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Here's chapter 2...=3

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, organic life forms, machines, inanimate objects, or anything else written on this fic that can be used against me in a court of law.

Chapter 2: First Encounter

“Ha! Where do you think you’re aiming at?” Cobray taunted a red cube-type before slicing it with the Z.O. Scythe.

Cobray was actually doing pretty well at this point. He’s already managed to destroy three full waves of enemy attack including a set of Vandread clones. The countless battles he fought alongside the Alpha Numbers have turned him into a very formidable pilot. The biggest damage he sustained so far was part of the left wing got blown off due to the Vandread fakes.


About fifteen minutes ago

“These things just keep coming!!” Cobray was getting annoyed at the endless sea of enemies before him.

At least they’re easy. Ingram told Cobray. He nodded in agreement to that.

“Yeah…and I don’t think that any of them are manned either. Their attack patterns are too similar.” Cobray said with a smile.

The Dis Astranagant was actually obliterating all that tried their luck against him. The problem was: As easy as the enemy was to dispatch, there were just far too many of them to destroy quickly.

The gigantic balls with purple spikes started attacking Cobray along with the cube-types and egg carriers.

“Damn! Those spiked balls are getting on my nerves…but I got something for them ad all their friends.”

The Dis Astranagant bent over, exposing its spine. “GO! GUN SLAVES!!”

The six bumps on the Dis’ back started to move and wings started to come out of them. Six small objects then flew out of the Dis’ back. The objects themselves could be described as Beam Cannons with bat wings, the wings were like the Dis’ wings but smaller.

The Gun Slaves spread out and started shooting down cube-types. They even worked together to take down a few spiked balls and egg carriers. After that wave, the Gun Slaves went back to their places in the Dis’ spine.

“What? Is that it?” Cobray arrogantly stated. It would appear that he had a lot more of Ingram’s personality than he first thought.

Be careful of what you wish for…it may just come back to bite you. Ingram warned the young Time Diver. And true to those words, three new machines started appearing before him. These were the Vandread clones.

“Hm…these seem a lot different than the previous ones.” The Dis’ readied its scythe in anticipation of the next attack. Sure enough, the Vandread clones started their assault on Cobray.

The Vandread Dita clone deployed its shoulder cannons and started shooting a few rounds at the Dis Astranagant in which it dodged rather easily. However, unknown to Cobray, the Vandread Meia clone was bearing down on him at full speed.

“Son of a--” was all Cobray could say before the Vandread Meia clone slammed full force into the Dis’ barrier. Thankfully the barrier held and Cobray used this opportunity to slice off the Vandread clone’s head effectively destroying it. But before the barrier could recover, the Vandread Jura clone started a similar attack run on the Dis. The green machine deployed its barrier and slammed into the Dis’ barrier. Normally the Dis’ barrier would win out in this situation, but since it’s taken quite a beating, the barrier eventually shattered due to the stress. Cobray wasn’t letting that stop him though. He quickly moved away from the Vandread Jura clone and re-deployed the Gun Slaves.

The Gun Slaves started their attack run on the Vandread Jura clone but their attacks were stopped by the machine’s barrier. After realizing this, Cobray changed tactics, ordering the Gun Slaves to envelop the Vandread Jura clone. The Gun Slaves then shot sustained high-intensity beams at the barrier. The beams burned through the barrier like plasma torches and soon enough, the Vandread Jura clone’s barrier shattered. The sustained beams of the Gun Slaves then made short work of the now defenseless machine, clearing out just before it exploded.

While all that was happening, the Vandread Dita clone managed to get a lucky shot and blew apart a portion of the left wing of the Dis’ Astranagant. Cobray got pissed at this and flipped the Z.O. Scythe around to use the shotgun part of the assembly. He then proceeded to shoot the Vandread Dita clone. The blue machine managed to evade the shots, only to be surrounded and pulverized by Gun Slave attacks.

End of flashback


Cobray was contemplating his situation right now.

“The Gun Slaves are spent. It’ll take a while for them to recharge and the barrier is still down. Plus, I don’t think that I can finish them all off with just the Z.O. Scythe and the shotgun.” Cobray narrowed his eyes at the realization that his conventional weapons are not enough to take out all the hostiles.

I guess it’s time to stop playing around then. Ingram said in a serious tone.

Cobray fully understood what Ingram meant by that and said “Yeah…Guess I should end this then.”

The Dis repositioned itself in front of the cloud of enemies. “Deploy! Meth Asher!!”

The large teardrop shaped devices behind the Dis’ shoulders flipped over until the sharper ends of the devices were pointing at the enemy. The portion pointing at the enemy started to open up vertically and two rails extended from it, the same thing happened to the other device. The rails started to spark as the devices started to charge up energy. When there was enough energy, Cobray said

“Meth Asher!! Maximum shoot!!”

Two orbs shot out from the rails and when they made contact with the enemy turned into vortices, black holes in fact.

All the harvester units except of the mothership were being sucked into the two black holes. Cobray watched as hundreds of enemy units were sucked in and crushed by the the black holes.

