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Suzaku Must Die Fanclub
Posted 6/15/08

Sasukerik wrote:

what the hell Suzaku is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to agree with you, Suzaku is truly the best ^^
and no one have to ask why >o<
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Posted 6/15/08

IchigoXRukia wrote:

i agree with, I think that the topic is pointless. Just because some people hate others for some careless actions. Suzaku makes the show more interesting. How about Lelouch, I dont hate him (i like lelouch), but some actions are too way beyond...make ones friend forget memories(Shirley doesnt want it, trauma towards b/c of father), sacrifice anyone(goal to kill the father emperor), and maybe geass accidentally on Euphie.

The point is that every character has its up and downs in Code Geass, this makes that story well develop. Sorry I am not trying to offend anyone, to me I like all the Code Geass character. Everyone isnt perfect in the anime world ^_^....

ex: Itachi killed his parents (NARUTO), but lots of people love him.

MAKE CODE GEASS BETTER!! Everyone loves this show!!!!if he hate him then what will the story revolve after??? zelos031, u make a great point ^_^

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Itachi killed his parents (NARUTO), but lots of people love him.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!eat this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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