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Here's chapter 3...=3

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, organic life forms, machines, inanimate objects, or anything else written on this fic that can be used against me in a court of law.

Chapter 3: First Impressions

“All remaining units! Re-establish you formations! Careless attacks will only get you killed!” Meia was desperately trying to salvage the battle they are currently in. it was looking very bad for them, nearly 60% of the Dreads have already been shot down and the waves of enemy attacks were only getting worse.

“Dammit! Why can’t I reach anyone?!” Meia was starting to panic when she saw Vandread Dita in the distance being harassed by a large number of cube type enemies.

“Hibiki! Hibiki! Can you hear me?!” After there was no response, she decided to take matters into her own hands and help her comrade. Meia’s Dread started a Hit and Run style of attack on the cube types to give Vandread Dita some time to recompose. As she was trying to gain some distance from the cube types that pursued her, a bright pulsating red light surrounded the view of the cockpit and at the same time her Dread lost power to the engines and stopped responding.

“…No” was the last thing Meia could say before several cube types surrounded her Dread and destroyed it.

“Meiaaaaa!!” Jura cried out as she saw her flight leader’s Dread be reduced to scrap metal.

“This is crazy! We have to get out of here!” Jura started a mad dash to the Nirvana but was cut off by an Egg carrier. Jura’s Dread was hit by the carrier’s attack and was sent spinning out of control. As Jura’s Dread finally stopped she tried to get her senses back when she saw that a giant spiked sphere was heading straight for her at full speed.

“Barnette….Save me…” Jura whispered as the same red light flashed in Jura’s cockpit before her Dread was smashed by the Urchin type enemy and was destroyed.

Hibiki couldn’t believe what he was seeing. All of his comrades were being killed all around him. “Dammit all! We have to protect the Nirvana! That guy can’t take on all these things and cover the Nirvana by himself! C’mon!”

Hibiki was surprised that Dita didn’t respond to him. “Hey! Let’s go back!” Hibiki nudged the girl who just laid back into him, her face covered in blood.


“I can’t believe they managed to shoot down all the Gun Slaves!” Cobray was struggling to keep the enemy at bay.

“I can’t protect this ship by myself! Where the hell is everyone?!” Cobray desperately tried to search for any sign of friendly units.

I think that you are the only one left. Ingram said in a very serious tone.

“Fine! In that case!” Cobray deployed the Dis Astranagant’s Meth Asher. The devices behind the Dis’ shoulders moved to their firing positions and started charging energy.

“This is for all the pilots you bastards killed! Meth Asher! Maximum Shoot!!” But instead of firing, the Dis powered down and wouldn’t respond to Cobray.

“What the hell is going on?! Move dammit! Move you piece of shi--” but before Cobray could finish, the same red pulsating light surrounded him.

“Okay…I know this isn’t good.” The Dis’ was the split in half by a green laser beam and was destroyed, the beam also hit the Nirvana which was already being overwhelmed by the enemy and was soon destroyed as well. And the origin of the green laser beam, was the severely damaged Vandread Dita.

“Why? Why did it end up like this?” The shocked Hibiki pleaded. But the only response he got was a red pulsating light around him. He embraced Dita’s lifeless body before letting out one last desperate scream as the Vandread was destroyed.


“Whaaaaa!!” Hibiki woke up, soaked in sweat. “A dream…It was..A dream?” He still couldn’t believe that it was all a dream, it felt too real to be a dream.

“Damn!” was all the Vanguard pilot said before getting up and heading for the hangar where his Vanguard was. When he got there, he was surprised to see three other people there.

“You guys…” Meia, Jura, and Dita looked at Hibiki with worried faces.

“What are all of you doing up this late?!” Hibiki yelled, trying to hide the fact that he was scared out of his wits a few minutes ago. The three girls stayed silent for a while. The awkward silence was deafening and was getting on Hibiki’s nerves. “Well?! Don’t just stand there! Say something!”

Dita opened her mouth trying to talk but the words just wouldn’t come out of her lips, the fear was still too much for her.

“A dream…” Meia finally said. Hibiki, Jura, and Dita gave her surprised looks. “I had a dream…or should I say…a nightmare. We were attacked…and we were all killed.”

Jura wakly raised her hand and said. “I had the same dream…Then I had the sudden urge to go here.”

Dita finally had the courage to speak up and said “Me too…things were all scary…then a red light flashed and then…and then…” fear once again gripped the poor girl as she recalled her nightmare.

“So we all had the sam dream…but why? And what was that red light?” Hibiki was getting irritated by the cryptic dream.

Meia held her chin and replied “Do you think that the Paksis is trying to tell us something?”

“Well…Maybe…” Hibiki agreed that the Paksis could be involved but before further conjectures could be formulated, Jura held her head in pain and said “I’m sorry…My head really hurts…I think I’ll go back to bed.” Dita helped her walk as the both left the hangar.