“I hope the black holes last long enough to take out the small fry. I still need a clear firing line to the mothership for my last attack, and I hope that this attack will end it.”

The Nirvana was already getting close to the chaotic battlefield.

“Captain! Visual Confirmation of the enemy mothership!” Amarone stated. The large monitor in the bridge was showing the Harvester Mothership facing away from them. The Nirvana apparently came up from behind the Harvester ship and because of that, they still could not see Cobray and the Dis Astranagant. BC quickly ordered the Dreads to scramble along with Hibiki’s Vanguard.

The Dreads moved into their squadron formations with Vandread Dita front and center. Meia opened up a comm link to all their units.

“Jura, take team two and stay here to protect the Nirvana. Hibiki, you and team one will come with me to break through the enemy. Barnette, take team three and escort Gascogne’s supply ship to pick up a possibly heavily damaged machine. Once we secure the machine we will--” Meia was cut off when a bright light suddenly flashed from the front side of the Harvester Mothership.

“What…Is….That?” Barnette, Jura, and Meia said each word respectively. Hibiki and Dita were in shock at what they were witnessing. All Hibiki could do was hold on to Dita’s hand tighter.


“Gotcha!” Was all Cobray said as the ray of purple light dissipated from the Dis Astranagant’s chest. This was its most powerful attack: Ain Soph Aur. After the ray of light hit the Harvester Mothership, a large round rune formed under the large ship and was surrounded by ten smaller runes. The larger rune completely contained the mothership as a yellow orb shot out from each of the ten smaller runes, the runes disappeared soon after. The orbs themselves were gigantic, each were almost the size of the Nirvana. The yellow orbs proceeded to orbit the mothership, encapsulating it within a dark sphere. The orbs then started slamming into the mothership one by one, hitting in shorter intervals as time went on. The effect the orbs had on the ship was amazing. The orbs each left a clean hole wherever they hit and little by little, the mothership was being erased from existence. All ten orbs converged on the last part of the mothership that was still there and, as they hit, a blinding light flashed from the center. When the light subsided, there was no trace of the mothership left. Except for the debris left by the harvester units Cobray destroyed before, there was no evidence that there was a mothership there in the first place.

Everyone on the Nirvana that saw that attack was frozen in a state of disbelief and awe. The same kind of mothership they fought so hard to destroy before was gone…within forty seconds. BC was the first to regain compsure and ordered Beldevere to find visual confirmation of the black machine. Beldevere quickly found the machine amidst the floating debris and showed it on the main monitor.

“Is that the machine we’re looking for? It looks even scarier than the harvesters.” Beldevere stated. Even BC and Magno were caught off guard by the intimidating visage of the Dis Astranagant.

“What is that? It looks like a demon.” Hibiki said as Vandread Dita made its way to the black machine.

“Im scared Mr. Alien.” Dita’s voice was trembling, scared at the physical appearance of the Dis.

“Don’t worry.” Hibiki reassured her.

“It’s not even moving. Maybe it’s out of power.” Hibiki was mistaken however as the Dis’ eyes lit up, grabbed its shotgun and fired a shot at the Vandread. Cobray was letting the Dis’ systems recover from the battle by shutting down most of its functions except life support and sensors. Cobray cursed as he was forced to put all the Dis’ systems back online to fight the perceived threat.

“Damn! One of those special units survived! The shield is still at eighteen percent and the Gun Slaves need more time to recover. Gotta end this quick!” Cobray charged at Vandread Dita mistaking it for the fake that he fought earlier.

Vandread Dita was able to evade the shot form the Dis, but only barely.

“Why? Why is it attacking us?!” Dita cried out in panic. Hibiki just cursed and deployed the Vandread’s shoulder cannons. But before the cannons could charge, the Dis quickly moved out of the way and shot a few rounds at the Vandread.

“Sorry, but I already know how you attack! As long as I stay out of its firing line, I have the advantage!” Cobray said as he tries to maneuver the Dis behind the Vandread for a clean shot in the back of the head.

Hmmmm…Ingram was contemplating about something.

“The hell was that for?!” Cobray yelled.

It just that…this unit seems somewhat different from the one you fought before. Cobray quickly grew impatient at Ingram and yelled.

“Who cares?! I just want to end this battle already!”


Meia was getting worried for the safety of Hibiki and Dita due to the sudden hostility of the black machine.

“All units! Prepare for battle! We’re going to back up Hibiki!” But before Meia could commence the attack, BC came up on the Dread’s monitor.

“Meia! Stand down!” Meia was confused by the order and demanded an explanation.

“I know you are worried about them but give us more time. We’re trying to cantact the pilot right now so stay put.” Ezra has been trying frantically to get a connection to the pilot using every frequency she could think of. Mango became worried since all this stress is surely not good for Ezra’s pregnancy.

“To the pilot of the black machine!” Ezra yelled out.

