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23 / F / A place where all...
Posted 5/28/08 , edited 6/27/08


Background:When she was young,her parents pampered her so much....Soon,her parents were killed.Then,she was left all alone in the darkness....Everyone who know her won't talk,play or comfort her......As they think she is curse....all she have left is her pet....

Personality:Happy,kind-hearted,caring,friendly,sweet,helpful,Brave and abit shy

Position:One of the hundred princesses

~Love Life~ :S-E-C-R-E-T!!!

Skill/ Weapon:A ring...when u kiss it and command it to change to any weapon u want...



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24 / F / namine ♥
Posted 5/29/08
name: Sora
username: mayaisnumber1
background: she wants to fly more than anything (even though she actually can't)
personality: determined, passionate in a lot of things
position: 12 souls
love life: none
weapon: lots of sharp, pointy, dangerous daggers
pet: a stuffed penguin (yes, it is a toy... what? it's still a pet in some way)

i'm sorry... i couldn't find a better picture
but i can still change it, can't i?
Posted 6/26/08
Name: Kouri
Username: NekoLuver
Background: Huge hate for the King and Queen because they replaced her own parents
Personality: Cold, Mean, Unmerciful
Position: Bliss Princess
Love Life: None
Skill/Weapon: Sword, Daggers
Pet: None
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24 / F / United States
Posted 6/27/08 , edited 6/28/08
Name: Yuki

Username: DragonSuperGirl

Background: Before she became one of the hundred princesses, she lived in a small village with her parents and her younger brother. She lived at peace with her family and friends, but all that was destined to come to an end. One night the village was participating in their yearly festival. Everyone was happy and was having a great time. They had no idea of the terrible fate that was in store for them. The leader of the village was just about to give his speech when out of nowhere, a man dressed in black came charging towards them. He was carrying a huge sword and about twenty men were following behind him. They slaughtered the villagers one by one until Yuki was the only one left. Their leader was closing in on her and was about to kill her, when a mysterious boy flying on a dragon, swooped down and rescued her. When they were far away enough from the village, he landed and allowed her to get off. He told her his name was Ryu and his dragon's name was Tsubasa. He then ascended into the air, and flew away. She would never forget him from that day on. She was found by the king and queen of Crestalia, and since she obviously had no place to go, they adopted her.

Personality: She is kind, courageous, happy-go lucky, and always smiles despite the painful and tragic things that may have happened to her. She loves her parents and her sisters very much, and she would put her life on the line to protect them.

Position: Hundred Princesses

~Love Life~ She fell in love at first site with the mysterious boy who saved her life when she was about to be killed by the man who killed the people in her village. She one day hopes that she will be able to meet him again, so she can tell him her feelings.

Skill/ Weapon: Fire, Wind, Water, and Ice magic, and a Scythe with the power to create a barrier and it of course can be used in combat.

Pet: Two wolves who can turn into humans with the ability to fight in combat. She also has a dragon. The black wolf is named Kyo, the brown wolf is named Hikaru, and the dragon is named Riku.
Kyo and Hikaru:


Kyo's Human Form:

Hikaru's Human Form:



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23 / F / California
Posted 7/25/08
Name:Mystearica Tear Grants


Background:Mystearica "Tear" Grants was born in the Qliphoth after the destruction of her homeland, Hod, during the Kimalascan/Malkuth war. As their home sunk into the lower lands of the Earth her brother, Vandesdelca "Van" Grants, sung a fonic hymn which saved his life and that of his pregnant mother. Shortly after arriving to Yulia City (the main and unknown city of the lower lands), their mother gave birth to Tear but died in the process. Tear was left to be raised by both her brother and the mayor of Yulia City, Teodoro.

