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22 / F / Tell me yours and...
Posted 5/14/08 , edited 5/14/08
Hello Mina!!!!! I just want everyone to participate in making their charas. 'Cause I need them for the story so I can start already making it. Just fill up this form






~Love Life~

Skill/ Weapon:



Please fill up this form so you can be included in the story!!!!!
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28 / M / Ohio
Posted 5/14/08 , edited 5/14/08


Background:The 1st prince of Crestalia and the last one to be crowned King (tnx to his personality)

Personality: a care free type of guy,who will always party rather than doing his duties

Position:The sealed princes

~Love Life:hmm...let me count...1...2...3...4...5......i guess a lot :sweatingbullets:

Skill/ Weapon:Skill: Tempest, Weapon: Saber

Pet:Eagle (dont have an image yet,but i would be happy if you provide me)


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26 / M / Akranes,Iceland
Posted 5/14/08 , edited 5/14/08


Background: didn´t remember his past! one day he woke up with a weapon and an srange egg beside him. He felt so angry all the time and he found out that his parents were killed by some castle guards and he swore that he would get revenge on the Kingdom.

Personality: Angry, Silent and wants revenge

Position: Fallen Princes

~Love Life~ no love life

Skill/ Weapon: Shadow Sills and a sword

Pet: A Black Dragon

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F / ***~Within your h...
Posted 5/14/08 , edited 7/28/08
Name: Mira

Username: HyperBlossoms

Background: She's the youngest princess and she's even very beautiful. She's very kind even to her sisters. She's very protective to one of her dearest persons

Personality: I have two forms

This is my grass-type form. It only awakens if I am surrounded with the beautiful nature. My personality here is very kind and gentle

This is my fire-type form. It only awakens if I am surrounded with the sunlight. My personaltiy here is cheerful and hyper but when someone tries to mistreat me or my dearest persons, I became vengeful to the evil person and give them 1000-year curse

Position: Hundred princesses

~Love Life~
I dont have one and why ur asking???!!!

Skill/ Weapon:

I use Red (or Pink) Rose petals and turn them to whips


Isn't it cute? Her name is Rimu ( I know its a pokemon Skitty and I dont have any pet to search)

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26 / F / NiRvAnA...
Posted 5/14/08 , edited 5/15/08
Name:Shea Miller

Username: soulnirvana

Background: A princess who is running for her life and soul against those who want to kill and sacrifice her for immortality. Betrayed by her lover, she seeks salvation by traveling with only a wolf guardian as companion. She search for the other Hundred Princesses in order to help them and find out what happened to her home land as well as her true past.

Personality: Always smiling even in the midst of trouble, courageous, animal lover, kind and lonely

Position: Hundred Princesses

~Love Life~ Shea Miller escaped the palace with a lover, Kyle Shielden. Kyle is a warrior whom Shea loved that when she was asked by Kyle to elope she quickly followed. Little does she know that once they are inside the Crestalia Forest, Kyle will cut off her heart and give it to one of the Fallen Princes in order to achieve immortality. When she learned what Kyle's true intention is, she fought for her life even if it means killing her beloved. She killed Kyle with his own sword, striking him through his heart. Still, she can't forget the betrayal of Kyle that she took Kyle's sword with her in her adventure because it will serve as a remainder for her to be cautious enough. Then she saw a wounded wolf which she took care of. When the wolf regained health, he asked Shea to take him because he is a guardian wolf who can protect her but in truth he fell in love with Shea though she doesn't know.

Skill/ Weapon: (Weapons)[Kyle's Weapon] Phoenix Sword,

Elemental/Taming Flute

(Skills)Can Tame Animals/Monsters, Summon Elemental Spirits, Sword Skills

Pet: Golden Wolf Guardian [can change to human form]

[human form: below]

Posted 5/14/08 , edited 5/15/08
name: Hirusawa Ayaka
username: nash_ayakahirusawa

Background : i had a fight with my whole family and i left the house.....i was found by a stranger and he rescued me from starvation and death....he led me to a castle and there i lived happily....but then a strange occasion occured that suddenly ... i died...currently in heaven with the other souls...