“This is the ship Nirvana! Please stop your attack! We are not hostiles! Repeat! We are not hostiles!” Ezra kept repeating that message over and over again as she was scared for the safety of Dita and Hibiki.

“Almost there…” Cobray was fully focused of getting behind the Vandread for a clean shot while shooting a few cheap shots at the Vandread’s shoulders and legs, hoping that it would slow the machine down. Suddenly…

“-not hostiles! Repeat! We are not hostiles! ” Cobray was surprised by the transmission as it repeated again.

“To the pilot of the black machine! This is the ship Nirvana! Please! Stop your attack! We are not hostiles! Repeat! We are not…” Ezra’s voice trailed off as she started sobbing over the communication link, breaking down from all the stress.

Cobray immediately stopped his attack just it time, the Dis was in perfect position behind Vandread Dita with its rifle aiming point blank at the Vandread’s back ready to pull the trigger. The Dis lowered its Shotgun and contacted the Nivana via the same frequency.

“This is Cobray Gordon…Pilot of the Dis Astranagant.” Ezra raised her tear soaked face.

“Ceasing all hostile actions…sorry about that.” Everyone on the bridge breathed a sight of relief to Cobray’s words.

Told you it was a different unit. Ingram taunted Cobray.

“Shut up…” was all Cobray replied.


The Dis was escorted to one of the hangar bays of the Nirvana where several armed women waited for the pilot to come out.

“Not hostile huh?” Cobray mused in his cockpit.

Well, you did almost shoot down one of their units. Ingram teased the young Time Diver. The women in the hangar were quite scared of the Dis’ appearance, especially when it looked straight at them as it was being secured in the hangar. Some of the armed women were actually starting to back away, thinking of getting away from the Dis. That was until Meia arrived with a few more guards.

Cobray powered down the Dis and came out of the cockpit. He was greeted by a group of cute girls that were all pointing weapons at him.

“Get you hands up now!” Meia demanded. Cobray reluctantly complied since he had enough fighting for one day. One of the guards then put handcuffs on Cobray and escorted him out of the hangar. Ingram reminded Cobray not to reveal to anyone that he is a Time Diver, saying that it would only complicate matters even further. Cobray agreed to this and was quickly thinking of an alternate explanation to his “Rescuers.” He was put in a holding cell, still handcuffed, with two guards keeping an eye on him.

“I wonder if the Dis is okay?” Cobray was worried about the people on the ship messing around with his machine.

Don’t worry. Ingram said.

From their reaction in the hangar, they’re probably too scared to even go close to it. Cobray remembered the frightened expressions of the women in the hangar, the Cobray realized something.

“Wait! There were only women in the hangar.”

So you noticed huh? Ingram was also wondering the same thing.

“and not just in the hangar. On the way to this cellm all I saw were women. Even the guards are women.” Cobray was talking about the two women guarding his cell.

A ship full of women huh? My…aren’t you lucky. Cobray chose to ignore Ingram’s words since it sounded wrong to him.


After a while, he could hear the door open. A silver haired, tanned woman stood before his cell.

“Hello there pilot. My name is BC. What’s yours?” Cobray was confused at the good nature of the woman and softly said

“Cobray…Cobray Gordon.” BC smiled and continued the conversation.

“That machine…what did you call it?” Cobray raised a brow and replied

“Dis Astranagant.” BC was puzzled at the strange name but chose to leave it alone for now.

“Anyway, our mechanics are trying to take a look at it to see if they can repair any damage to it.” Cobray quickly replied to this.

“Don’t bother.” BC was surprised with the young man’s response.

“The worse those things did to me was blow part of the wing off. Besides, the Dis has a self repair attribute that lets it regenerate over time. It’ll be back to top form within an hour.” BC could not believe Cobray’s words. First, he’s saying that the worse a harvester mothership did to him was damage part of the wing. Then he says that his machine has the ability to heal itself. BC was wondering who exactly this guy is. But before she could say anything, Cobray decided to ask her something.

“Tell me…” Cobray said.

“Why aren’t there ant men on this ship?” BC knew that it was only a matter of time before Cobray noticed that so she said

“Well, actually we--” She was cut off when the door opened to reveal a very upset Hibiki. This was the last thing BC needed right now.

“Hey you!!” the short young man yelled. Cobray only remained silent to Hibiki’s words. “The hell’s you problem trying to shoot us down like that?! We come all the way to help you and you try to kill us!”

So that’s the pilot of the unit you almost destroyed. Ingram was getting amused with this development.

Cobray, on the other hand, was less amused and said

“First of all, I never asked for help. Second, I took out all those hostiles by myself without any help. And finally, blame your crappy piloting for almost getting killed.” Hibiki went ballistic to this and the only think that was keeping things from degrading into a fist fight was the laser grid of the holding cell. Cobray was ignoring all the threats Hibiki threw at him. BC could just sigh and think

Great…that’s just what we need…another person that can piss off Hibiki. Ingram was very amused with this situation and thought.

Well, things just got more interesting. I wonder where this will lead us?

-End of Chapter 2

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