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Posted 5/14/08 , edited 5/15/08
this is a model contest. you can post two/one picture(s) of an anime or manga you like and tell us about it, the picture can have more than two people but you have to tell us all about the characters in the picture. the anime will then be turned into a roleplay for people to roleplay. The judges will be the members and the moderators including me, the creator.

name of character(s):
from what anime or manga:
why you like this character(s):
about the character(s):
is/are the charater(s) (a) good guy(s) or bad guy(s):
about the anime or manga:

My model(s): Miyu and Kanata

anime or/and manga: Daa! Daa! Daa! (also known as UFO baby)
why: they're so cute together!
about them: they're the main charcters in the anime other than Ruu. Miyu can't tell Kanata that she loves him and Kanata can't tell Miyu that he loves her until they have their first kiss is epidoe 64 i think.
good or bad: Kanata and Miyu are both good guys in the anime and manga
about the anime or manga:
Miyu is an 8th grade girl, whose parents have been hired by NASA. They take off to America leaving Miyu with Mr. Saionji. Later, Mr. Saionji decides to go on a 1 year long trip to India leaving Miyu alone with his son, Kanata. More complications rise when an Alien baby and his babysitter pet crashes/lands in their house. To make things worse, alien baby starts calling Miyu and Kanata Mom and Dad, also showing ESP power and floating around.

I give this pair 20 points.
(you are allowed to vote on your own model(s)

The voting points go up to 20. Hope you all participate in the model contest!
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