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Choose your Drama Family..=3
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24 / F / shinee world ♥
Posted 9/25/08
father: anybody that is willing
mother: anybody that is willing
sister: inoue mao
brother: matsujun
lil sis: jung da bin
husband: jang geun suk
child: i don't want one
pet: dog
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22 / F / Kou-chan's ♡ || B...
Posted 5/12/09
For Pet: Baby Ji [Dog of FTLY]
Posted 5/13/09
daddy: anyone rich but loving & kind
mommy: kenken's (yamapi's character) mom in stand up!!

sister: tsubaki domyouji
brother: miura haruma in bloody monday

husband: chiaki in nodame cantabile

bffs: nodame and yankumi

pet: my own dog, a schnoodle

Posted 5/13/09
sister: inoue mao
brother: sho
bffs: yamapi,kame,shige,masami
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Posted 8/31/09
Mother:Horikita Maki
Brother:Arioka Daiki
Sister:Shidai Mirai
Husband:Okamoto Keito
Best Buddy:Shintaro Morimoto

Posted 9/2/09
Father /Mother: Kumako's mother and father in Seigi no Mikata :)
Sister: Erika sawajiri
Brother: Yamapi
Husband: satoshi ohno
Child: rika of 1lot
Pet: Matsujun
Best Friend:Shida Mirai

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26 / F / At Home
Posted 9/2/09
Father/Mother: Leeteuk (Yes, he is perfect as both)
Brothers: Kimbum & Taemin
Sister: Horikita Maki
Brother-in-law: Kim Jaejoong
Sister-in-law: Kim Soeun
Pet: Heebum (Heechul's cat)

Childhood/Best Friend: G-Dragon/Kown Jiyong
Boyfriend: Choi Minho
Crush: Hankyung
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23 / F / Portland
Posted 9/2/09
Mother = i sorta like mine now... haha or yamaguchi kumiko from gokusen
brother = yamada taro from yamada taro monogatari
sister = domyogi tsubaki from hana yori dango
husband = domyogi tsukasa (hana yori dango) or sawada shin (gokusen) or ban (bambino!) or momo (kimi wa petto) haha anything MATSUJUN <3
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51 / M / United States
Posted 9/2/09
parents = my Japanese in-laws (even though I don't speak much Japanese and they don't speak much English, we get along great!)

sisters = no one too attractive, who wants to have cute sisters? LOL

brothers = anyone in the F4, then I'd get to hang with all of them (I'd be like the cool older brother that they all respect)

wife = I already have that one covered
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somewhere on earth
Posted 9/7/09
Brothers: Chinen Yuri, Takaki Yuya, Inoo Kei
Sisters: Horikita Maki, Shida Mirai
Cousins: Seto Koji, Nakamaru Yuichi
Best Buddies: Koyama Keichiro, Yamada Ryosuke, Arioka Daiki
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23 / F / Morocco~
Posted 9/20/09
Father : Koyama Keiichiro
Mother:Erika sawajiri
yonger sister : Rika from 1LOT
Older Brothers: Yabu kota,Takaki Yuya.
younger brothers : Morimoto brothers! (ryutaro & shintaro)
cousins: nakajima yuto,yaotome hikaru
boy friend: Yamada Ryosuke
best friends: Chinen Yuri,Okamoto keito,Arioka Daiki,
Pet: kuuki! (yamada's dogs)
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F / Antique bookshop
Posted 9/20/09
Father : kimura takuya
Mother: the female lead of forbidden love
yonger sister : the young sis in seigi no mikata
Older Brothers: koyama keichiiro
younger brothers : tegoshi yuya
cousins: ryo, jun, nino , lee min ho
boy friend: yamashita tomohisa
best friends: kim hyun joong
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21 / F / JaPan..Jakarta Panas
Posted 9/28/09
Father : Yabu Kota
Mother : Sawajiri Erika
older brother : Nakajima yuuto
Lil borther : i dunno..haha
older sister : Airi Suzuki
Lil Sister : i dunno too
Boyfriend : Okamoto Keito...!!!
Best friend : chinen yuuri,yamada ryosuke,arioka daiki.
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21 / F / England
Posted 9/28/09
i wana keep my mom
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32 / F
Posted 11/3/09 , edited 11/16/10
husband: jun matsumoto
child: miura haruma
father: aya's father
mother: mommy ingrid garcia(tayong dalawa)
brother(s): tegomass
sister (s): erika sawajiri
father-in-law: miroku's dad.
mother-in-law: tsubaki domyouji (i wouldn't want madame kaede for a mother-in-law, or there'll be issues)
bff: hugo bosini (thou reyes), betty pingson, bidou granmarie (yukan club), yuri kenbishi (yukan club) bruce, jackie, and josa ([email protected])
pet: yujiro

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