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Posted 2/21/13 , edited 2/21/13
My favorite anime are
1. Code geass
2. Sword art online
3. Bleach
4. Blue exorcist
5. clannad
5. Angel beats
6. Naruto


achusters wrote:

Favorite anime!? That's like choosing your favorite type of pizza! It's almost impossible!!!!

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17 / F / Manga World
Posted 2/21/13
Wait are they in order, monsthesexy?
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26 / F
Posted 2/22/13
I like Ghost in the Shell, Hidamari Sketch, K-on, Death Note, Modern Magic, Rozen Maiden, etc... I really like all kinds of Anime accept the ones that are disturbing and bloody a bit.
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24 / F
Posted 2/22/13
Naruto Shippuden & R.O.D the TV & Sailor Moon for me!!!!
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24 / M / US Florida
Posted 2/22/13
Hmmm, favorite animes would have to be

1, Angel beats
3. Another
4. The Monogatari sets (Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari)

Angel Beats is pretty much the anime that has everything and anything in it lol and it's so well made especially the love story.

BTOOOM! is that anime that has a cool looking cover but because of HOTD you'd think that it's going to be something high fan serviced like that, it's actually not. The plot is out of this world, how the person thought of it is beyond me. The love story is there and currently they're judging whether or not to make a season 2 and are going based on viewer response, so far there hasnt been a single no from us ^_^.

Another is a mystery, horror, gore anime with a slight twist. In truth there isn't much of a love story in there bt in a way there is, I don't know how to explain it but it works. The first two episodes grab your attention through you trying to figure out the mystery of the ordeal and then the third episode just kind of hits you in the face, basically it's like being teased by a $20 bill and then bam you get smacked by a couple thousand dollars out of no where and you couldn't be happier.

and lastly the Monogatari sets, although there are two different names it is none the less the same anime. It's an anime about telling stories of the main character's like Koiyomi Araragi, the tw currently on CR are Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari and they are in that order Nise being the sequel, however there is a prequel to Bake that CR doesnt have on here that explains Koiyomi's story however you pretty much pick it up and find out through the two on here but the prequel is Nekomonogatari (The story of a Cat).
Basically the whole solemn reason wy this anime is awesome is because although most anime has their story and then occasionaly has the fan service distraction, what happens when the story is the fan service and everything else is the distraction? It's a big time comedy, great fight scenes and even greater artwork, I have yet to find an anime that literally has me crying in tears and gasping for breath while i hold my stomach in pain from laughing so hard.
Posted 2/23/13
FLCL, Ouran High School Host Club, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Cromartie High School, among others.
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26 / M / Australia
Posted 2/23/13
some of my fave anime

1. Campione! - really like this animethough it's only 12 episodes the fights are good different from other harem anime i watched and liked the kiss scenes

2.code geass - awesome series great action love the main character and has a good story line

3. Fate Zero - all i'll say is i love this anime and it's better than fate stay/night
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16 / M / Yorknew City
Posted 2/23/13
I really love One Piece! I love how the story is so deep and complex, but it doesn't take itself too seriously I also love sword art online for the action, romance, and heart felt moments. kenshin is cool too
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30 / F / South Carolina
Posted 2/23/13
Absolute favorite anime of all time: Rurouni Kenshin
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26 / M
Posted 2/23/13
i recommend to check out that is what that whole site is for.

heres my anime list hope this help i love this site it helps people like me who watch a lot of anime to keep track
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F / In front of my co...
Posted 2/23/13
Um, as for ones that i havent seen said.... WHY HAS NOBODY EVEN GIVEN AN HONORABLE MENTION TO WORKING!! It had my second favorite cast in any anime ever and made me laugh every 2 seconds. One of my favorite comedies ever. And im almost positive someone mentioned it, but why isnt there more Soul Eater!? Most epic fighting and plot, and theres a lot of different kinds of people...not to mention Death the Kid! Who is more different than him!? Now, as for my favorites by category...

