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Posted 5/15/08 , edited 5/15/08
The end of chap 1
She relatively quiet on the way back , as the night grew darker by time ,we begin speed up our walk. Judging from her reaction that time it look she have something to say but she doesn’t want to ,maybe the cat had her tongue .
The star that night guide our way back home.

We went separate way on a crossroad but before I could walk off ,she say something that I could not forget,
“I know how you feel ,Oni-chan ,losing all your love one ,
Please don’t bear the guilt alone. is not your fault.“
My heart is struck by what she said,when I turn she not there ,she vanish.

That night ,I took a piece of drawing paper , remembering that beautiful yet mysterious girl that I just meet earlier .Slowly my hand started sketching the details .Her soft hair was lightly fluttering in the wind.Her round ,blue eyes reveal her mysterious side .

Looking at my left hand ,I wonder what happen back there when she holding my
Did her do something ?the chanting ,the sudden light glow after that ?
How she know about what happen 4 years ago?
Is a riddle that cannot be answer by thinking logicly
I call her ‘Yuki’ ,as the snow that fall on that day

(END )
so how is it ??.

i still working on chap 2
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