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tsubasa chronicles=xxxholic?
Posted 5/17/08 , edited 5/17/08
umm they're crossovers at least the tsubasa chronicles anime is but if you read the manga the stories intertwine and there are supposed 2 be 2 mokonas one for yuko to communicate with sakura an others and vica versa

basically sakura and others are clients of yukos
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Posted 5/17/08
Tsubasa Chronicles and xxxHolic are crossovers. They run together and make things less complicated for both series. The only reason why CLAMP is using crossovers is because they both are created by CLAMP and won't have to go through the copyright laws. If they copy other artists' works, they would have to get permission and would take a while. If they copy illegally, they would be fined and it would be like the end. And plus, the manga comes out both at nearly the same time. Read CLAMP's previous works before reading their current works to understand it more. ex: X/1999, Chobits, Tokyo Babylon, and etc.
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Posted 5/17/08

sos_dragonmoop wrote:

Well actually

yhea thats tru
i read bothe the xxxholic and tsubasa manga
the time yuko is away and watanuki coffs blood
yuko is actually creating gods for our lovely characters of tsubasa.
i reccomend to u dragonmoop ta read tsubasa chronicles to fully understand all the concepts ^^
Posted 5/18/08

Azn_gurl wrote:

goldengoat55555 wrote:

clamp also done code geass!!! they didn't........they only made the character designs....code geass plot is all by Sunrise. Get your facts straight.

wow! what did you have for breakfast? something bad, and thats what i was talking about, clamp done the characters, just couldn't be bothered, before hand, to write it
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Posted 5/19/08
even though they're not teh same series.. but both of them are related...
even the first one card captor sakura is also related to to tsubasa chronicle cuz of Shaoran Li( Son of Shaoran Li and Sakura Kinomoto in CCS)
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Posted 6/5/08 , edited 6/6/08
well since they were both made from the same company which is CLAMP,
they do have some similarities...
there were characters in TC that can be found in XXXholic,....
but i don't think that they are equal...
but i like both series....

CLAMP made ny fave mecha series...
magic knight rayearth....

Use the edit button to add extra detail

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Posted 6/5/08
they have the same or look alike creature xD
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Posted 6/5/08
It is a crossover series with different perspectives of the same plot line. You will see major connections if you read both mangas. However, in the anime of xxxHolic, they do not include the Tsubasa Chronicle characters which is probably why you are confused.
I'm not sure, but I believe the animes were made by separate anime companies.
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Posted 6/5/08

EmotionlessBlue wrote:

aluminar wrote:


They are NOT the same series...but're kinda close...^^''

They ARE a Crossover, but with different plots/settings, th works. They just affect each other in the beginning and since the other series has the white Makona, they communicate and Yuuko helps them along their way.'s not the saaame series. lol. If it was...they's just have it as one name...or something... o-o

sorry, but ur wrong... aluminar is right. thier the same storyline with diferent point of views... read the manga and u learn that shaoran, from tsubasa, meet with yuko and sent him into another world because both storys, xxxholic and tsubasa, have the same enemy.

the manga xxxholic, just hasnt gotten far enough to explain about who watanuki's real parents are and what he gave up "before" so that things could progress...
Posted 6/6/08
in xxxHOLiC Movie - Manatsu no Yoru no Yume they get a message from ccs
Posted 6/8/08
the woman there ..dimentional witch or whatever her name was seems the same ..but different series .

And showhow ..the two couples are quoted from X Tv .
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Posted 6/14/08

yanir wrote:

i have a bit of both series, and seen some similarities. like that the "witch" in tc looks ALOT like yuko from xxxholic. also thers mokona (same name in xxxholic) and thers those twin girls who are the "witches" assistants (also in xxxholic) in both series she has powers. also i think i saw watanuki (xxxholic) in an episode or two. are these series related at all? (plzz reply)

(also if u dont mind, i dont get where the ova of tc is at, i mean i saw it but i dont get it, could u plz pm me wats goin on )

GASP! How can you not know?!! Well...CLAMP made both series and it they are of different worlds but they intertwine. What the series TC cannot explain. the XXXholic series explains it. (or vice-versa) Everyone actually know each other in another world (Like, Watanuki knew Sakura and Syaoran way before he met Yuko) or the white and the black mokona. And Yuko is a witch EVERYWHERE.
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Posted 6/14/08
my would be both cause they are just to good to watch lolz
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Posted 6/14/08
oh common...they're made from the same company....or CLAMP... n they r crossovers...coz it's all about dimension stuff...just to find sakura's feathers...n they made it a very twisting plot... so u would be confused for a while...wach a few more episodes n u will understand it in the end...
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Posted 6/14/08
Tsubasa chronicles and XXXholic are both liscensed under CLAMP... imoo.... i think CLAMP's intention on making some of the characters of anime same it's bcoz they want the anime style look different in there on way :sweatingbullets:(well it's my own observation) about the OVA well OVA is only a short series of the anime and it has a different plot but the character are same....
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