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Posted 12/11/12
Such a tough question.
It's between Basilisk, Reborn!, FullMetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, and Serial Experiment Lain.
These are my top favorite anime!
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Posted 12/12/12 , edited 12/12/12
Animes that I suggest people to watch is

Clannad (funny and romantic)
Clannad: AfterStory (Not as funny but romance is the best part in this)
Highschool of the dead (funny and action-packed) (There is some sexual material in this so please watch out) (R rated)
Durarara (tbh I don't know about this. I watched it but can't decide on what genre to put this into)
Toradora (Funny and romance)
Angel Beats (action packed and some romance)
Rosario + Vampire (little bit of action-packed and romance) (some sexual material but not R rated)
Highschool DxD (suppose to be good. I am going to be watching it pretty soon)
Sword Art Online (Still on air) (action packed and romance)
Blade of Tempest (Still on air) (action packed)
BTOOM (still on air) (action packed and probably romance in the long run)

I hope I helped some people out with what animes to watch next.
Posted 12/13/12 , edited 12/13/12
My favourite anime would be

Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed - The very first mecha anime that I watched and I just love to see how Kira Yamato drive his ZGMF-X10A Freedom. Awesome. Plus, though his a cry-baby..his character become mature from time to time. Won't miss Lacus Clyne also. The very best female character that I had ever watched (in my opinion)

Itazura na Kiss - The first shoujo anime that I watched. From high school to marriage and that had a child. The OST was beautifull too.

Great Teacher Onizuka - The first time watched this anime, couldn't stop laughing. Love Onizuka Eikichi so much~
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F / New Jersey
Posted 12/13/12
Gurren Lagaan is the Best! Everyone should watch it!
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Posted 12/13/12 , edited 12/14/12
Rurouni Kenshin Bleach Ao No Exorcist
Code Geass
High school DxD
dragonball z
fist of the north star
Angel Beats
persona 4
ninja scroll (movie)
spice and wolf

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F / Australia
Posted 12/14/12
OHSHC - It's really funny and... yeah I like the characters, the art and that sorta stuff >u<
YuruYuri (Season 1 and Season 2) - I honestly really like Yuri and this was the first Yuri anime I saw and it was really funny XD
Ultra Maniac - I don't know why I like it XD But I hafta say I think this anime is pretty unpopular >:/
ToraDora - I don't know why I like it....
K-ON! (Season 1, Season 2 and the Movie) - It's so funny! It also made me want to play the guitar! I have Season 1 on DVD, Half of Season 2, The manga, 2 Figures AND I saw the movie in Cinemas!! >w<
Kiss x Sis - Not really my favourite but I think I'd just put it up. I have no idea why I like this since I usually don't like ecchi anime but.... yeah.
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Posted 12/15/12 , edited 12/15/12
id say its between. Gintama,fairy tail,btooom,naruto, and of course sao!!!!

Posted 12/15/12 , edited 12/15/12
Sailor moon was the frist anime I've ever watched and I loved it and I always will and then I started watching Inuyasha I love the characters the story and its just plain awesome best animes ever

oh and Haruhi Suzamyia to
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23 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 12/17/12
My favorite is Sword Art Online
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Posted 12/18/12 , edited 12/18/12
For me "Kaichou wa Maid-sama" is the best I really like every single character in that Anime, Usui is so romantic, Misaki is so cute
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Posted 12/18/12
I really Love Naruto and Fairy tail those two has a really good story behind it
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32 / M / Brisbane - Queens...
Posted 12/18/12 , edited 12/18/12
Everything Dragonball And Gundam For Me!!! oh yehh and naruto
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Posted 12/18/12
My favorite sport anime, is Kuroko's basketball, my favorite comedy is Gintama, my favorite Tournament is Btooom, Action/Adventure is Blue Exorcist, and Romance (i just started watching) is Say "I love you".
Posted 12/19/12
Personally, I love Clannad even though it's so depressing in the second season.

But the music, characters, and story(even though the girl with the robotic doll is confusing until the end) make it my top Anime.

I've seen a bunch of great Anime, but Clannad just knocked them out of the ballpark
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Posted 12/20/12
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is the best! :D
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