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Posted 5/14/08
Translations by me.
Changes into traditional by Rikayla

These two days, I feel seems as though the whole world is gray
我10 號剛在台北參加完東方神起的演唱會,因為在韓國也同步發行了我的新歌, 在那兒也有一系列的宣傳活動,所以在公司的安排下來到了韓國,才剛下飛機,就接到媽媽打來的電話,她告訴我的家鄉四川省的汶川發生7.8級的地震,說這次大地震是中國自唐山大地震以來所經歷的死亡人數最多的、損失最為嚴重的災害,這是個多麼令人難過的消息!!!!所幸的是我的家人無事,聽媽媽說到這,我鬆了一口氣,但只有一秒!!!!想到家鄉有那麼多的人遇難,我內心的感情已經無法用語言來表達了..
On the 10th, I just finished participating in DBSK's concert. Because I also released my new song in Korea, I also have a series of promotions over there, so the company brought me to Korea. Right after I got off the plain, my mom called me and told my home Sichuan's Wenchuan had a 7.8 level earthquake and that since the Tangsha earthquake, it's the earthquake in China that has the most casualties and deaths. What a sad news! Luckily, my family is alright. Hearing this, I sighed a sign of relief, but only for a second! Thinking of so many people suffering in my home, the feelings I feel are indescribable with words.
隨後我立即上網關注了一下這個大事件, 看到那些災區的照片時,真的再也忍不住,頓時淚如泉湧,身在韓國,心有餘也力不足,好想能為他們做點什麼.這次的地震奪去了太多人的生命,我第一次覺得天災是個這麼殘酷的東西,不忍去想他們的親人是怎樣的悲痛欲絕…我想我現在唯一能做的是祈禱那些重災區的人民一切安好..等我回國以後,一定會馬上參加一些號召募捐款的活動,希望我們全中國人民都齊心協力,幫助這些災民們重建家園,助他們渡過難關! !我還要向廣大在一線救援的人們敬禮..中國有你們很光榮..真的謝謝你們!!!
Following that, I immediately went online to find more about this big event. When I saw the pictures from the disaster zone, I couldn't control myself anymore and cried my heart out. Since I'm in Korea, I can't help much. How I want to do something for them! This earthquake took away so many people's lives. This is the first time I felt that natural disasters are so cruel. I can't bear to think about how sad their family must be...Now, I think the only thing I can do is to prey that those people in the disaster zone are all alright...when I return to China, I will definitely join some disaster relief donation activities. I hope all Chinese people can work together to help these people to rebuild their homes and overcome this obstacle! I also want to solute the people helping on the front lines...It's a honor for China to have you guys...Really thank you!
I know that friends in my home-province, you guys must be very scared. And I heard there are more side-earthquakes continuously occurring. I really hope you guys can be brave! I think among these people, some of them must be my fans. I don't know whether your families are safe or not, but Liyin really want to go and comfort you in person because I don't want to see anyone's sad face.
Here, again, Liyin asks everyone! Everyone, please, give a helping hand! Do something, no matter how little, for the suffering people in the disaster zone!
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Posted 5/15/08
I really wished she is back in her hometown.
Posted 6/21/08
Love the way how and also what she wrote. Zhang Li Yin is a pretty Woman with a lovely heart.
Posted 8/8/08
so dedicated
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Posted 10/15/08

smily_ wrote:

so dedicated

definitely~ I think she is a woman of true heart ^_^ and I really admire that of her!
I hope things will go well for her!

Ri In! Hwaighting!
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