position : one of the twelve souls
Lovelife: (lets change it....since my life is too tragic) I never had an encounter with love before...if i ever had one..i will never know it already had hit me and deny that it im on a great look out for this game

Personality: The clueless happy-go-lucky to chase her dreams blindly

skill or weapon: my power to control water
pet: Dark and light...

pic:ooook....lets change it...since the last one was already my official pic in KOS
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24 / M / Singapore
Posted 5/14/08 , edited 5/14/08
Name: Kion Zaraki


Background: He used to think that he had a happy family until his parents quarrelled over money and killed each other. He trained himself with blades and now wields 2 swords and a Symbol. He could not remember anything after a spell that was cast on him broke. He then found out that his other memories were fake. He could only remember his missing little sister and girlfriend.

Personality: Quiet, Carefree and Dangerous when angry.

Position: Fallen Prince

~Love Life~: He has only 1 girlfriend. She went missing 2 years ago with his sister

Skill/ Weapon: Control of Fire. A katana and a buster sword. His Symbol is another sword that is bandaged

Pet: Wolf Spirit.

Posted 5/14/08 , edited 5/14/08


Background:a simple warrior who is exploring the whole world together with his pet..they knows how to fight and very good at it..

Personality:very kind but can be mean sometimes..likes to bully others..funny but sometimes serious and will protect his friends no matter what

Position:the sealed princes

Love life: no one interests him yet..just a free single guy..

Skill/ Weapon:demon sword..skill:all elements can be in his sword

Pet:demon wolf

this is me and my sword

this is my pet demon wolf

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26 / M / I live in Erinn ^...
Posted 5/14/08 , edited 5/18/08
Name: Axel

Username: Dragonball92

Background: A magic swordsmen who commands the elements and is a master at swordsmenship,he is a survivor of Ragnarok, the battle versus the gods, at young age he lost everything and gained power he was taken prisoner in the jail prison of asgard, he escaped imprisonment and wandered the outskirts of Asgard. Just as he collapsed an old fallen angel came to his side. He taught him the angelic language and about the gods. The old angel gave him the power of the fallen angels sacrificing his own life, after he trained versus demons and renegade angels. Soon he was discovered by the magi and stripped of his humanity. He was imprisoned in the night of Fimbulvetr and remained for years to come. There he obtains a magical sword, Lamia in the god world. Lamia has the power that was forged from the gods and the hilt is made out of the dragon lords heart, this sword chooses its owner, he who wields it may be even stronger than the gods, he escapes from Asgard and returns to his homeland only to discover that it no longer exist. What he did not know is that the time in asgard is faster than it is in earth, he finds himself in a different land with no allies. he travels learning of what has happened to the new world, he finds that it is corrupted and evil, yet he can do nothing, he sets his eyes at the kingdom of crestalia. he aims to kill the king for not noticing his people and vows to end his tyrrany.

Personality: Secluded but knows right and wrong, kind to others, cannot ignore the weak and hates to kill, an honorable man who follows the wind

Position: Fallen Prince

~Love Life~ None, he only follows the way of the sword

Skill/ Weapon: Dragon Heart= able to use the power of dragons and incorporate them into his techniques. Summoning, summon all elements, Lamia(Sword) provides protection and magic


Name: Greydrone

Hes Usually kind but he doesn't like people who lie

This is Lamia, this sword chooses its wielder and it has a mind of its own 0.0!!!
Posted 5/14/08 , edited 5/15/08
Name:Kodie (but call me Kuroda)


Background:Hmmm a young girl who is a cat spirit.....Left her homeland long ago....more like was transported to this world..While she was at a store in a land that was in danger she heard of a mervioules and safe place called Crestaila and in of search for this place and is hopeing to find her way home there or planing to live there and is hopeing to be of service in this world just like her own world. But first she wanted to help this land in danger because it actually helped her X D. So while it was being attacked by a huge enemy army (actually form Crestaila) i destroyed everyone. Once i destroyed them all they all thanked me for killing the evil Crestailia army. But i knew i was defentily in trouble suddenly one of the warriers caught me and took me away to the castle. I was actually happy even though i knew i was in bad trouble. But my white tiger friend Tetsu and black cat Kion with me i was not worried at all. But i was asking this question again and again in my head...why would Crestailia the safest place attack such a place like that....maybe...the land i helped were...TRAITORS! or the land was....TOXIC!

