shown then yea I would say its a good one to watch or read.
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M / pandora
Posted 7/12/12
Maid sama. Was my favorite it had comedy romance kool. Characters and a good story with top of line animation. In school oh rah[/red
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