She grew to young adulthood learning of her heritage as one of the descendent's of Yulia. And taught the sacred fonic hymns by Van. Van remained in the Qliphoth for only a few years before he joined the Order of Lorelei as one of its Oracle Knights. However, Van did come to visit her. And when she came of an appropriate age he sent one of his closest friends and allies, Major Legretta, to train her in the art of fighting as well as controlling the Fonic Artes (Magic). Tear grew into a confidant fighter, but not all was well with this flower of the Qliphoth. Rumors began to abound and she left her home to return to the Outer Lands she had never gazed upon. Once there, she was inducted into the Order of Lorelei and worked closely with Grand Maestro Mohs. Eventually, the Grand Maestro entrusted her with an important task that would eventually mark her destiny.

While Tear loved her brother, rumors of his actions made her question a lot of his motives, and it would lead both siblings to confront each other. On one of her first journey in the Outer Lands she found herself traveling to Baticul, Kimlasca Lanvaldear to kill her brother.

Personality:Tear seems cold and quiet. But underneath her dark exterior lies a soft and gentle heart, pinning a spot for cute things.

Position:Bliss Princess

~Love Life~he died

Skill/ Weapon:Fonic Arts, Grand Hymn, Mystic Art, Blue Crystal Rod, Demon Wings, Coiled Viper


Posted 7/25/08 , edited 8/5/08
Name: Masami

Username: Angelcatz

Background: She lost her family at a early age. She didn`t talk alot and hid in a village intill the king adopted her. She has a mysterious power that can`t b discribed. She only where a kimono, so she is mistaken as a priestess alot but she does a part time priestess now. She has alots of friends now. And wants to protect the kingdom in return for taking her in..

Personality: nice, funny, happy, cheerful, revengful, scary

Position: Hundred Princess

~Love Life~ Secret! She hates to talk about it

Skill/ Weapon: Twin fans (magic), Archery (sacred arrows),,Healing, dark/light magic, soul sucking,soul transfering and Purification

Pet: Her pets are her familiars- Mana-a cat that has wings. She is small but can transform in to a large cat or a human (for combat) Minami & Michiko-A white snake like creature that can also transform into a human, but rarely happens, They has the same powers as Masami but is a little weaker.
Mana regular form-

Mana Human form-

Minami & Michiko (they look the same)-

Minami human form-[

Michiko human form-

Her clothes she regularly wears (she only wears this)-

Her in Normal Clothes (she only wears to blend in or for special occisians)-

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22 / F / In a Video game
Posted 8/1/08
Name: Akina


Background: My mind is lost. My soul is lost. I lost everything.I wonder from place to place, finding what was my purpose here in life. I then come across a skill, and it is the power to control and manipulate souls.I still don't understand much, then I arrived here at The Kingdom of Crests. I wondered if this might be the place i can start searching. So then, i became a maiden and started serving ur highness, but lay deep, there's a part of me that seems to know something i can't describe.

Personality: strong, determined, calm, mysterious, kind

Position: Maiden

~Love Life~ I have not known of wat the meaning of this, yet.But i met a young boy who helped me get around of the kingdom and never saw him again. I thought he was a litle weird cuz he talked to much. (hehe)

Skill/ Weapon:the power to control and manipulate souls

Pet: Micchi. That's wat i decided to call him. This little guy was wondering around just like me. So i took him cuz he we have some similarities like me.

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24 / F / Malaysia
Posted 8/19/08
Name: Rini

Username: Einroch

Background: A High Priestess. Born in a temple. Have the power of using water and fire. Been chosen to become a High Priestess among the most intelligent one to protect The Kingdom of Crests due to her extraordinary ability. Her ability is so strong that every single Priestess respect her. Even the King and Queen of the kingdom respect her. Currently she is seeking for the chosen one. She holds the power to choose and decide who will be the chosen one.

Personality: Kind, Caring, Friendly, Pretty, Gentle, Intelligent, Calm.

Position: Priestess

~Love Life~ None.

Skill/ Weapon: Blessed with Fire, Water, Light and Ancient Wisdom. Using Crystal Wand.



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