Personality:Courages,always smiling,kind hearted, animal lover,Hyper!!!!!,has lots of courage, & is very loyal to the person she serves

Position:Outsider, who might become a loyal fighter for the queen and king....or pet guardian for them, then might join evil side (for some reason) and become a fallen pricess (because in my world i was a princess)...not sure X D we will see

~Love Life~:?????well if u mean a love life in the story nope X D

Skill/ Weapon:claws,flexibily,strengh,swords sometimes,guns,speed

Pet:A black cat and a white tiger

Pic: Tetsu and me (i dont have elf ears )

Posted 5/15/08 , edited 5/15/08
Name: (unknown) Nick name: Kia

Username: Animefanatic1

Background: at the age of 5 his clan was attacked by bandits and everyone excpt him was destoryed.. ever scince then he started training, at the age of 8 he killed the bandits that destroyed his life, wandering from time 2 time he hunts those that r evil. people that r crying he helps them. he only talks in 4 5 4 words.. (ex. (1)y (2)r (3)u (4)sad? (1)hey! (2)back (3)off (4)or (5)else. (1)i (2)purifing (3)the (4)world

Personality: Lone, Vengeful, Peaceful, Never gives up, Care less, Quiet

Position: High Land Knights

~Love Life~ Nice until one day Bandits came and destroyed his whole clan, when he woke up he was alone, everyone he cared about died,that changed him ever scince

Skill/ Weapon: Boomarang sword, Sword skill

Pet: species: Deathwalker Name: Regho (revived Ghost)

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Posted 5/15/08 , edited 5/15/08
Name: Shinsen Tenohira
Username: Aminatsu032
Background: She can't remember anything of her childhood. She was raised by her adopted parents as their own and took an ordinary life. But little by little she discovers a hidden power whithin her as one of the hundred princesses
Personality: happy and easy-going at her normal form but becomes stoic and cold-hearted when her true self is awakened
Position: One of the Hundred Princesses
Love Life: There's only one thing she remembers in her past life and that is a face of a handsome young man, extending his hand to reach her.
Skill/ Weapon: Poisoned Blades
Pet: A Raven named Mist.
Posted 5/15/08 , edited 5/15/08
Name: Miyu Anna


Background: She was abandoned by everyone she knows , including her real family as everyone think that she's an burden to others , except for one childhood friend of hers.She often hangs out with him ( CF ) and ended up getting tortured by her parents and left a scar on her hand which she would never forget. Then , she left home with a wand in her hands and try to become the best magician without telling him. Until one day , the king of Crestalia adopted her and try to train her to be a good magician. And sometimes she often thinks that she's a burden to other peoples in the kingdom due to what happened when she was younger. Years passed and there were rumours about her real family got killed by one of the fallen prince. And when she realize it , the fallen prince is her beloved childhood friend :)

Personality: lovely , caring , doesnt give up easily, protects her sisters and always have a smile on her face.

Position: one of the Hundred princess

~Love Life~ : She falls in love with her childhood friend who is one of the fallen prince [still duno who is the prince yet] XD

Skill/ Weapon: A wand and some magic skills like ice , thunder, healing and etc

Pet: none

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24 / F / Living in my Story
Posted 5/15/08 , edited 7/29/08
Background:Her whole family was kill. Her brother (3rd child)& Althena are the only surviver .
She a ninja a clan called Konoha when she was in the middle of the battle field
and the house was on fire Her brother took her a way the burning house. Her brother told her
there a kingdom that will took me in as there own dughter.
While her brother was on the a quest looking a person who kill the whole clan. He keep me send letters on his quest.
Personlity:sweet,kind,brave,shy,and gentle girl
Position:hundred princess
~Love Life~ It a secret!
Skill/weapon:Sword and surinkin


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Posted 5/15/08 , edited 5/15/08
Name: Hikari


Background: kind n brave, whenever fails a task, never gives up n will keep on trying until she succeeds. not 2 feminim but a little on d tomboyish side=p

Personality: brave, kind n never gives up

Position:12 souls

~Love Life~ none

Skill/ Weapon:sword n fire amulet



sori dat d pics r small~~
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