“I guess it can’t be helped for now…we should head back as well Hibiki.” Hibiki nodded as they all went back to their respective rooms though none of them got any sleep as that were all thinking about their nightmare for the rest of the night.

At the same time, in Cobray’s holding cell.

“That dream…It was…a warning…wasn’t it?” Cobray tried to make sense of what just happened to him. He apparently had the same dream as Hibiki and the girls.

I guess we can’t leave this alone anymore. Ingram was right, someone or something was trying to tell them something. Cobray let out a heavy sigh and said

“I wonder what I got myself into THIS time…?” Cobray asks himself as he tred to get back to sleep although, like Hibiki and the three girls, he would have no such luck as he stayed awake for the rest of the night.

The next day, Cobray was in his holding cell still groggy from being relatively sleepless. After a while, one of the guards of his cell stood before him.

“Get up!” The armed woman said. “The captain wants to talk to you.” Cobray grumbled as he wasn’t really in the mood to talk to anyone due to his lack of sleep and not even been able to eat breakfast.

Cobray was taken to a conference room where three women were waiting for him. He was seated on a chair in front of a large oval table, the three women seated across him. One of the women was the tanned silver-haired woman that spoke to him earlier. On of the other women was one with a rather impressive build, almost like a man in fact. She had dark green hair and was wearing a headband; she also had a large toothpick in her mouth and even gave Cobray a friendly smile though he only ignored it. The woman who was seated between the other two who were previously mentioned was rather old, probably in her sixties or seventies. She had a cane and was wearing and brown cloak with a hood, she had a very calm but serious expression.

The old woman cleared her throat and began to speak. “Goodmorning…um… Cobray…was it?” Cobray quietly nodded.

“Yes, well we are sorry for keeping you locked up but I think that you can understand that we can’t just trust people who we just picked up in space.” Once again Cobray nodded, still keeping his guard up.

“Oh! Where are my manners?” The old lady chuckled lightly.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Magno and I am the captain of this ship: The Nirvana” she then motioned to her right.

“I believe that you already met my second in command BC.” BC mearly nodded at Cobray and the young man responded in kind. Magno then motioned to her left.

“And this is Gascogne. One of my most trusted crew members and the head of the Registry.”

Cobray gave Magno a confused look and asked

“Registry?” the large woman gave a grin before stating

“Finally! I was starting to think that you couldn’t talk or something.” This earned her a death glare from Cobray. Gascogne raised her hands up motioning to Cobray that she was only joking.

“Easy there tiger!” Gascogne pleaded “I was only trying to break the ice.” Cobray really didn’t care for it and simply sat back normally.

“Ahem! To answer your question.” BC was getting tired of Gascogne’s antics and decided to answer Cobray’s question.

“The Registry is where our Dreads…Our fighters…get their supplies, by that I mean fuel, ammunition or anything else they might need.” Cobray was curious as to why they were telling him all this until Ingram pointed out something.

Heads up kid. If they’re going through all the trouble of telling you how they operate then they must want something in return.

Cobray decised to act on Ingram’s theory and asked

“Why are you telling me all of this? What does this have to do with me?” Magno smiled at the yound Time Diver and said

“Well…you see, you have a very…Interesting machine…What was it called again?” Ingram’s suspicion has been founded. It would appear that women are after his machine.

“Dis Astranagant…That’s what its called.” Cobray responded, still very weary of the three women. This was when Gascogne made a very confused, almost strained, face.

“That’s a very…unusual name…for ANYTHING to have.” The large woman said. Cobray looked at Gascogne and responded

“That’s why I sometimes just call it The Dis or Astranagant. It’s easier to say, especially if I’m in a hurry.” Gascogne gave him a thumbs up and a large smile to which Cobray gave a weird look and said

“I like ‘The Dis’ better!” Magno smiled as she knew that Gascogne has loosened up Cobray’s tension a bit.

Magno once again started talking.

“About those things that you fought before we found you…” Cobray immediately looked at Magno with a serious face.

“What about them?” The young Time Diver asked.

“Do you know what they are? Have you fought the before?” Cobray sighed and said

“No and No…They just started attacking me after I arrived in this di—uhh…Region of Space.” Cobray mentally slapped himself for almost saying that he just arrived in this dimension.

“I see…” Magno gave a disappointed look.

“I thought that you have fought against them before seeing as how well you stood up against them.” Gascogne snickered to this.

“Stood up? Are you kidding me? He completely Annihilated those things by himself by the time we found him. You DID do all that by yourself right?” Cobray simply nodded in response. Facing down insane numbers of enemies was nothing new to Cobray considering that he has faced FAR worse during the time he fought alongside Amuro, Arad, Seolla and the rest of the Alpha Numbers.

