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I already have this on but I guess I'll put it up here too. Here's the 1st chapter.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, organic life forms, machines, inanimate objects, or anything else written on this fic that can be used against me in a court of law.

Quick summary! This story happens after the events of Cobray's Route in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 and at the beginning of Vandread the 2nd stage. Cobray is appointed as the new Time Diver and wanders into the Vandread Universe for his 1st mission.

Lets Begin...

Chapter 1: Acceptance of Responsibility

In the space that divides the different dimensions, a lone figure can be seen. A frightening looking machine dawned in deep black color with gold highlights. Its blood red eyes were bisected from view due to two bat wing crests, one above each eye. The rest of the face is covered with a strange gray mask that seems to be fused to the upper torso. The sharp, angular, gold colored wings on its back were extended and emitting a strange green exhaust at the ends of the wings. The spine was covered with six strange looking bumps that, from time to time, slightly twitch as if they were alive. Two large teardrop shaped objects were positioned behind the shoulders of the machine and may be mistaken for small wings. The rest of the body is slender and could only be described as gothic plate armor. A frightening looking machine indeed.

The young man inside the machine sighed as the endless sea of azure light streamed around the view of the cockpit. The young man was around eighteen on nineteen years of age. He had rather messy silver hair; his eyes had a sharp look to them. He was wearing a blue jumpsuit with light green highlights, and had a shoulder and chest plate held together by three green oval gems one at the base of each shoulder and one in the center of his chest. The young man did not look to happy.

“I can’t believe that I’m actually doing this.” Dejection was obvious from the tone of his voice.

What’s wrong Cobray? It’s a little late for second thoughts now isn’t it? The voice in the young man’s head snapped him back into reality.

”Who’s there?!” but after a brief pause, he realized who that voice belonged to.

“What do you want Ingram? Didn’t I make it clear that this is MY body? That I won’t be another puppet!!” no one replied to him.

”Hmph! And here I thought that I’ve already gotten rid of you” the young man slouched in the seat of the cockpit, annoyed at the lack of response to his words.

Remember…Cobray sat straight up to this.

You may have gotten full control of your body, but I am still part of who you are. Cobray narrowed his eyes to that statement. Great…of all the voices I could have heard in my head…it had to be Ingram Pliskin’s the young man thought to himself.

You already accepted the title of Time Diver so you can’t complain about it.

For the next while, Cobray contemplated what the title Time Diver really meant. To him, a Time Diver is nothing but a watch dog of existence forever cursed to travel across countless worlds cleaning other’s mess and never being able to belong anywhere.

“Hey.” No response.

“Ingram! I’m talking to you!”

What is it now? Sarcasm was clearly evident from the response.

“How much longer till we reach the next dimension?”

Well, from what I understand, a journeys between dimensions is only as long as you want it to be. Cobray was getting annoyed to this and spat out

“What the hell is that supposed to mean!?”

It simply means that you don’t want to reach your destination yet. The young man made a confused look.

You see, as a Time Diver, you have a free pass to ANY dimension in existence. And the path between them can be as long or as short as you want. Cobray is confused by this, since there is no end to the path before him, then it means that he does not want it to end…But why?

Want me to dumb it down a bit more for you?

“I get it!!” Cobray yelled.


“Ingram” he whispered.

Yes? What is it this time? Cobray ignored the smug tone of Ingram’s voice.

“What does it mean to be a Time Diver?” He could hear Ingram take a deep breath before saying.

A Time Diver is one who maintains the balance between good and evil in the different dimensions, as such, you are given an adequate amount of power to deal with any situation…and I’m not just talking about your machine: The Dis Astranagant. Cobray asks what kind of powers Ingam meant.

Time and reality manipulation I’d imagine. Cobray raised a brow

“Wait. What do you mean imagine?” Ingram quickly explained that he died before he realized his potential as Time Diver.

“Last question.” Cobray had a question that was eating at his head ever since he started this journey.

“Is it worth it? Is it worth traveling to different dimensions you don’t even belong to until the day you die?” Because of that question, Ingram understood why they haven’t reached their destination yet. Cobray was looking for a reason, a purpose for doing all this.

And with that in mind, Ingram stated

I’m sorry. But I do not have an answer to that. Cobray bowed his head and closed his eyes.

You will have to find that answer for yourself, by fulfilling your duties as Time Diver and drawing your own conclusion from that. Cobray opened his eyes.

