anime ending remake!: warning spoilers :)
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Posted 5/13/08 , edited 5/13/08
i just finished watching the anime entitled: myself; yourself. it contains 13 episodes w/c i think needs more.. if ever given a chance in my wildest imagination i guess i would like to change...hmmm.. not to just change but add some things especially to the ending...

first, it would have been better, if the faces of the twins were shown. I mean after nanaka's violin performance everyone accidentally met and looked at each other and smile. then, the next day, they agreed to meet in the beach and play with everyone and with the by one, self issues would not be left hanging like, asami asked shuuri what happened to their father, (of course asami is a little hesitant,but shuuri smiled and said: i dont know, somehow i've heard that our father left my step mother and he is looking for us now, but i guess, shuuske and i need some more time.

meanwhile, aoi is preparing the food so is nanaka and yuzuki with hinako. hinako is now a teenager and asks more questions about adulthood to yuzuki, and they all laugh about some little misconcept. shuuske and sana, are both playing in the water after getting the camp done. shuuske paused for a while and ask sana if he's going to do it. and sana smiled as he spontaeneously said:YES!

i guess, it would have been much more romantic if sana proposed in the beach. here's my idea, sana invited nana, to walk (Iand they stop as they approach a cliff, or he can also wait till nanaka is a little bit far away from everyone else and he proposed to nanaka and the background was bright orange, yellow and red because of the setting of the sun. everyone took all their smiles as they played in the beach :)

well, that's my idea.. what could have been FOR ME can you share some anime endings too that lacks a closure? you can add youre own edings too
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Posted 5/13/08 , edited 5/13/08
i think this is the same as this...

then again i could be wrong...

i would change the ending of school days...both kotonoha and sekai would murder makoto for revenge on his betrayal!

Edit: dammit bill is too fast
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Posted 5/13/08
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