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Five songs on your playlist.
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40 / F / sky x]
Posted 5/13/08 , edited 12/20/08
Hey guys!

[delete this if it's a duplicate thread]

I just wanna know what's in your playlist so that we can share songs. XD

1. the heap song - jang geun suk (lol.this song is so funny. :P)
2. i wanna be - YUI
3. oh my god - YUI
4. black engine - jang geun suk
5. nobody - wonder girls

Posted 7/26/08
DBSK - balloons, purple line, o, together, how me your love
Azu - Jikan yo Tomare
Fahernheit - ai dao, chu shen ru hua
Arashi - wish
Big Bang - lalala, my girl
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24 / F / Chicago. Home of...
Posted 8/2/08
Oh wow this is hard for me

I think I have to go by groups:

Arashi: A.Ra.Shi, Love So Sweet, Sakura Sake, Truth, and Yabai-Yabai-Yabai (there are ALOT more, but I'm sticking to five XD)DBSK: Million Men, Tri-Angle, Balloons, Purple Line, and Whatever They Say(acapella vers)
Fahrenheit: Chao Xi Huan Ni, Ai Dao, Xin Wo, and Xiao Xiao Da Ren Wu
F4: Can't Lose You, Waiting For You, Meteor Rain, Body Will Sing(Vanness), and Fantasy(Jerry)
Bi/Rain: Free Way, With U, In My Bed, Without You, and Sad Tango (also, there are ALOT more, but still sticking to five XDD)

So yeah. I have a fave playlist on my ipod titled "^_^" so it has soo many songs that I can't live without, but these are probably my top 5 groups/artists and my top 5 songs by them. Sry if I went overboard XD
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29 / M
Posted 8/2/08
41. David Bowie feat. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Furyo) (5:46)
183. The Pillows - Last Dinosaur (3:44)
503. Monstrosity - Apostles of the Endless Night (5:50)
666. Moonspell - Night Eternal (4:21)
700. Island - Ueber dem Thal (7:05)

Generated from my Winamp HTML playlist.
Posted 8/2/08
DBSK-choosey lover
DBSK-break up the shell
DBSK-eternal....and much more DBSK songs
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Posted 8/3/08
if it makes you happy...
i have nothing...
im yours...
i love you goodbye...
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27 / GermanY -,-
Posted 8/3/08
big bangs

-with u
-mad about u
-this love
-last farewell
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28 / F / Germany
Posted 8/3/08
THSK - Box In The Ship
GReeeeN - Kiseki
Jill Vidal - 聽得見的青春
Utada Hikaru - Making Love
BENNIE K - Monochrome
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28 / M / Sweden
Posted 8/3/08
The Libertines - Dont look back into the sun

The Libertines - Music when the light go out

The libertines - What Katie Did

Babyshambles - Albion

Alkaline Trio - Radio
Posted 8/3/08
UVERworld-Boku ni Kasanatte Kuru Ima
Within Temptations-Memories
Likin Park-Leave Out All The Rest
Evanescence-Everybody's fool
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24 / F / New York
Posted 8/3/08
Aristocrat's Symphony by Versailles
Chocolat by Kaya
Ese Urunai by An Cafe
The Love From A Dead Orchestra by Versailles
Omajinai Peroni by Perfume
Posted 8/3/08
Big Bang - 거짓말 (Lie)
SEAMO - We Fight!
SEAMO - 軌跡 Kiseki
Ayaka - Why
Atari Kousuke - Hana
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27 / F / USA
Posted 8/3/08
TVXQ - Why did I end up falling in love with you?
TVXQ - White lies
TVXQ - Rainy Night
TVXQ - Insa
Chemistry - This Night
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114 / F
Posted 8/3/08
Linkin Park - In the end
Puddle of mudd - Take it all away aka Blurry
Ayaka - Okaeri
Posted 8/3/08
I'll post the next TEN songs

Wine Red- the Hush Sound
Let The Flames Begin- Paramore
Get Ready 2 Rokk- Freezepop
The Curse of Curves by Cute is what we aim for
Whoo! Alright -Yeah... Uh Huh by the Raptures
Hood Hop by J Kwon
If I have my way by Chrisette Michele
Golden by Jill Scott
Colorblind by Emily King
More More More by East Clubbers.
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