Fighting (i dont watch too much...)
1) Hunter X Hunter - Epic fighting, cute main character, and the characters continue to get stronger and stronger.
2) Fairy Tail - Im actually not particularly fond of the fighting in this anime (i think theres way too much) but the characters are just so great (LUCY I LOVE YOU) and its funnier than most comedies ive seen
3) Soul Eater - As said before, epic fighting, and they literally fight with each other...How original is that? Plus, Kid.
4) Blue Exorcist - ...Its just good...what else can i say? Main character is a sword wielding demon. It also got a movie, so it must be good lol.

Rom/Com (My favorite, most watched genre) These are not in order, except the first one, since i cant decide
1) Lovely Complex - Girl whos tall and loud and in love , short boy whos really cute and nice and clueless (I wanna marry him plis), perfect love story. And funny.
2)Kimi Ni Todoke - I died several times due to sweetness overload...
3) The Pet Girl of Sakurasou - Ongoing, but already one of my favorites..I just love the characters (Aoyama) :D
4)Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun (My Little Monster) - Ending was poop but i just love Shizuku and Haru. <3 One of my favorite mangas, too.
5) Kaichou wa Maid-sama! - Misa-chan is just too cute....Usui is just too...much of an idiot. ; ) Just great in every way.
6) Arakawa Under the Bridge - Ya not much romance, but SOOO FUNNY OMG AHAHAHAHAHA! FAVORITE CHARACTERS EVER!
7) Ouran High School Host Club - Im sure you know why.

Horror (Least watched genre)
1)Another - The plot was just so interesting..then when you understood what was got so scary...and then u died (well, i did)
2) Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) - Yes i think its a horror..were you not scared!? Maybe the thing ive watched that gave me the most nightmares.
Yes, thats it. Well, maybe School Days, too. That was definitely scary.

Mystery (Just one...)
1) Gosick - Just...a great mystery. It also made me cry at the end...The boy lead was the most brain-dead male ive ever seen though. (Actually, thats the School Days main character)

So ya, some of my favs...SOME...

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20 / M / Australia
Posted 2/23/13 , edited 2/23/13
I really like Fairy Tail. It gets really awesome.

Kuroko no Basuke or Kuroko's Basketball is pretty awesome too. It's a sports anime, but people who don't like sports still like it.
Of course, there's all the mainstream anime like Naruto, Bleach, Sword Art Online and One Piece .
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23 / F / Bubble world
Posted 2/24/13
My favorite anime is blood plus all the way awesome sotry line, awesome character development and the plot is just awesome it just draws you in. Saya is my fav character :)
My second favourite anime is Melancholy of Haruhi Shizumiya really very funny haha ^-^ and ouran highschool is really v awesome and funny too <3
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24 / M / Earth
Posted 2/24/13 , edited 2/24/13
Occult Academy is my favorite, really enjoyed it!
Loved the characters and storyline

Working!! is my second favorite. Such a funny show!
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31 / M
Posted 2/24/13
My top 10 in alphabetical order:

1 - Cowboy Bebop (Actually, this deserves the #1 spot. Best all-around anime ever, plus one of the most accessible to newbies.)
2 - Dennou Coil (Seriously excellent premise. Episodes mid-season onwards inspire the immediate viewing of the next episode)
3 - FLCL (Deeper than most give it credit for, but may require a great many viewings. Became the theme to my teenage years. Gorgeous.)
4 - Hellsing Ultimate (All-around improvement on the original series. Follows the manga closer, plus looks amazing.)
5 - Honey and Clover (Cried. Holy crap, the soundtrack.)
6 - Lucky Star (This is probably bottom of the list. This one has a huge chunk of cluture behind it. Required watching for anime nerds.)
7 - Mushi-shi (Eerie, beautiful storytelling.)
8 - My Neighbor Totoro (I've been watching this on every sick day since I was 7 in 1993.)
9 - Planetes (Painstakingly realistic. Will mold conceptions you hold about space travel in the future.)
10 - Princess Mononoke (Excellent story, excellent voice acting, excellent art, excellent music. Usually anything Miyazaki does is excellent.)

I'm a tiny bit bummed nobody will ever read this, but whatever. I've been in the industry for a long time.
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