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26 / M / California
Posted 5/13/08 , edited 5/14/08
r your viet parents very religious. my mom is. she prays in the car!!!
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Posted 5/19/08 , edited 5/20/08
no my parents r not. they dn't force me 2 go 2 any ceremony wite them. in america they dn't force me but when we're in vietnam, my mom ALWAYS make me go even when it's 4:00 IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they kool, as long as they dn't have nothin wrong wite who i'm dating then wwe kool.
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24 / M / i dont think so
Posted 6/11/08 , edited 6/11/08
yea my mom is pretty religious. she makes me pray every nite and go 2 catholic church whenever im not busy. but my grandma. now she's religious. she prays like almost all the time and spends all her free time at a church, something related to a church, or sleeping because she is like 75 years old.
Posted 6/13/08 , edited 6/14/08
.... ehh yeshh..
i go to a temple. its BORING as hell -____-
i kneel for like 2 hours and chant this lil "kinh" or however you spell it :3
so yea. my parents are religious. well my mom is (:
i just sit there, look at her and bother her XD
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Posted 7/11/08 , edited 7/12/08
My mom is extremely religious!!
She pray and read "kinh" every night.
I think i'm as religious as her too but not so obsessed.
Still being religious isn't a bad thing, sometimes it does something good
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Posted 7/20/08 , edited 7/20/08
going to Temple every sunday is like boring for me XD;;; I don't even know why I should go though T.T; and plus I have a hard time understanding on what there chanting XD;; oh yeah I have to go with my mom XP;; l
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new CR profile it...
Posted 7/22/08 , edited 7/22/08
ehhhhh my parents are sumwut religious i have to go to chua evry sunday which is like total torture for people like me .but most of the time they dont care if we do any chua work at hoome except for the lion dance team but you know theyre not related to chua so yeh im pretty much off the hook for chua stuff (chua means temple)
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