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Guitar Hero 4 Info(PS3, 360, Wii, PS2)
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Posted 5/17/08

gamingboy2 wrote:

ZhaoNeon wrote:

This probably wont end well at all....
Who is actually doing this game though? If its still Activision........ah, it better have a good song list, cause I hate activision more so than before o.o

It's being done by Neversoft, one of the better devs at Activision. Even if the song list completely sucks you can get on GH Tune and should be able to play a ton of free songs. I'm already planning on putting some jrock/jpop on it once the game releases.

Game should be out sometime this Fall.

Ah, that sounds better. ^-^ I never had a problem with GH, just with Activision kicking out Harmonix.
So you can play Jpop songs on there. It'll be interesting to play Evolution....
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