“I’ve been though worse.” Cobray casually said. “Why? Do you people know what those things were?” Cobray noticed BC smile to this and said

“As a matter of fact…” BC proceeded to tell Cobray everything they knew about the Harvesters. She told him that the Harvesters were out to collect specific body parts from different worlds as well as the battles against them and finally about the Paksis and the Vandreads.

You getting all of this? Cobray mentally asked Ingram.

Yes. This is a very interesting situation. What’s you plan? Are you gonna stick around? Cobray briefly considered the prospect of leaving but quickly realized

I don’t have anywhere else to go. Besides, I wanna learn more about there ‘Harvesters’.

After BC’s explanation Cobray stood up and said.

“Let me guess, you people want me to help you to fight those things right?” Magno smiled as did Gascogne.

“You catch on pretty quickly kid.” Gascogne commended. Magno added “Indeed, your strength will be a great boost to our forces.” Cobray raised his eyebrow and asked

“Aren’t you trusting me a little easily?” Magno gave Cobray a serious look.

“Of course not. But it’s not like you have anywhere else to go correct? So might as well utilize your skill to help us why you’re here.” Cobray was cornered and he knew it.

These guys are good. Ingram mused.

“Aren’t you going to ask me why I’m here or how I got here?” Cobray asked.

Magno kept her poker face and answered

“Why? Would you tell us the truth if we asked? You’re probably going to make something up anyway so why bother. You can tell us all about you whenever you feel like telling the truth.” Cobray was completely dumbstruck. This old lady managed to read his plans like a book. Cobray gave a defeated sigh and said

“Fine, I’ll do it your way for now.” The three women smiled at this knowing that they have a strong new ally. But before anything else could be said a loud grumbling sound was heard. Cobray held his stomach and said

“Crap! I completely forgot that I was starving…” Gascogne started laughing to that statement. Magno decided to help Cobray and said

“Gascogne, could you please show our new friend to the galley?” Gascogne was still recovering from laughing so hard but managed to say

“My pleasure…C’mon ked…lets go.” And with that, Cobray and Gascogne left the conference room. With Cobray gone, BC asked Magno

“Are you sure about this?” Magno stood up, looked at BC, smiled and said

“I don’t think that he will betray us. His eyes show that he has been through a lot. He will be a great help to us.”


As Gascogne was leading Cobray to the galley, Cobray started observing the ship. Hmm…It’s a pretty decent sized ship. Nowhere as big as the Battle Seven, but definitely bigger that the Archangel and Ra Cailum.

As they were walking they passed a few of the crew members, most of which gave either angry glares or worried looks towards Cobray not that he cared since he was still starving.

“Well…Here we are!” Gascogne said as the door to tha galley slid open. As cobray went in he noticed a few crew members were there and he saw someone familiar. A blue haired woman with a white flight suit on the most noticeable feature is the odd device she was wearing on her head, like a headset but looked more ornamental than useful. The said woman stood up from her seat and approached Gascogne and Cobray.

“What is the meaning of this?” The question apparently directed to Gascogne.

“What? This?” Gascogne motioned to Cobray.

“He’s just hungry so I showed him the way to the galley.” The blue haired woman narrowed her eyes and said

“I don’t understand. Can’t he just be fed in his cell?” Gascogne looked up at the ceiling apparently thinking about something.

“I guess we could do that…But the thing is. He’s not a prisoner anymore.”

The blue haired woman closed her eyes and walked off not saying another word.

“Bye Meia!” Gascogne waved to her smiling as usual.

Cobray wasn’t really paying any attention to their exchange as he was fixated on the food displayed on the counter. Gascogne noticed this and said

“Go ahead! Eat anything you want! It’s not poisoned if that’s what’s worrying you!” Corbay shook his head and said

“It’s not that. I was wondering why you have to show how much calories the have.” Cobray pointed to the indicators on front of each plate showing how much calories that particular dish had.

“Oh! Well some of the girls here are very sensitive about those kinds of things. Girls have to take care of their figure right?” Cobray really didn’t care as he took a tray and started loading it with food. When he got seated, ready to start eating, Gascogne said

“Well, I’d better get going. Have a nice meal.” And with that she left the galley.

When Cobray was almost done eating she heard the door slide open. A red haired girl with a cheerful face walked…well…skipped in. The girl saw Cobray eating and approached him.

“Hi there!” the girl said. Cobray looked at her for a moment but continued eating. The girl simply smiled at him and said

“My name is Dita. What’s yours?” Cobray drank some water and responded


Dita placed a finger up against her chin and said “Co…brie?” Cobray gave her a mean stare and yelled

“It’s Cobray! CO! BRAY!” Dita pouted and started to whimper and left the galley. Cobray gave attire sigh and said to himself

“I wish I was back on the Ra Cailum…”

-End of Chapter 3

I'm still working on chapter 4 so I'll post it another time.
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