After all…you seem to learn something a lot faster through experience. Cobray grunted to that last part

“Don’t talk like you know me!” He could hear Ingram snicker to this.

Of course I know you. You are my clone after all. Cobray hated that fact even thought it was the truth. Ever since he realized it when he was captured by the Balmar Empire and confronted two other Ingram clones. But he knew that he was different from them, he is NOT Ingram Pliskin, he is Cobray Gordon and that was also fact. At that moment, Cobray noticed a bright light in the distance.

“Is that the exit?” Ingram already knew why the exit appeared before them.

So…I guess he has found an acceptable answer. And so, Cobray Grodon begins his duties as the new Time Diver.


As the bright light faded around him, Cobray realized that he was already at his destination.

“So, I’m guessing that this is the place then…But what am I supposed to do here exactly?” His contemplation was unfortunately interrupted as his machine jolted violently catching the young Time Diver by surprise.

“The hell?!” It was pretty obvious at that point that he was being attacked. Thankfully, the Dis Astranagant was not damaged due to its passive barrier system. As he turned to see who or what it was that attacked him, he was met with the sight of what he could only call “A giant…blue…bone??” The said object was actually a harvester mothership that was that was targeting a certain ship called “Nirvana” of course Cobray didn’t know this, the only thing he was sure of was that he arrived at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Well, this is different. Ingram commented.

“Yeah, and will soon be dead if it doesn’t back off!” Cobray started pushing some buttons on the cockpit of his machine.

What are you doing? Ingram inquired. After finishing, Cobray replied

“Im gonna try to warn ‘em first.”

My…how admirable. But do you even know their frequency?

Corbay grinned to this and said

“Nope. That’s why I’m using an open frequency.” Cobray cleared his throat and stated.

“To the large ship in front of me. This is the pilot of the black machine in front of you. If you do not cease hostile actions towards me then I will be forced to defend myself and I can assure you that I won’t be the one who will lose.” Instead of replying, the large ship started to deploy several egg carriers and the carriers themselves started deploying dozens of cube-like machines with arms and legs. Several large spheres with crooked purple spikes could also be seen coming out of the mothership.

“I guess that’s a no.” Within a few minutes, Cobray was confronted with a vast cloud of hostile enemy units.

“Time to get to work then.” His machine grabbed two long objects from either side of its waist. On the right hand is a long and slender shotgun with deep black color. On the left was a staff with a hollow cavity on both ends. It then connected one end of the staff to the butt of the shotgun. When the connection was complete, the Dis’ eyes flashed bright red and Cobray declared

“Deploy! Zol Orichalcon Scythe!!” and with that, a dark silver blade snapped up from the staff portion of the assembly. The Dis was now using the shotgun as the main handle while the blade rested on the other end of the staff part. The blade itself was rather add because it was obviously solid but the way light reflected on it gives the illusion that it was liquid. Cobray then put on a serious face.

“Astranagant…let’s see how long they last against us.” And with that, the Dis Astranagant dove straight into the sea of enemies, wings deployed and scythe in hand.


Meanwhile, another ship managed to intercept Cobray’s previou transmission.

“Captain…what does this mean?” BC asked. Mango only kept silent about this.

“Signal origin pinpointed!” said the now very pregnant Ezra.

“And?” BC retorted.

“Several small scale and large scale heat signatures detected! It’s a Harvester Mothership!” The rest of the bridge bunnies gasped to this news. They just barely managed to survive a battle with a mothership not too long ago and now another one has appeared. BC turned to Magno with a very worried expression on her face.

“Let’s see if we can help that pilot first.” Magno finally said.

“Are you sure?” BC was a bit cautious about risking the lives of everyone on the ship for one pilot.

“Don’t worry.” Magno gave a smile.

“If worse comes to worse then we just make a run for it. Inform all the crew of our move.” BC understood Magno’s intention and turned around.

“Bart! Course change! Head directly to the origin of that signal.” Bart merely grunted in acknowledgement. This won’t end well he thought to himself.


“Attention all crew!” BC’s voice could be heard throughout the ship.

“The captain has an important announcement to make!” All the crew stopped what they were doing to listen to the Captain’s message.

“Twenty minutes ago, we received this transmission that was sent out on all frequencies.” Ezra then replayed the transmission sent out by Cobray.

start of transmission

To the large ship in front of me. This is the pilot of the black machine in front of you. If you do not cease hostile actions towards me then I will be forced to defend myself and I can assure you that I won’t be the one who will lose.

I guess that’s a no.

Time to get to work then.

Deploy! Zol Orichalcon Scythe!!

Astranagant…let’s see how long they last against us.

end of transmission

The next thing that was heard was Magno’s voice.

“From the readings that we took from the origin of this message, we have come to the conclusion that the large ship the pilot was talking about is in fact a Harvester Mothership.” The entire ship was quickly filled with horrified gasps and worried voices. All except a few people. Two of these people were at the registry playing poker.


“What the hell was that all about?” Hibiki asked as Magno’s announcement disturbed his game against Gascogne…not that he was winning anyway. His question was soon answered when Magno told the crew of their intention to possibly rescue the pilot that was being attacked.

“That’s just crazy!” Hibiki screamed.

“Why the hell should we help someone we don’t even know? Hell! If that guy really IS up against a Harvester Mothership then he’s probably already dead by now!” the woman he was playing against…or should I say…losing to only laughed at him.

“And what’s so funny?!” Hibiki was obviously ticked off by all this.

“Don’t you think that the Captain and BC already thought of that?” Hibiki was really getting mad now.

“If they knew that already, then why are we still going to go after it?!” Gascogne mearly waved her index finger at him and said

“Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Weren’t you listening to the transmission of the pilot?” Hibiki did one of his ‘What the hell are you talking about’ faces. Gascogne could only sigh to this.

“Listen! Whoever that pilot is, don’t you think that he seemed a little too calm when he made that transmission?” Hibiki nodded to this, interested in where this is going.

“That guy was confronted with a Harvester Mothership but he remained completely calm about it…it even sounded like he was threatening it.” Hibiki raised a brow to this and said

“Maybe he’s just really arrogant?” Gascogne was astounded at Hibiki’s words and sighed.

“C’mon Hibiki! Even you were scared shitless when you first saw one of those right? And you’re the most arrogant person I know! And besides, you even had a fleet with you at the time.” Hibiki remembered how that unstoppable monster killed his new friends one by one around him.

“This guy isn’t arrogant. He really believes that he can take on a Mothership. On his own no less. And the Captain is interested to know why that is.” Hibiki just kept silent after that.


“That is why I would like to ask for all the pilots to board their machines and for all others to go to your respective posts and remain on standby until we reach our destination.” Magno ends her speech.

Dita was frantically running to the hangar where Meia, Jura, and Barnette were. The three women were talking amongst themselves when suddenly

“Leader!!” All three ladies looked at the now out of breath Dita.

“Dita? What’s wrong? Did you find a new alien?” Jura joked. Dita pouted to this and said

“That was mean Jura!” Jura quickly apologized to Dita, saying that it was just a joke. Dita quickly smile again.

“Did you guys hear the announcement? Are we really going to have to fight one of those Harvest Motherships again?” Dita said with a worried tone.

“It would appear so, but the Captain said that this will be a rescue mission so once we have secured that pilot and his machine we will probably start our retreat.” Meia stated. Barnette quickly replied with

“Yeah! But that still means that we have to fight them right?” Jura quickly added to this

“And besides…we might not get lucky against them this time.” All four of the stayed silent until Meia said

“Listen…worrying about something never made it any better. When the fighting starts just stay in formation, watch each other’s backs and remember to protect the Nirvana.” Dita looked at Meia with a sparkle of hope in her eyes.

“Now get to your Dreads and stay on standby. We should be arriving soon.” A quick “Roger!” from the three girls and they all started boarding their Dreads. Before Jura got on her Dread, she asked Barnette

“We’re gonna live through this right?” Barnette saw the fear on Jura’s face and said

“Don’t worry…I’ll protect you Jura.” And she blew Jura a kiss. Jura gave Barnette a loving smile. Dita was in her cockpit thinking It’s going to be okay…as long as I have Mr. Alien with me…I can do anything. Meia was quietly sitting in her cockpit

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Was all she said. Hibiki was already standing in front of his Vanguard.

“Well buddy…are you ready?” Hibiki then thought about what they were about to do in this operation.

“When I get my hands on that guy that’s making us risk our lives like this…I’m gonna kick his ass!”

-end of chapter 1

I'll put up 2nd chapter on another thread.
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Nice ^_^
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wow... your one of the writers in fanfiction... cool
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